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  1. carcrash

    cruising anarchy

    Um, the words were copy-and-paste FROM that article. Maybe you did not look at all the articles I linked, not sure. I assure you, I did not make up the quote. Friends living on Tortola had texted me that they were being literally locked in, and all the other things I wrote. I did not want to simply do a screen grab of the text messages, as that can't be searched, nor confirmed. So I found supporting news, and quoted directly from those sources. Fortunately, they may reassess this coming weekend.
  2. carcrash

    cruising anarchy

    All food processing related business and work -- including specifically fishing, and all food markets including farmers markets -- is considered essential services and not subject to shutdown rules. Same with warehousing, trucking, fuel, repairs: everything to do with transportation is essential and is not restricted. So while there are concerns, none of what you mentioned are included. Farm labor shortages have been happening for three years because, of course, the border paranoia (a huge percentage of farm workers are "illegals" -- actually not illegal, but you would never know that based on some communication channels). But that is not related to COVID-19. I agree that changes need to happen: grocery stores are very dangerous during novel virus (e.g., viruses that crossed over from animals, so no human has any immunity), especially when the virus is as contagious and dangerous as this one. Delivery of groceries is barely working. Curb pickup of grocery orders from major chains seems to be failing. But small corner groceries around here seem to be well stocked and working smoothly. Big groceries have almost normal stock levels. Ya just gotta bet yer life to go in there. We have a couple of UV-C devices: a lamp, and an air disinfecting machine. $30 for the bulb, $120 for the machine. Be put the groceries under the light and machine before washing, and finally putting them in the fridge and cupboards. UV-C is a specific frequency of ultraviolet that is the resonant frequency of the RNA molecule. A virus is a bag of RNA. So UV-C breaks the RNA apart, making the virus just a tiny bag of busted RNA: the zombie is killed. Good news: Booze and pot delivery services work well. Fishing is explicitly legal.
  3. carcrash

    cruising anarchy

    “We are doing all we can to stop the spread … This means no travelling to the nearest garbage roadside collection, no extended dog walks, it also means that the curfew extends to the beaches and any other activities in or on the water,” Governor Augustus Jaspert said during a live public broadcast recently. So no, nobody is allowed to go in or on the water. A direct quote. Above I mentioned a $1000 fine. Actually, it is $5000 and/or a year in jail.
  4. carcrash

    cruising anarchy
  5. carcrash

    cruising anarchy

    I think this post is at least 24 hours old. Yesterday, friends in Tortola told us that they are under mandatory lock down in their homes. Nobody except people doing essential services is allowed to leave their homes. The fine for leaving -- for any reason -- is $1000. No going to get food, supplies, medicine. Everything is either delivered by the emergency essential services, or you don't get it. No end date.
  6. carcrash

    Solbien Allinone solar panel

    The Xantrex panels are the bees knees, according to the Dec/Jan Professional Biatbuilding magazine artcle by Nigel Calder.. Maybe best available efficiency, slightly better than SunPower Maxeons. But most important: The latest, most reliable interconnects, and it’s usually the interconnects that fail. Oddly, the controller in the kit is PWM instead of the better MPPT or the even better microinverter.
  7. carcrash

    Older well known IOR Boats

    Odd job ... that was a cool boat to my teen age eyes! I seem to remember that it had an unusually rigged spar. It had uppers that went straight to the gunwale, instead of inboard, so the genoa was entirely inside and un-distorted. Reminded me of how Tornados were rigged, which was reasonable as the beam was close to 50% of LOA. Maybe the mast rotated? Or had a sloppy deck stepped mast that would rotate without apparent intentionally being rotated, a "I didn't mean to do that" rule cheat? Something like that echos in ancient memories. This was 1976 or so. It sailed out of Fairy's, which is where I was racing out of that season.
  8. carcrash

    Synthetic standing rigging conversion

    I still have the rod shrouds, because they are almost new. But everything else -- headstay, inner headstay, bobstays, backstay, lifelines -- is dyneema. The cost of one toggle for Rod is more than the complete shroud in dyneema. I have not used Dux, I only use Amsteel. Dux might be better, but I can't see a need for it yet. And Amsteel is dramatically cheaper. Construction stretch is a thing, and it takes a few weeks for it to settle out. Creep continues a little, probably forever. Like fiberglass. So if you are keeping enough tension in the rig to cause your chain plates to drift and your waterline to get shorter, you will see creep. Don't do that. I started out sizing by creep, but I no longer think that is necessary, due to the trick I discovered. The trick I discovered is to use two different kinds of splices for each end of the rigging line. One end is the typical Brummell splice. This goes at the top (the end you can't easily reach). The lower end is just a simple chinese finger puzzle: make the line the right length, but leave the loop 6" longer than you think. Stick the tail through the cover for 3 feet (really, 70x diameter) and have the tail exit the cover. Tie a knot in the tail, leave it hanging out. Tension the rig. Each time I'd go out, and each week, I would dump tension, and pull that tail (the knot makes this easier), milking the cover down, making the eye a little smaller. After a few weeks, the construction stretch was removed. Every few months, I will repeat the process, taking another half inch or so out of the size of that originally oversize loop at the bottom end of the stay. I still have not cut off those tails. Looks a little messy to me, but no one else notices, nobody has commented. Also, while discovering the above trick, I had to re-splice some lines to get the length and eye size I wanted. Its not a problem to re-splice Amsteel, even after it has been used at high load for over a year (my backstay, for example). Note that dyneema shrouds with lashing is really a thing. Getting rid of turnbuckles is important for safety, a measurable weight savings, but also an enormous cost savings. You can only tighten the turn buckles on rod on the leeward side, and you can only tighten the lashing on the leeward side. It takes longer to tighten lashings than remove the pin, turn the turnbuckle, and re-install the pin. But that is probably not an issue in general. In a few years, when its time to replace the rod, I'll try dyneema shrouds. Thus far, I am very happy with what I have done. By the way: I did almost all my own splicing. I paid someone to do a few, but since then, I've done all. Splicing single braid dyneema is not hard. Youtube videos are important to get a hang of it. You need the right fids, a pusher, a puller, some tape, and stiff scissors. Splicing is not instant, but its a few minutes per splice, not a half hour per splice. I buy soft shackles, as those are a lot of work, yet cheap to buy.
  9. carcrash

    Disappearances at sea

    No! I removed all sources of CO instead. All electric now. Simpler, safer, nicer!
  10. carcrash

    Zero deg of seperation from the Bug

    Apparently, the proper term is "presumptive positive." My sister had a panel of tests for several different types of flu, and all were negative. Her symptoms match the top several for the cover-19 infection: first low energy, then fever, dry cough, shortness of breath (she needs to take another breath to complete sentences), and now pneumonia. The test for Covid-19 is limited to health care professionals: normal people cannot get it. In her area, she can get tested when she is in the ICU for symptoms that could be covid-19. Without the actual test, she is not counted, and not being tracked. She was told to stay home until she could not walk across a room, and then call 911.
  11. carcrash

    Zero deg of seperation from the Bug

    My little sister seems to have it. Not a good day.
  12. carcrash

    Chips Gonna Fall. What Opportunity You Seeking?

    No. Newport, October 1986. Best part: found my perfect wife!
  13. carcrash

    Chips Gonna Fall. What Opportunity You Seeking?

    Actual example: a Swan 65 in perfect condition, asking $1.25 million. My attorney for my Swiss holding company made an offer and it was accepted, deal closed: $250k
  14. carcrash

    Chips Gonna Fall. What Opportunity You Seeking?

    I agree on the “don’t be afraid to lowball” comment. Several boats I looked at in very good condition, Such as recent major refits, I did not make an offer. Yet the boats actually sold for, or are now advertised for, less than the low ball offer I was thinking. You don’t know til you offer.
  15. carcrash

    Zero deg of seperation from the Bug

    Thanks! I learned from you, and so did many others, Usually I am very upbeat, and stick to what I know. Clearly,, I’m struggling. Last night, at 3am, some bozo threw a dozen bottles at the house, front yard, pool area, and at two of my neighbors around the corner. Started the day off in a place I would never choose.