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  1. Wavedancer

    any capetowners on here?

    Everybody I know have modified their flushing patterns, from reduced flush volume to using grey water (recycling shower runoff). Fortunately I spend most of my time up north, no shortage of water so still enjoying 300litre baths daily. ;-) Major issue alongside the drought in CT is fire risk. The spine of the mountain is nature reserve with housing bordering the sea. It only needs 1 spark to start a major conflagration that is difficult to extinguish due to mountainous terrain. The drought could be worse, remember as a youngster visiting farmers in the north where it has not rained, not a drop, for 7 years. A bit of an eye opener when you are handed a glass on arrival with a line drawn to indicate how much water to use for brushing your teeth.
  2. Wavedancer

    any capetowners on here?

    My garden in CT is all local drought resistants, other than small patch of grass, surviving well so far with no watering. rain water harvesting installation in place, but it doesnt help if there is no rain!
  3. Wavedancer

    any capetowners on here?

    surrounding areas as well. issue is not lack of reservoirs, but lower than usual rainfall over last 3 years & lack of consistent water saving measures.
  4. Wavedancer

    any capetowners on here?

    3 year drought, lack of rain, lack of planning, politics. taps run dry 9 Apr according to latest news.