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  1. "The world has long accepted the principle that the inventor has a certain period of monopoly rights and then it is open to competition. However the inventor is entitled to protect his brand and reputation through trademark." Unless of course the thing is something arguably useless, albeit profitable, like Mickey Mouse, in which case there is no competition allowed pretty much perpetually. The Copyright Term Extension Act of 1998 ( aka the Mickey Mouse Protection Act) extended copyright terms in the United States. It is one of several acts extending the terms of copyrights. Following the Copyright Act of 1976, copyright would last for the life of the author plus 50 years, or 75 years for a work of corporate authorship" With the Mickey Mouse act, that protection went out by several decades. If physical inventions were treated the same....
  2. offtherails


    And the insurer? I heard rumour tha Oz buyer sent a TF10 back to the factory 'cos insurance could not be found in Oz... So what about older ocean racing tris?
  3. offtherails


    Average about 30 and gusting over 40+knots all day, guess there was no sailing.
  4. offtherails


    Must be some problem with their OMRs as some are there in the performance handicap results?
  5. offtherails


    first day done
  6. offtherails


    plywood boy, we didn't see your name on the Wangi attendance list--still time to drive there
  7. offtherails

    Weta anarchy

    and we're house sitting at Cronulla from Xmas thru Jan, so better get your show on the road Chidz
  8. offtherails

    Weta anarchy

    catch a Weta by the toe? yeah, in the process of doing so after selling my much loved Corsair 24 after 14 years. 120kg off the beach sounds easier than 1200kg off the mooring, just a bit wetter?
  9. offtherails

    Brisbane to Gladstone 2018 only

    At the risk of being pedantic, torsion and tension are not interchangeable terms, nor are twisting and bending.
  10. offtherails

    8mt Grainger Racing Trimaran For Sale

    For the consideration of PIL007 and Chidz: I'd be interested in joining 2 others to buy Time Machine. Being Sydney based and having grandchildren in Cronulla it would be easy enough to find excuses to do some racing there, and I'm a bit sick of hauling my aged Corsair 24 to places like Hervey Bay, Gippsland Lakes and so on to trail around at the tail of the fleet. Would be nice to keep going to places like Wangi though. email me on rivettgp(at) gmail (dot) com if interested. My sailing mate Goldfinger bought share in Dux Nutts and he hauls it around, so might be good to see a couple of old Grainger tris at a few events, but nothing more challenging than Cat 5.
  11. offtherails

    2018 Australian Multihull Championships

    OK, was always a risk that taking a position arguing about stuff, and that naming names as stirrers , would backfire. So, my declaring the forum's opinion of another member means I get a bad community rating,? well that's the biz. I've tried to sail multis for 10 years or so, sailed in nats a few times and a couple of overseas regattas, and can only say I have the highest esteem for guys like Grainger, Farrier and Tony Considine, Peter Hackett , Peter Boyd and many others, like my old mate Dave M, formerly of MYCQ; but it is all a bit too hard. Good sailing guys and hope it all works out
  12. offtherails

    2018 Australian Multihull Championships

    Chidz, be aware of your anarchist! Extract from Sailing Anarchy forum information: COMMUNITY REPUTATION -2 Asshat ABOUT DTM and, English. Etymology. From the slang expression have one's head up one's ass, thus, wearing the ass as a hat. The term is extended to people who are clueless or ...
  13. offtherails

    2018 Australian Multihull Championships

    Goldfinger said:"The AYC is a great opportunity to show-case the best of multihull sailing to the wider sailing community. That's the best reason ever to support the Aus Multi Championship at Sandringham. : this is not exactly inflammatory, one might think. In the absence of any formal/national associations or copyright or whatever, AS are probably perfectly within their rights to run a championship and call it Australian. Multi enthusiasts like owners of Bare Essentials, Crosshair, Carbon Credit, Dux Nutts, Mad Max (now Ullman Sails) haul their boats all around the country , even to Airlie, Hammo, even to Geelong and Port Lincoln etc, and yeah, they are seriously long trips up & down the blacktop. But some from up Brisvegas/Airlie way seem to think it is beneath their dignity to go to Victoria? Give me a break. Went out last weekend for the first sail in a few months, and the once mighty Etchell fleet was down to single digits, the Pittwater multis mustered 4 boats on a crackerjack sailing day. We sailors in little boats don't have a really compelling product in the market, so IMHO we ought to do what we can to get exposure with events like the Sandringham series, or just not worry about it and enjoy the sailing and organise local regattas etc.
  14. offtherails

    2018 Australian Multihull Championships

    We have these funny things in Pittwater, pass them on the land side at your peril.
  15. offtherails

    2018 Australian Multihull Championships

    Off Palm Beach would be expected to be Cat 4 rather than Cat 5?