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  1. My newest project

    Still haven't seen anything nicer than those old Tacks.
  2. My newest project

    My (dad's) CCMs exactly. My laces are plain white tho. I had Bauers as a kid. Similar but with a plastic toe. They were not CCMs so I eventually stole my dad's. They don't fit him any more anyway.
  3. My newest project

    I had completely forgotten about melting the blade to put a curve in it. You had to be careful with the heat because too hot and it made a goopy mess.
  4. My newest project

    Bobby Orr of the Big Bad Bruins. Brings back some great memories of straining to see the puck on our little black and white TV with my dad and brother. I still use my dad's CCM Tacks that look just like those skates. Not a hint of plastic on them.
  5. My newest project

    That's beautiful.
  6. Coolboats to admire

    I love that White family story.
  7. Hallberg Rassy Launched a new 57 Footer

    Few people seem to appreciate the effect of the weight of a roller boom--you know what you're talking about, unlike so many others. I switched to a carbon fiber shell and mandrel to fix this. Also, the Leisure Furl arrangement generally is impractical to use without a powered winch. That said I've never had a jam, can reef downwind if need be, and have never done more than eyeball the angle. Once I switched to a spectra luff tape I haven't had any issues with it. I can't imagine fussing with all of the complexity of an effective slab reefing system: lazy jacks, all the lines and hardware associated with multiple reefing lines, sail covers, mast cars. Give me the simplicity of just rolling up the sail, thank you.
  8. My newest project

    Bob, most practical lithium systems seem to be far from off the shelf, at least for now. The charge and storage methods are vastly different from lead acid systems. Stan Honey has a great guide on-line. http://honeynav.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/LFP-battery-Stan-Honey-notes.pdf
  9. My newest project

    I'm sure many of us would like to know the lithium-battery details, Bob. Mastervolt?
  10. My newest project

    Bob, I heard of that effort. I can only say "I'm sorry" for not building Quail full scale (yet). As you've eloquently described I like my current boat. And my family are disposed to leaving our money to charity rather than to building stuff we see as limited in its relative utility as a percent of the monetary outlay involved. But who knows, our perspective might become more like your four-carbon-cutters client's. I'd love to have that model, or a copy.
  11. My newest project

    That table is gorgeous. I have a forecast though. Bare carbon fiber has become all the rage. Ferrari owners go nuts over it, want it everywhere they can put it. Give it 5 or 10 years. People will say, "bare carbon fiber, so 2010s--needs an update." The carbon fiber mast and boom on my early 80s designed boat are painted. The overhead is Formica--dated, of course, but even in 2005 it was the most practical material.
  12. My newest project

    With the storm damage ND's house project in the BVIs got a lot more complicated.
  13. Show your boat sailing thread

    We were there in mid-September. We'd heard it was "gentlemen's sailing" with an afternoon thermal as you describe, just as it is in S New England in the Newport RI area where we are. We got a lot of light air--might have been too late in the season. Many of the harbors were gross with a lot of turds floating around first thing in the morning. Holding tank use seemed minimal.
  14. Show your boat sailing thread

    Great area to sail. Only been once would love to get back there. You had a nice breeze. What time of year?
  15. I don't know. Oars are so easy to use and maintain. I'll stick with that approach for now.