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  1. Rob

    J80 winch attachment

    Thanks! It looks like mine without the foam....
  2. Rob

    J 80 mast head antenna

    Surprisingly different configurations. @Varan If you find the brochure please take some pictures and post. I have never seen it. Thanks
  3. Rob

    J 80 mast head antenna

    It sure does. A triple breaker on the port deck reinforcement triangle underneath the pit. One button each for interior light, masthead light and a third which was used for speedo but now runs the autopilot. And of course two main circuit breakers for the battery on the port side of the main bulkhead
  4. Rob

    J 80 mast head antenna

    Yup. Cheap tricolour using an even cheaper cable that corrodes. At least the sparcraft masted EU version does. Even has a circuit breaker specifically for it on the panel.
  5. Rob

    J 80 mast head antenna

    May I ask if you are running the stock mast head nav light? Mine is on a 3 year old mast and I (quite rightly) got yelled at by a cruise ship on the VHF (handheld) this summer since it did not work during an overnight sail crossing a commercial shipping lane.... Looking for recommendation for alternatives... Thanks
  6. Rob

    J80 winch attachment

    I have J80 234 built in France. It developed a leak from the starboard winch attachment this summer. Previous owner changed to Harken 35.2 winches and did the reinforcement. I removed the plywood reinforcement and found a block of core foam. Weird as it may seem both the plywood and the foam has holes from attachment screws for original winch. My belief is that the previous owner first installed the foam and plywood and at a later date changed the winches. I would like to get back to as close to original as possible and unless the reinforcement is necessary remove it. Has anyone done something similar? What does your attachment and/or reinforcements look like? What does the below-deck solution look like on a stock J80? Grateful for pictures or information. Thanks
  7. Rob

    J/80 sprit

    I gave it a shot and sanded. picture is just wet 120 grit. lamination is not really “picture perfect”, but hey, boat is 21 years old, carbon was in it’s infancy
  8. Rob

    J80 Outboard Mod from Hitting Rudder

    I did this but added a piece of automotive cardoor rubber molding to not have the aluminimum edge hit the rudder. My 11 year old is the designated driver in harbors and i would not want him to feel bad about damaging the rudder.
  9. Rob

    J/80 sprit

    So, mine is overdue for a coat of paint. Anyone have sanded all the way down to the carbon and clearcoated it? pics? Thanks