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  1. kdh

    Hard Tenders

  2. kdh

    Show your boat not sailing

    One of my favorite boats. Impervious to lobster pots in Maine as well.
  3. Do you really expect anything else from us? We're trying to have some fun here. If you want interior volume and space in the cockpit like everyone else she'll suit the objective. Anything that size will sail at 6 knots. But without beer goggles she won't be the prettiest girl at the dance.
  4. kdh

    In-mast Furling

    In my experience this is greatly under-appreciated. Good application for carbon fiber, both the mandrel and the shell. Some designs put a motor at the end of the boom. Bad idea.
  5. kdh

    In-mast Furling

    I built the Sou'wester 42 they did in 2005.
  6. kdh

    In-mast Furling

    The later Hinckleys, including mine, have boom furling. Mostly Leisurefurls but one of the later Daysailers has a GMT Powerfurl. Here's a pic they sent me.
  7. kdh

    In-mast Furling

    Did Henry ever have a 59? He designed the 49 for himself and had one. Along with the modern boats one of the least attractive to my eye.
  8. kdh

    In-mast Furling

    People tend to like what they have. As Ish said I have a boom furling setup that I wouldn't trade for anything. Idiotproof and insanely convenient. Just roll up the sail like a furling jib. No sail cover to fuck around with. All kinds of shape control. Just two lines for the whole arrangement--furling line and halyard. Hydraulic vang. I've only used mast furling on charter boats but CL had one on his Hinckley and owners set their boats up that way there for years. CL mentioned he never had a jam. He has a Leisurefurl boom furler on his new boat. Dealing with all the "standard rigging"--reefing lines, lazy jacks, stackpack seems so overly complex to me. Seems so crude to pile the main on top of the boom. Look at all the boats out there in a breeze with the jib unrolled and the main still covered and piled up. Easy to understand the reluctance to deal with all that.
  9. kdh

    Show your boat not sailing

    $2300 is the median adult wealth worldwide, so $1000 would "make a big difference in most folks' lives." There's always a guy with less money and a smaller boat.
  10. kdh

    Show your boat not sailing

    I've seen families fly into their big yachts for the weekend. Crew running around polishing, provisioning beforehand. But think about this: This leaves nothing productive for anyone in the family to do. Does sitting on the deck of a big yacht with nothing to do make them happy? The boat never leaves its moorage, but even if it did the owners would just be, you guessed it, sitting around doing nothing. This assumes the supermodel is attracted to your wealth and is willing to boink you because of it. Not my kind of girl.
  11. kdh

    Show your boat not sailing

    I find this topic fascinating, and it seems to come up often here. Some other thoughts: There's always a guy with more money and a bigger boat. The wealthy are always relatively not wealthy. Some studies support the idea that social climbing leads to unhappiness. Happy people have more money than their friends, so don't pick friends that have more money. Regardless of what we say, most of us, especially those without excess wealth, believe that money brings happiness. This gives most of us hope for a better future. The lottery winner loses the hope that winning the lottery will bring happiness. Learning the lesson that money beyond that required for basic needs doesn't bring happiness can be a hard lesson. Worse, it's not enough for the wealthy person to be convinced, he has to convince family and those close to him who are distressed over a wealthy relative not spending money on themselves to give happiness. Materialism--spending money on stuff, to me is the most questionable way to turn money into happiness. There is wealth and there is spending style. The two are correlated but some with money spend little and vice versa.
  12. kdh

    Show your boat not sailing

    I think that's a great design, Bob. To my eye you've achieved modern sailing length without any compromise to aesthetics. I love the spoon to the bow and the interesting stern profile. The ends have character without giving up length at the waterline.
  13. kdh

    Show your boat not sailing

    Sou'wester 42. Great boats.
  14. kdh

    Coolboats to admire

    The ladies in Marion used to shun anything made of fiberglass. I wonder if that's changed. A buddy used to sail his Cape Cod Shipbuilding 12 1/2 from Falmouth to Nantucket and back. Hardy sailer and sailor.
  15. kdh

    Leisurefurl Boom Failure - Any Suggestions?

    For me most of the control of shape near the foot I get from how much I unroll. If I want a flat shape I leave a roll or two on the mandrel, and unroll to make the shape fuller. The foot is free other than in the middle so that it's rolled first, allowing this control.