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  1. Caerbannog

    How Much to sell fair condition laser hull for

    if the topsides-decking are soft....anywhere....then its likely a chainsaw training ground....hiking bench(es) at best. OTOH.....If deck is still solid.....then local SC-YC junior programs may be interested..... our club has a shit ton of blades and spars left over from 50 years of wearing out hulls...but we're low in the hull dept.
  2. Caerbannog

    Flying car anarchy

    I love ....find humorous.... how the web (FB etc etc) is all wound up with ads of sky or air cars (oversize human-carrying drones) .... all of which conveniently ignore FAA obligations for airspace operation and vehicle certification. To be sure, digital-computerized capabilities exist to integrate flight controls and airspace situational awareness in light weight packages ...... BUT few have been certified by the FAA. ADS-B in/out is already required by 2020. Technology isn't the challenge ..... its bureaucratic certification processing that will bring these things kicking and screaming back to reality. That and when it becomes apparent one still has to have a private pilots license (fixed AND rotor) to operate these dream pests ..... it'll all go away. Never mind the jaundiced eye of AOPA, EAA etc etc. As for investing in these "programs" .... bear in mind that legit aircraft like Eclipse spent Paul Allen "under the table" in the process of certification. Agree with chum .... don't think we're anywhere near approaching the point of getting battery or other power source along with motors structure equipement etc to be less than 254 pounds.... or even light sport for that matter. Dream on ... physics and the FAA's gonna crap all over this flying drone car crud for the forseeable future.