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  1. Practice videos

    You mean this?
  2. Practice videos

    I've got a nice Canon 720p camcorder I'd send him but it uses micro tapes and unfortunately, takes forever to upload video (as in real time to upload). Anyone have a spare camcorder with nice zoom that uses SD cards that they'd like to donate to Jason? Can we fund something like this when back in stock? https://shop.usa.canon.com/shop/en/catalog/vixia-hf-g30-refurbished
  3. I think this is what you really wrote. Pictures are from Facebook this am. Well done team Artemis
  4. Practice videos

    Thank you very much Weta27 for following through and contacting Jack Griffin regarding donations to Jason Smith. You gotta figure that someone who spends the equivalent time taking videos as a full time job might need some cash. He sure is a humble person and is much appreciated. I hope we don't take him for granted.
  5. Practice videos

    Did someone post that he was employed by OR awhile ago? Did someone post that he was being employed by OR awhile ago?Lol, you have to be dreaming. Post#? He seems to just enjoy doing what he does, it way predates the AC in Bermuda. I do know that the Royal Gazette guy Talbott Wilson has in the past worked for ETNZ but it was a while back. There was a comment here by someone making a negative comment and "somehow" linking him to OR and I hope like hell that he never sees it. I have not seen that he asks for anything, but I have filmed fellow kiters and have some idea the amount of time that he is spending making videos for us. I've never put a fund together for someone, but I feel he deserves something as he is the only one putting together racing and practice videos for the community. Anyone know how to setup a fund for him?
  6. Practice videos

    MIHBDA is a hero to a lot of us and I see that he has a new 1080p video camera. We should really set up a PayPal fund to thank him. Anyone else want to throw him $5-$10 for all of his work? Cj
  7. ACWS Chicago - June 2016

    Petty sure that you could get 100,000 tourist in the Navy Pier area (lake front) on a hot summer Saturday just sightseeing. Also, general admission tickets (and VP) were for the tip of Navy Pier.
  8. Artemis?

    Christ, can't you see that we are not expecting them to win, we are thrilled for the human spirit on that team? Guys that could not hardly have been more low having lost their mate on top of all the other team setbacks are now acting like 10-year olds with excitement. What they are doing may be bigger "wins" with regard to emotions and pride than winning the AC will be for OR or ETNZ. Totally agree Goucho, and couldn't have said it better myself. From the video, it's intesting to see AR flybe at 32.6 knots, then see the knot meter display digitally disappear. Sure hope the first race is a close one.
  9. Artemis?

    ripped foil condom!? ("safety first") ….or, someone forgot to remove the shrink wrap from the foil;
  10. Artemis?

    =============== I see something-I'm not sure they're fences-its hard to tell. Now that, I'm looking at the rudders weren't the rudder hydrofoils about where the lines/fences are? Doug, The rudder hydrofoils are located further down the rudders;
  11. Artemis?

    Don't tell Doug as she just might fly ; > )