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  1. kdh

    Coolboats to admire

    She was built in 1993, after Hinckley had a lot of success with in-mast furling. Today they'd do in-boom.
  2. kdh

    Coolboats to admire

    Here's a better angle on the Hinckley (76' ex Freesia).
  3. kdh

    Coolboats to admire

    Its designer, Ted Fontaine, dreamed up the idea with the "Surfari 58." https://www.fontainedesigngroup.com/our-designs/less-than-80-feet-sailing/surfari-58/
  4. I enjoy the class warfare drifts. As much as we might be accused of being "yachties," there are all types here, and generally we have respect for one another, with obvious exceptions.
  5. I'm with Legs. I found her "let's talk about class" post an insightful portrayal of what makes people tick. Like Dylan has, we should consider and understand the advantages and disadvantages of where we and others come from to be at peace with ourselves and who we want to be. And if we're all to get a fair shake some day we need to know the class structures that affect us.
  6. Sumurun. You probably know the story but I heard from a buddy that the owner was at the helm. My buddy worked on the yacht for a while and witnessed "Mr T," an early investor in Apple if memory serves, at the helm. His helming style apparently involved little "situational awareness" with the result seen here. Never really lived it down and sold the boat I'm guessing Mr T didn't do much varnishing.
  7. Yes, Loser is a good guy. "Texas swagger?" A bit maybe, but a Rhode Islander who loves his mother at heart. "Awestruck, intense intellect, deep guy?" Err, maybe--we'd have to sail together a bit more and he'd have to buy the dinner he owes me for me to know, but I certainly wouldn't tell him that. I agree that egotistical rich people are hard to take, but I question the world-view of anyone who thinks themselves better than others, regardless of wealth. Also, I like to think that people should be allowed stewardship of beautiful, albeit expensive, things, without being accused of status signaling. Loser's new boat is real nice, for example, but no one will accuse him of buying it to lord it over us middle class people.
  8. The only logical way to get from "don't do my own varnish" to "asshole" is a general association of money with assholes. My varnish bill is around $8k/yr. Yes, I'd rather sail than varnish. Classic plastic like Loser's old tub.
  9. I have a flush hatch like that with a drain. The drain does block up with dirt, but the hatch has a good seal to prevent water ingress. There can be a lot of green water sloshing around back there.
  10. Nothing like a well built, "low maintenance" boat. It could be a lot worse.
  11. kdh

    New Hinckley 53

    Either one would be a nice upgrade from your B40.
  12. kdh

    New Hinckley 53

  13. kdh

    New Hinckley 53

    Err, they've sold two boats.
  14. kdh

    New Hinckley 53

    The Talaria 40 is a great looking boat.
  15. kdh

    New Hinckley 53

    Kind of a sensitive subject, woahboy...