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  1. True anarchy would be for everyone in the Beer Can Series to re-name their boat "Anarchy" just for the Wednesday night races...
  2. Thats what i was thinking considering they are already built the G4 then F4 that was already targeting this market, but its smaller, cheaper, safer and trailerable. If you want it to be trailerable, a tri is the way to go.
  3. When is someone going to revive the B-Class, Let Nacra and Flying Phantom compete with some home builders and possibly a DNA F2...
  4. Odd set-up for mainsheet control. Interesting. yeah, for the flying fish boats, it looks like the mainsheet is on a track at the aft end of the coach roof. There is too much cantilever and not enough thickness in that structure to support mainsheet loads, I dont see how it would be possible to do that. If it can be done, it would be beneficial to use a curved track.
  5. The MC90 looks awesome, but there is so much open space between the aft hull sections, i wonder what you do with it. Even with davits and a dinghy it looks like you'll still have another 8 ft of hull back there. Probably some good room for machinery underneath, I couldn't find a layout. The great thing about cats, and yachts in general, is that when you get to these lengths the profile stretches out so much that as long as you dont put a huge fly bridge on top the boat will automatically look sexy. The boats get longer and you get more space but you dont need to add headroom. I think at about 140' you can put a flybridge on these guys and still get a good proportionally sexy profile.
  6. These are cheaper, typically work well, and are refillable. http://www.amazon.com/Degree-Butane-Lighter-Refillable-Windproof/dp/B00GA80NJO?ie=UTF8&psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00
  7. Thanks everyone, this is all great information, i think im going to get ahold of a RPi with a GPS, compass and accelerometer/gyro and stick it in a waterproof box to gather some data, and then see if i can get it plotted in OpenCPN. If i get something out on the other side, ill post it back here. -thanks
  8. Hey, Has anyone thought of using a microcomputer like a raspberry pi or arduino to gather data while training and/or racing? You can get the new Raspberry Pi platform for about 45$ and sensors for 5-40$. You could potentially set up a system that would utilize, gps, accelerometers, digital compasses, thermometers, and ultrasonic range finders that could gather and store data for examination later. You could even hack a kindle and have an awesome large custom screen to view real time data while you are sailing. For some more money and effort you could incorporate wind instruments, strain gauges and fixed cameras. I see this as a more flexible solution for small boats, seems like faster large boats may have a better budget for things like the tactic systems. Paying 400+ dollars for a velocitek doesn't seem like a great value when i have an old kindle and for under 100$ i can get a raspberry pi, gps chip, compass chip and a battery. especially when that system would be up-gradable with any number of sensors that id like. I don't have a lot of experience with coding and building electronics but am i crazy to think that this would be a valuable effort? -ryan
  9. I'm not sure why anyone would draw such an offensive shape. It really looks like someone has Photoshoped an ugly boat to make it look even worse.
  10. Some pics popped up recently of the new DNA. It looks great, the Aero package on the platform is insane. http://www.catsailingnews.com/2016/04/a-class-dna-2016-f1-coolest-sailboat.html With the integration of the aft hulls/rear crossbeam and the tiller system, i dont think there is alot left that you can easily do to the boat. In the description below the pictures Thijs talks about a integrated 'soft deck' instead of a 'traditional trampoline'. Does anyone know what this might be? video shows 16+ kts 'upwind' and 26+ kts off the wind
  11. Doug, Thanks, that makes sense. Waynemarlow, Thanks for the advice, I had not intended putting stabilizers on my rudders until i made the switch over to curved boards. I just finished putting in a new box that will accept a range of foils, so i just need to get to work on some curved or foiling boards.
  12. Doug, Whats the trade-off on using C-boards without winglets or T's on the rudder. I'm still running straight boards in my A and find myself wishing I had winglets at some points (that's probably my poor sailing). The C in the rendering looks slight so maybe there is no potential of creating enough lift for hobby-horsing?
  13. Also, 'printable' carbon fiber requires the use of thermoplastic resins for the matrix. I don't think Nylon is strong enough for a decent boat, there are some aerospace grade thermoplastics that are great but the working temp is crazy, the price is just as bad and it is currently difficult to get. If you want to use Thermo-set resins like poly, vinyl and epoxy than you'll need a mold anyway and then we are back to ATL/ATP/AFP, like youve seen on 3DL. I think a true printing in the current form, printing bottom to top, would be dificult to make a decent boat. All of your continuous fibers would be planer. Any 'printed' boat that comes out in the next 10 years is going to be either an generally isotropic material or have some truly innovative structures.
  14. Try Flying, we did a study making shear webs in 10 meter wind blades. We coinfused pi-stiffeners (pi-shaped fabric) with each side of the blade and then using a simple panel we were able to join the two halves with less adhesive, a better bond and more bond area. The idea might not work too well for the geometry of a foil but its pretty simple. Point is to keep the bonding of the shear web away from centerline. Infusing thick laminates can be done. but ive done it different ways depending on the fabric and form. We use a 6gsm nylon web in-between layers that seems to promote resin flow. 3d woven fabric infuses really well but its impossible to get. Ive infused a part in a female mold, 12ft long over 2" thick at its thickest, but because it was in a female mold, and we werent too worried about the surface finish we were able to infuse through thickness from bottom to top. I haven't used this product yet but MTI hose is a vacuum hose that's wrapped in a gore-tex type hose, its used inside the bag only, but allows the vacuum to keep sucking even when the resin runs up against it. Seems like it would work well for small close molded infused or wet-preged part. as far as infused vs wet-pregged, if you do a good job and dont do too many layers at once wet preg can be OK but it will have more porosity than an infused part. A well done infused part will be good and have low porosity, but if you dont properly seal the bag and check the vacuum you can end up with an even worse part than wet preged.
  15. As daggerboards move forward it gets harder to tack. Bow down attitude means less AoA control required between liftoff and steady state. High AoA when floating, more lift at lower speeds. lower AoA when flying, right lift at high speeds.