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  1. Donovan GP26 starts production in Turkey

    Agree with comments, traveller should be all the way down with max backstay and vang so main trimmer can play leech tension. As Kevin mentioned, jib floater looks a bit too low (Hard to see from angle of photo). Stingray has only one headsail so the crew did not have choice, he may need J2?? Heel angle is another big issue.... I sail on another GP26 and took a while to find optimum angle, below 9kts TWS this boat needs heeling about 10-12 degrees to have correct weather helm. (Of course the boat must be flat in above this wind range), but Donovan design has much less helm compare to this boat. Now Stingray has 3.5 degree mast rake. Can Jim Donovan supply optimum heel angle for various wind speed?
  2. Donovan GP26 starts production in Turkey

    Did you eliminate main finetune?
  3. Donovan GP26 starts production in Turkey

    I use polar as simple guidelines as wave conditions affect performance a lot especially for smaller craft. I've motored Donovan design last Sunday and noticed the boat has very high initial form stability compare to Martinoli design. And motion of boat hitting waves are totally different. Unfortunately sails will be delivered on next Monday so we cannot sail the boat this weekend to have fun.
  4. My email address is tsakai@netvigator.com

    GP26 is for my girlfriend, she lost Elliott 770 due to keel bulb failure during regatta.

  5. Please email me your email adress and I will shoot thro a preliminary IRC cert - 1.056,

    We'd be very keen to get them into Hong Kong!

    cheers, FB - fbyd@bigpond.com