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  1. carcrash

    Olson 40 For Single Handed Blue Water Sailing

    I am a BIG fan of Swans. I agree with the advantages you mentioned: very tolerant of excess weight, comfortable motion, strong, beautiful, and lots and lots more. The reason I went with an Olson 40 instead of a Swan (looked at many in the 36 to 48 foot range) is the practicality of actually using the boat as I get older. Light loads are much safer than heavy loads. Things I could easily do in my youth (climbing to the top of the mast of maxi yachts at sea hand over hand without a harness) I cannot and would not do ever again. Low sheet loads make sailing possible as I get older (weaker and more fragile). The strength and seaworthiness of the Santa Cruz built ULDBs has been and continues to be well proven. Webb Chiles is a bad example, as he is so very unique, but he went almost around the globe in an open boat, and a Moore 24. Light means low loads structurally too, not just sheet loads. And a huge advantage is the easy access to all structure and systems. The saying "cruising is fixing your boat in exotic locations" needs to be extended by "and fixing your boat at sea in difficult conditions." Having simple, easy to access, easy to diagnose, easy to repair systems is another attribute that leads to the boat being practical to cruise.
  2. carcrash

    Olson 40 For Single Handed Blue Water Sailing

    Yes, that was me yesterday afternoon right after putting the boom and vang on. Just walking forward to remove the bubble wrap after taking the green stretch film off.
  3. carcrash

    Clipper wreck report

    I find the GPS in my iPad to have no performance difference with conventional marine GPS units. So one can go on and on about theoretical differences, but I have never yet noticed a time when my iPhone or iPad position was materially different from any other GPS aboard (Furuno and Raymarine). And for absolute certain, the iPad and iPhone use an awful lot less energy.
  4. carcrash

    Pac Cup 2018

    Delaying the tracker makes zero sense. AIS provides data to make tactical decisions related to nearby boats. Weather provides data to make strategic decisions related to distant boats. That data is currently available and allowed. The tracker only lets people track, not make decisions. Tactics are not meaningful over 200 or 500 mile separation! Yet the tracker gets all of us who are not racing (this time) involved in the race.
  5. carcrash

    Epic Boat Loss

    Read Moitessier, who contradicts all of your points. And as far as avoiding capsize, here is a quote: Andrew Claughton (who co-authored the University of Southampton, Department of Ship Science’s report) writes in Adlard Coles’ Heavy Weather Sailing by Peter Bruce, “During the model tests that were carried out to investigate the problem, when the breaking wave was 30 percent of the hull length high, from trough to crest, it could capsize some yachts, while waves to a height of 60 percent of the hull length comfortably overwhelm all of the boats we tested.” If the waves are big enough, you are simply a target. So while I agree with your statement "This is precisely the situation that drogues were designed to help with," actual experiments at sea and in wave tanks show them to be dangerous (ensuring you get hit by the breaking wave and rolled, instead of scooting ahead) or not helpful (the wave size dominates everything). When its truly gnarly, stuff won't save you. Length will, keeping your head in the game will, avoiding things that put fantastic strains on the boat (like drogues) is an essential strategy.
  6. carcrash

    Sailing “bucket list” thread

    LA to Fiji, Great Barrier Reef, Australian East around to Canberra, Tasmania, NEW Zealand, Australs and the rest of French Polynesia, Hawaii, SFO, LA. All the canals of Europe, from Ireland to the Black Sea. LA to Maine via Panama and the Windwards, Leewards, Bahamas, Bermuda. Maine to Baltic via Newfoundland, Greenland, Iceland, Faeros, He rides, Orkneys, Shetlands, Fjords of western Norway, and all those islands of Sweden and Finland, St Petersberg. Cape Horn, Cape of Good Hope? Probably not on any boat I would own, but sure would enjoy a cruise on OPB down there!
  7. carcrash

    Pros And Cons- Wire Lifelines Vrs. Welded Tube?

    Solid rails were added to aa flush deck Erickson 39 at Hawaii YC. Looked fine. I don't know how it worked, but having sailed that specific boat to Hawaii, I think it was a significant improvement.
  8. carcrash

    Reducing Anchor Swinging

    Get rid of your furling jib.
  9. carcrash

    Clipper wreck report

    Its amazing to me that, based on the chart with tracks on Page 7, every single one of the boats got MUCH closer to shore than the "10nm at night" requirement that Clipper Ventures supposedly included in standard operating procedures. EVERY ONE! MUCH CLOSER! The most prudent gybed in 20m of water! Off that coast! We are not talking about the Solent, we are talking about Cape of Good Hope FFS. Fucking crazy, irresponsible, the entire fleet.
  10. carcrash

    Pac Cup 2018

    With all these different start dates ... Why not just let boats choose their start date using weather routing? Start time flexibility is a key part of ocean record attempts.
  11. Its started, the Rustler 36s are all leading. The OE32 may well win this thing. Those are surprisingly fast.
  12. carcrash

    Swan 42

    I am still working on the refit of my Olson 40. Thus far we are $72500 into labor, and about $20K into parts (hoses, fasteners, pumps, head, anchors, rode, and a million other little things) with sails and winches still to come. We bought the boat for $10 and then added all this effort. I'm certain to make a profit on the purchase price, but maybe not on the overall ;-). We removed everything from below except the fiberglass and wood, including all the interior paint and varnish. We removed every bolt from the deck except for the stern pulpit (pushpit) and the toerail. We filled every hole, fixed the few and small core issues, ... Painted the deck and mast with Awlgrip, painted the interior with gelcoat, and a full revarnish below (all deck wood is gone). Decided to defer the topside paint until everyone gets used to the boat so we do the dock-dings and boat bites before painting the topsides. However, at a total finished and voyaging investment of something like $120K, it will be a new boat, and that is a cheap price for a new boat. And it will be easier to operate than a typical boat, as I've done all the systems specifically so its easy to diagnose and repair and update, which is quite different from the norm. For example, the wiring harness is as separable as possible, every item is easy to access, install, monitor, and repair. So the quick answer to ending up with a Swan 42 for $17K: nope, not a chance no matter how much of the work you do.
  13. carcrash

    Epic Boat Loss

    Drogues are dangerous. Don't go there. Heave to if the wind is blowing you the "wrong way", bare poles if the wind is blowing more or less the way you want to go. Ensuring everything stays in its proper, safe place, on deck and below, even if the boat is knocked down, possibly inverted, and tons of water comes through broken deck and hatches, is not an easy thing to achieve: on an IMOCA perhaps, but on a boat that is really a moving retirement home... not likely to be practical. Obviously the right goal to seek, but unlikely in a home.
  14. carcrash

    Replacing rudder

    Contact Steve Brown at Finco Fabrication: ‭+1 (714) 425-9788‬ Finco (aka Foss) makes replacement rudders. I have an IMX38 rudder on my Olson 40.
  15. Wow! What an adventure!