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  1. random

    Sarah Huckabee kicked out of restaurant

    Killing the fucking planet ... for greed. How much do they really need?
  2. random

    Sarah Huckabee kicked out of restaurant

    Crimes Against Humanity.
  3. random

    Sarah Huckabee kicked out of restaurant

    Fucking hilarious that the same lying turds who supported the anti-gay baker, are against the owner of the eatery.
  4. random

    Sarah Huckabee kicked out of restaurant

    No, I thought it reflected poorly on you Doggy. Then on that lying fuckwit Trump, but I could be wrong.
  5. random

    VOR Leg 11 Gothenburg to The Hague

    Yeah of course, no satellites anymore are there. They disappear into the fucking twilight zone?
  6. random

    VOR Leg 11 Gothenburg to The Hague

    At fucking last. So over it. And people complain about a 5 day Cricket Game. So the winner gets the perpetual trophy? You know, like the America's Cup?
  7. random

    Aus lifts minimum wage to $18 an hour

    Yep, NE of Brisbane? Pacific Ocean?
  8. random

    Trump got rolled

    Doggy, loves a lying President.
  9. random

    Trump got rolled

    The USA relies on perpetual war. The economy would collapse without it. Peace kills.
  10. random

    Climate news

    You are such a cunt doggy. Lying criminal cunt! According to the last President you are a terrorist when you deny the findings of US scientists and advocat ignoring what is a threat to the security of your own country. "I'm here today to say that climate change constitutes a serious threat to global security, an immediate risk to our national security," he said. "And make no mistake, it will impact how our military defends our country." Climate change, he said, "will shape how every one of our services plan, operate, train, equip and protect their infrastructure, their capabilities, today and for the long term." And given that so many military facilities are coastal, that could threaten their readiness for action, he said." But your Russian controlled President watered that down, because Russia will benefit from climate change. Doggy is a Russian shill.
  11. Yeah, fuck the sailing ... what about the money!
  12. random

    The Lefty Loonies have no "TIME" for the truth

    The real story.