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  1. carcrash


    Gary was a Westlawn alumnus. The Maine Maritime Museum in Bath is going to do some exhibits related to Westlawn next year (school was founded in 1930, so some promotion for 90th year). Westlawn has offices at MMM. A boat by Dudley Dix will be in the main hall. Maybe something could include Improbable. Maybe talk at IBEX...
  2. carcrash

    S&S Purchased

    Many, many successful companies still use the founder’s name, long after that person or family are no longer alive or significantly involved.
  3. carcrash

    what is it?

    On MOD 70 “Concise 10” they use a hydrogen fuel cell to keep batteries charged
  4. carcrash

    Favourite Boat pic?

    I kinda remember you three! That is the reason I’ve been lusting after a very similar red Holland half-tonner being kept in very good condition in Alamitos Bay. Before the race, I tipped off several Grenadians that we would beat the local favorite Gitana IV. Several bet on us instead of G4 and won a ton of money. I had free taxis and rum for quite awhile after that. I have the article from the St George’s paper. Skip and I won life memberships to GYC for winning and setting the record. Those parties were epic that winter.
  5. carcrash

    Thoughts on old molds and new boats

    Perhaps "bang for the buck" can be achieved. 101000 Euros for this, by Pogo Structures. Its the Loxo 32. Not 20 k or 30k, but still. Just get rid of the sailboat stuff, and perhaps it will work financially.
  6. Peter, here is proof that Randy, not Tommy, invented what is now called the Hybrid Wing. I found this in my file cabinet today. Article on page 91 of Waterfront, February 1985.




  7. carcrash

    what is it?

    I was going through a filing cabinet today, and found page 91 from the magazine Waterfront, February 1985. Note the wing mast, with shrouds all the way to the top so the mast could rotate 360 degrees as the top. Randy has a model of this in his living room. Note the soft sail, and 360 degree rotating mast. So clearly, Randy came up with this 33 years ago. Gino did these drawings, who knows, he might still have them.
  8. carcrash

    Smyth Wingsail via Jim Brown

    Just found this in my file cabinet today, from a magazine called the Waterfront in 1985:
  9. carcrash

    Favourite Boat pic?

    Here is my Santa Cruz 27: I picked it up new from the Chicken Coop, and owned it until I moved to Europe ten years later. Way too many good times on this boat! This boat has been restored as Gotcha, and won two Nationals.
  10. carcrash

    Favourite Boat pic?

    Blackfin, Grenada. I was Sailing Master. Also, in that epic and classic shot of Equation above, Blackfin was the boat in the distance above and behind with the big red radial head by Hard Sails ("Sail with a Hard on"), and a spinnaker staysl with red and blue stripes.
  11. carcrash

    Hurricane Lane -- Keep A Weather Eye Out Hawaii

    In a hurricane or even just a tropical storm, flying projectiles are a real danger.
  12. carcrash

    Hurricane Lane -- Keep A Weather Eye Out Hawaii

    The models differ enough that it seems to not matter which side of Oahu you are on: some ya wanna be north, some south, some the wind won't be so bad anyway.
  13. carcrash

    Hurricane Lane -- Keep A Weather Eye Out Hawaii

    If you can't get to Kaneohe, I'd do Barber's Point, no matter what "Restriction Island" restrictions are in effect. But I'd rather get to the North side of the mountain range rather than being where the wind will be full on in Barber's Point. Full on! Even accelerated. Record your anemometer, will be interesting to see the data up to when it gets torn off.
  14. carcrash

    Hurricane Lane -- Keep A Weather Eye Out Hawaii

    The hurricane over Thanksgiving 1982, Iwa I'm pretty sure, was a wild time, and Waikiki was also to the right side of the storm, as it looks like will be the case this time. We took the big beautiful cat Manuiwa from the Ala Wai to the owner's slip in Kaneohe Bay. It was wild sailing with 50 knots apparent! Surfing in the Sanpan channel was fun. Kaneohe Bay was an excellent hurricane hole. We then got the F out. Maui seemed safely far from the storm that ran over Kauai -- but the windows in what is now called the Aston nearly blew in!! Had to open the doors to prevent a glass implosion. Hilo looks equally safe this time. Flew to Panda Strip on Molokai the day after the storm -- airplanes on both side of John's were wasted, but we knew how to tie knots better than non-sailors, so the Seneca was fine. Surfed the biggest waves of my life off Papohaku! Waves were clearly higher than the point there, I'll let you estimate them. Swam down to the turtles and all the fish right on the bottom to be under the soup when inside. Unforgettable. Next day back to Kaneohe, and absolutely no damage to the boat. Plant material all over the place however. Started up the generator, and cooked a great Thanksgiving dinner while the rest of the island was dark. Spooky to be the only visible light!
  15. carcrash


    I got rid of all the SSB stuff too, including the copper ground plane. Simple is better! And Sat comm stuff is so now and the future. Cheap, easy, light. Keeps getting better and cheaper and lighter.