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  1. If you can seriously claim to sail to hit the line in varying breezes and worry about 24 ft across bows at say 45 degrees ( ie just a matter of of a few metres up the course) might I suggest you just ask your team manager to tell your sponsors to pony up for 2 GPS devices so you can have one on the current windward hull, regardless of the tack? Oh, and if downwind is an issue, ask for 2 more for each of the transoms. BUT I do not suggest you just average the 4 when rounding rocky islands as marks, particularly at night, as there are documented cases where GPS errors/dithering has caused skippers to put the boat onto the bricks and kill crew, because the map, even if GPS-derived , is not the territory. Just saying.
  2. Old tech, some tens of millions of years, but still cutting edge Not quite sure how you sand it into your foils' surfaces though http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2405451816300484
  3. And how does that rate as serious comment or a valuable contribution to the knowledge base of those with an interest in multis or foils? Just be nice children.
  4. Stop trying to sell Crowther multis! Video makes it look like Lake Macquarie from an F22
  5. Might stop you foiling whilst tacking when you put the ama foils in?
  6. Difference between tacking angles against waves in stronger adverse current compared with those in flat water in lower but still adverse current is qualitatively what I would expect, but perhaps the 110 in flat water is a bit high? You could probably point higher with narrower angles but might sail a tad slower IMHO. Race results show your Dash 750 dead heated with one F82R and beat another by 5 mins over the line in about 2 hours of sailing, so whatever the tacking angles, you do have boat speed and VMG! Looking at the overall distance and the required average boat speed you were probably above hull speed most of the time except for some of the upwind stuff? Would be interesting to repeat the RaceQs tracking in 5-10 knot winds with little or no tide and no waves to see? oh wait, we rarely see that on Pittwater!
  7. Can we assume you have allowed for the setback caused by the adverse tide? ( which will increase the angle between the legs on each tack) - or were these tacking angles repeated in the flat waters of Pittwater before coming back down the Hawkesbury into the waves/wind/tide?
  8. Sure is, down to 2NM and tracker has Oats at only half Loyal's SOG. Problems again?
  9. Fair winds and a fast spinnaker run under moonlight? that must have been an organisational stuff up - starting about 8pm and finishing about mid-day the next day after a moonless, foggy and mosquito blighted passage past Hollands Landing and a daylight drift around Raymond Island is my experience.
  10. Apart from an ongoing rudder rebuilding program?
  11. Farrier's F boat site says " What About Folding System Copies? The original folding patent has now expired and a few imitations have appeared in some countries. Usually old technology has been copied, and the folding geometry on some is such that it will be impossible for one person to fold."
  12. With the price of CNC machining and carbon fibre etc, not to mention the man hours, it is a big call to use one's own layup for a critical, highly stressed element like a rudder & casing Do your Farrier 85SR plans permit you to make two, ie one for each ama, or just one per boat?
  13. Well, races 1,2 and 6 were not in over 20 knots. In cruising division, I found the (not unexpected) outcome that the smaller boats could do a 'regime change' in the stronger winds of races 3,4 5 and get up and plane around at significantly more than hull speed whilst the bigger boats didn't/couldn't , whereas in the lighter stuff the bigger boats easily held their own. Had it been open waters with bigger waves, well the game would have changed again. Nothing is perfect, but hey, it was a ton of fun!
  14. Honestjohn, the OMR listed in the phantom Div 4 includes our spinnaker ( which we don't have with us) and excludes crew ( which we do, in varying numbers and weights ) but I'm pleased just to be there "cruising" and I'm happy to stick with racing for beers and the fun moments on the water, and I think you owe me a beer for sponsoring your HCW efforts? cheers
  15. There is actually no Div 4 in OMR, it is only a PHS crushing division for a few folks who are not racing seriously but enjoy the fun. it is just the regatta software making a suggestion which is too much hassle to sort out, and because one of them is on the OMR database. Pity, it would be nice to start with 3 bullets!