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  1. VOR 2017-18

    Schakel, the required ISAF/World Sailing Personal Survival Course as stipulated in the Offshore Special Regulations Appendix G is not that expensive. I paid EUR 300 plus something in 2013 for the training in Harlingen. You don’t pay a lot of money compared to the other expenses running in the millions.
  2. VOR 2017-18

    Dutch primary news agency NOS; “Conflict Tienpont vs. AkzoNobel ends in yes-no game” Some new snippets - according to AkzoNobel, the management company owned by Tienpont, Steam Ocean racing, is the primary reason for the conflict. This company manages the campaign. The sailors are under contract by Steam. - according to Tienpont, the whole sailing team was fired during the prologue. - The AkzoNobel spokesman says that regarding the contract breach “it was no ground to fire Tienpont” “we only want this management company out” - according to AkzoNobel, Tienpont was asked to stay on as skipper, but without the Steam company. - AkzoNobel is owner of the boat btw. Both parties get a dent in their reputation. Not played well, and hard to tell who is the victim. My speculation regarding the conflict is not sex or leadership skills, but purely business. Money. Contracts of 50 pages or more which no one understands. If in the small letters in the contracts between Steam and VOR , sailors and all other related parties all rights were vested with Steam, and not AkzoNobel. And possible revenues from VOR or other parties going to Steam, are at the discretion of Steam but not AkzoNobel. That would piss a sponsor of big time, investing millions but no vested rights and/or money return. Still it is strange that it would take so long to read the fucking contracts properly after signing them. And the realisation by AkzoNobel that they were screwed by the lawyers. In a worst case scenario for AkzoNobel, they did not see, predescribe or approve the Steam contracts and only just found out 2 weeks before the race starts that they were out of the loop. My 2 cents. Source in Dutch https://nos.nl/l/2198155
  3. VOR 2017-18

    That guy running an open software program is me actually. Volodia built the universal tracker and created the first VO65 polars from the TWA/TWS data available from the first legs. Later on, VOR twitterd a picture of their polars. I used both to build a third version, and used these with OpenCPN for ad hoc weather routing in the last edition. See the old leg threads. I'm planning to do ad hoc weather routing for the current edition too. If someone wants the VO65 mark 1 polars, send me a pm. Don't expect an instant reply, as I'm on holiday in Indonesia. But we could also ask VOR nicely for the polars, being OD has the big advantage that the polars are no strategic assets like in the VG.
  4. VOR 2017-18

    No worries, Annie Lush will be onboard, she has signed on. Annie says that she had called Bouwe to check for options. She is part of the team now for one month. Position has not been specified. Source https://www.clubracer.be/2017/8/13/zeilster-annie-lush-aangekondigd-als-lid-team-brunel
  5. VOR 2017-18

    I wonder if Capey will do another edition. And if so, with Bouwe or the Team alpha-male. For the record, Neanderthalensis never reached down-under. I think they would take it as an insult to be compared to Team alpha-male.
  6. VOR 2017-18

    Thailand actually, see in the back left the left flag with the red-white-blue-white-red. Rode one of these last year in Bangkok and Koh Phangang. Extraodinary motor and shaft design which combines very high speeds, shallow depth access, no rudder at all and a lot of noise.
  7. VOR 2017-18

    Very good news for Bouwe, who has still unfinished business after becoming second last edition. I agree on the last minute decision bit with discounts. The news is not even on Team Brunel's homepage yet. And Bouwe has only Carlo Huisman (winner AC team NZL) under contract. Quote: "I'm going for the win, that's for sure. We want to bring together a perfect mix of experience and young talent. We will be phoning in the coming days everybody. Also woman." Bouwe sees DFRT, AkzoNobel and MAPFRE as biggest competitors for the overall win. Source (in Dutch): http://www.telegraaf.nl/vrij/varen/28498535/__Bekking_gaat_voor_record__.html Interview at Brunel HQ (in Dutch) with a smile from ear to ear (in Dutch): http://nos.nl/artikel/2180488-achtste-volvo-ocean-race-voor-bekking-ook-huisman-gaat-mee.html Just added my favorite sail porn, the helicopter shot of TBRL rounding Cape Horn in the VOR 14-15 edition with 4 sails hoisted.
  8. VOR 2017-18

    This bitchfight (no pun intented) which is going on between the various posters for some time now in this thread is getting boring. Can you guys and girls please start a new pissing contest thread and piss each other off there? Thank you very much for growing up and for not spoiling this thread any further. And yes I know it's SA but is still grow the fuck up! Get on topic FFS. Or hand the popcorn. Did I mention Hitler?
  9. VOR 2017-18

    According to my senior account manager at Brunel that I spoke 2 months ago, Brunel wil not sponsor the VOR 17-18. So Sailing Holland, which holds a start license, is probably still looking for a new sponsor. Sailing Holland website (in Dutch) has no recent updates or news since October 2016 though. Bouwe himself does not show up at all in the past 6 months regarding skippering a new VOR, or I missed that in my google search. Bouwe was busy winning the J Class Superyacht Regatta in Bermuda as tactician. In the 3 minute interview after the races at yachtingworld.com the word "VOR" does not drop.. As both Bouwe and sponsoring are a question mark for sailing Holland, my fingers are crossed!
  10. VOR 2017-18

    It has however been fully refitted, and modified to some slightly new design spec. Given the history of mast losses in the VOR, a bad new fitting would be high on my list of suspects. Components where the metallurgy is not quite what it said on the tin seems to be a constant problem. The mast and spreaders are fully carbon. Only metal bits would be the stays, and the main stays have a 26-ton minimum break load. When DFRT lost their mast in the previous edition, it was the top part above the highest spreaders. The stays were OK afaik. Does someone know if a too high permanent pressure on the stays, and especially the lower ones, can cause this breakage so low in the mast? Source http://www.volvooceanrace.com/en/boat/31_The-rigs.html
  11. VOR 2017-18

    Mapfre broke their mast during offshore training near their training base Sanxenxo while reaching in 25 kts and 4 meter waves. No injuries luckily. The rig and mainsail have been recovered in a 2 hours effort. The mast broke just below the first spreaders. The mast clocked 1 RTW in 2014/15. I'm wondering how in these not so rough conditions the rig could fail. And what the accident means for the rest of the fleet. Being one design and all that. Source (in Dutch) https://www.clubracer.be/2017/4/1/video-mapfre-breekt-mast-tijdens-offhore-zeiltraining
  12. Vendee Globe 2016?

    I stand corrected, Yves sailed from a point in between the Kerguelen Islands and Australia to LSDO via Stewart Island eating seaweed.
  13. Vendee Globe 2016?

    Nice work Conrad! Longest jury rig travel in the VG so far. Hats off!
  14. The round around North-Holland on June 23-24, 2017. Partially inshore, partially offshore. Start Amsterdam (Pampus island Markermeer) - IJsselmeer - Waddenzee - Northsea - IJMuiden. 38 duo-handed boats in 2016 (ORC and SW), and fully-crewed hundreds of boats. One of the biggest sailing events in The Netherlands. You have to pass the world's first naviduct near Enkhuizen and a sea lock at Kornwederzand. Less than 1 day sailing, but can be pretty exhausting if winds are up to force 5-6 due to the short waves at the Markermeer, IJsselmeer and Waddenzee caused by the shallow depths and the intensity of the race. Navigation is key or you end up getting towed from a shoal by one of our excellent SAR boats. Hundreds of buoys help though. At least 110 miles excluding extra miles for tacking. ISAF Offshore Special Regulations cat. 3 100-miles race 8th of September 2017 (in Dutch; "Bruine Bank race" or "Brown Ridge race" named after the shoals at the North Sea that are the destination) with 25 boats in 2016. Start IJmuiden - Brown ridge - IJmuiden. Both ORC and IRC. ISAF Offshore Special Regulations cat. 3. EDIT - let me know if you need some help with translation of the Dutch NOR.