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  1. kdh

    "Culus Nauticus" (nautical a**hole)

    Vermont? Now that's a surprise. Is that Lost Valley? My uncle used to work at Squaw in Greenville near Moosehead Lake. I ski at Sunday River at least once a year with my daughter. The original skiing in this area involved one big pole, so we pinheads aren't really doing it right.
  2. kdh

    "Culus Nauticus" (nautical a**hole)

    My parents were too cheap to take us skiing when we were kids, so my brother and I used to strap on some nordic (cross country) skis and ski in the woods near our house. I learned the telemark technique doing that and just kept doing it when I could afford a lift ticket.
  3. kdh

    "Culus Nauticus" (nautical a**hole)

    I'm a tele skier. Not a very good one. It's a lot of work.
  4. kdh

    Retirement Planning

    I likely have nothing that you guys don't already know. But I'll parrot the ideas that diversification and paying low fees and not trading in and out are the keys to success. Stock index funds. Doesn't really matter which ones. Average in as stocks always seem expensive and it makes buying easier. Sell only when you need the cash. I'm just a math guy that picks stocks for a living, not a financial advisor, but I've never met one who knows any more than you guys. I had the big C when I was 18. Hodgkins 1B. Quite curable even back in 1980. I know IBs cancer story pretty well--his approach really impressed me.
  5. kdh

    Winding Down - an end in sight

    Good luck with your life changes, BJ. Would be great if you guys could book-end the trip with a bunch of us rafted up and hanging from your bigass anchor again. I'm sure you've acquired some stories.
  6. kdh

    Coolboats to admire

    Not really a local, but Pulpit Harbor? Lovely spot.
  7. kdh

    Feasibility to refit a big, old boat?

    A boat's cost is not the entry price, but the maintenance.
  8. kdh

    Coolboats to admire

    Kind of newfangled looking with the name/hail treatment. Hinckley stopped using real gold leaf on the powerboats. I kept my transom traditional looking.
  9. kdh

    Ultrasonic/Electromagnetic Speed Logs?

    Good to know some have had good experiences. I had one put on the boat which never worked. DDW, you've sailed in the islands (or maybe Bahamas) and the Pacific Northwest, no? Does sailing venue/water clarity matter? I'm in New England.
  10. kdh

    Show your boat not sailing

    Bermuda 40? Is the hull black or Majestic Blue?
  11. kdh

    Battery Monitor Question

    Understood, BJ. I have AGMs. Enough charge acceptance for my purposes and I hook up to shore power enough that I can get a 100% charge sufficiently often.
  12. The bowl is ventilated to the outside, and a dry/drying shit doesn't smell that much anyway. You just have to accept keeping piss out of the bowl, even women, and be ok with moving the stuff around without using water.
  13. Another composting convert. I'll stick with using (fresh) water to move my shit around, thank you. I'm sure pissing in a bottle and letting your shit dry out before it's disposed of works just fine, but it doesn't have convenience going for it.
  14. kdh

    Battery Monitor Question

    Just want to emphasize that using current to evaluate state of charge was my primary point. Importantly however, one needs net current in or out of the battery, not just load current as is usually provided by the old-school ammeters. When I built and asked Hinckley to give me net current--to allow a minus sign, it was clear it was the first time they'd ever done it. The procedure is simple. If there's a charging source and there is little current going into the batteries they're close to fully charged.