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  1. Herman

    Brest Atlantiques 2019

    Some extra zigzags it seems not to get at the finish line in the very dark hours. Gitana to finish shortly, the RC is on it's way to meet her. Well done! EDIT: live coverage here
  2. Herman

    Transat Jacque Vabre 2019

    Thanks for that doc JB. Sidestep; missing the VG chairman's lunch on Oct 18th, 2020 will cost a skipper EUR 2.000
  3. Herman

    Transat Jacque Vabre 2019

    Thanks for that addendum Fiji, created October 26th. The south cardinal was included as mark. The RC put it in red and bold.
  4. Herman

    Transat Jacque Vabre 2019

    I read the SI’s three times for this mark, but I can’t find a mark other than the green buoy which is part of the finish line. Do they mean the south cardinal below the Bank of St Anthony? That is not in my version of the SI’s FWIW.
  5. Herman

    Transat Jacque Vabre 2019

    Laptop with windows 10
  6. Herman

    Transat Jacque Vabre 2019

    Just a tip. Copy-pasting these twitter links do not display well here, due to the black background. If you take a screen shot and paste it in the post it's readable.
  7. Herman

    Transat Jacque Vabre 2019

    Congratulations to Kévin and Nicolas fending off Charal, a deserved 2nd place imho.
  8. Herman

    Transat Jacque Vabre 2019

    PRB is almost there, they have found her thrusters and is moving @ 18 kts while Charal is @ 14 kts. DTL up to 2.4 nm. PRB made a small detour around the southern cardinal buoy for the Bank of St. Anthony. Charal too. Unless something breaks, PRB should take that 2nd place.
  9. Herman

    Transat Jacque Vabre 2019

    I will try to find time in the coming days
  10. Herman

    Transat Jacque Vabre 2019

    Not at a windspeed of 10 knots according to the polar here; http://zezo.org/tjv60/polars.html?opt=0 If you enter 10 kts windspeed in the box below, and click on the foiler button below, the target boat speed does not change.
  11. Herman

    Transat Jacque Vabre 2019

    What a race for 2nd! And at least 2 more gybes needed.
  12. Herman

    Transat Jacque Vabre 2019

    I presume PRB was looking for more pressure and wind outside off the coast. Or a better broad reaching angle. Or both. But has cost them dearly. You only have to stay clear of the Bank of St. Anthony which lays due south of the entrance to the bay. PRB gybed, maybe a late attempt to cover Charal. Charal is at 2.1 nm within striking distance.
  13. Herman

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Indeed, nice city marketing. Take the numbers with a sniff of salt. Or two.
  14. Herman

    Transat Jacque Vabre 2019

    Almost there, congratulations Apivia! I’m off to bed.
  15. Herman

    Transat Jacque Vabre 2019

    The tracker has gone near live with 10 minutes intervals. Nice work TJV and Georacing. Unless I’m mistaken and the wind vanishes, the ETA for Apivia is shortened. Wind stays up for now. DTF 38 nm / 19 kts = +/- 2 hours sailing. ETA is +/- 00:30 IMHO, based on extrapolation and if the wind stays as now.