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  1. But I didn't, and no one has any evidence that I did. It's just another fabrication from lying shill cunts. That's what they do.
  2. But tell us all jerk-boy ... is the use of fossil fuel causing the climate to change?
  3. ?????? But tell us all WarpedBird ... is the use of fossil fuel causing the climate to change?
  4. But tell us all WarpedBird ... is the use of fossil fuel causing the climate to change? or are you going to be a
  5. warpedBird's response when someone does not take the shiny option. Point was that international cooperation fixed the ozone hole. There were no fucking shills like you embedded in denial programs funded by the corporations making money out of damaging the only planet we have. But tell us all WarpedBird ... is the use of fossil fuel causing the climate to change?
  6. random

    Are we(racing sailors) a culture of cheaters?

    In a class that could be built at home, the +/- dimensions were an allowance intended to cover the imperfections of the backyard. One guy took every single + to the max and produced a boat that was visibly different to the keen observer. Areas that were designed to be flat were curved slightly to max out the measure. I had his arse and boat protested out. He appealed to National level and the appeal was rejected. Sailing provides more opportunities than most sports to cheat. The equipment and the rules are complex and people are continually finding little gaps to explore. They stretch it until someone stops them.
  7. Oh oh look over there, something shiny!
  8. Of course I can do shit that you can't. But that is being put up as a distraction, deliberately to draw attention away from the real issue at hand, that international cooperation effectively changed to planet on the production and use of CFCs that were modifying the atmosphere. But because of greedy fossil fuel owners, the same is not happening for climate change. The greed evil bastards.
  9. Only a fuckwit shill would comeback with that one. The post you quoted shows what a complete ignorant lying cunt jzk is by proving something he claimed was irrationional even to think about. The post I quoted here shows what a complete ignorant lying cunt you are by deliberately mixing the ozone problem with climate change.
  10. random

    Proposal: New PA Rule

    Of course the gun will completely fix things right? Guns fix everything. It's ok to stay in a dangerous area if you have a gun. What's a life worth?
  11. random

    Proposal: New PA Rule

    Jeffy the economic Arab loving migrant ... you can take it however you like. You have a lot of practice at making shit up, don't stop now. Just saying.
  12. random

    Proposal: New PA Rule

    just saying a phrase used to indicate that we refuse to defend a claim we've made---in other words, that we refuse to offer reasons that what we've said is true
  13. random

    When did Russia first develope their inferiority complex

    I think it's a fucking disgrace that the USA felt threatened by a country with such a small economy as the USSR Russia.
  14. random

    Proposal: New PA Rule

    Just saying ...