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  1. I think the variation in strength has to do with the speed that the tester pulls. A lot of times, the failure is that the line heats up, gets hot, and melts. I saw smoke and a flash of fire on one test for example. The high strength version was developed by three of us. Myself, Estar (screen name), and Brion. My contribution was the idea of bringing the lines down and burying them to make the stronger entrance to the knot. My first version was quite a bit stronger but the knot failed not by breaking but by collapsing and Brion came up with that button knot which did not collapse. Estar did the testing. The application was holding anchor chain where the strength was high and the opening restricted the size of the shackle that could be used. I have talked to Estar and neither of us uses the button version any longer. Brion still does I believe. There are several reasons. One is that they are much more difficult to tie. I have instructions on my web site that help quite a lot. Interestingly, the way I came up with these instructions was to tie one using Estar and Brion's instructions. I think it took half a dozen times to get it tied correctly. Once I had one, I slowly untied it, taking a photo at each step. Then I posted the photos in reverse order to aid assemble. I also do not like the feel of the button version. But why not get the maximum strength? My solution is to use a larger line if I want more strength. The last ones I made used 5/16 line and I think were strong enough for the application :-) I mainly use soft shackles for my jib. In that case I am also concerned with the diameter of the shackle compared to the diameter of the jib sheet. If I used high strength versions and matched the strength to the sheet strength, I get a soft shackle so thin I worry about it basically cutting the jib sheet. So basically soft shackles are so strong that I find sizing them assuming they are 100% line strength gives a perfectly fine size for my applications. Noose diameter is probably an issue in preventing even sharing of the load as the line goes into the diamond knot. The only times I ever say a soft shackle break at the noose is with the button high strength versions. It is pretty clear that the noose is 200% line strength so you need a really strong knot version to have the noose come into play as a weak point. I find that the diameter of the shackle body shrinks under load and the opening of the noose grows under load so I guess I am a bit sloppy in specifying the diameter. Basically, anything less than the diameter of the knot should be fine.
  2. I see nothing in the rules that says you are entitled to sail your proper course. All I see under rule 17 is you are not allowed to sail above it unless you promptly pass to the stern of the windward boat. Luffing up another boat is not in compliance with the rule the way I read it. I was just asking what others thought.
  3. I am so not buying this. Anyone else have trouble with this interpretation or am I wrong?
  4. If the wind is from 0 and your proper course if 45, then 340 is above your proper course. It certainly is not below it. You can tack or sail. You cannot tack with another boat next to you so you are sailing, which is illegal if it is above your proper course. You can tack without sailing above your proper course by falling off and ducking the other boat. That may not be your proper course, but it has the advantage of not being above your proper course. There is no rule that allows you to sail your proper course that I am aware of. The rule just says you cannot sail above it.
  5. I agree. I can't see how luffing up is a proper course. But if you can out point them, you may be able to force them to tack. And if they out point you, you are screwed so suck it up and dip them.
  6. Luffing is above the proper course for either tack.
  7. A boat has no proper course before her starting signal.
  8. I hope ISIS doesn't find out that you can ram a destroyer with a cargo ship by making some weird turns. Give me a break... Like I said, the guy who hit me said I turned suddenly and unexpectedly into the wind and stopped and he made evasive maneuvers but was unable to avoid hitting me. Luck for me someone took a lot of photos that showed that, while I did what he said, it was after he hit me. Me thinks the same thing is going on here. Ships AIS shows a bunch of odd turns and someone says that is the cause. If anything, it looks like those turns were an attempt to avoid a collision.
  9. If I may respectfully comment. They guy shared his story and I see that a lot of my most distinguished fellow SA posters are dick heads. Of course, that is par for SA. I knew it was coming when I read his post. I thought I had blocked most of the true dick heads but I guess I missed a few. Flame on, I am not subscribing to this post so I won't see your reply so don't worry about hurting my feelings.
  10. +1. Seems inexcusable for the Fitzgerald to be hit even if the container ship was trying to ram her.
  11. This thread was very useful to me tonight. A boat that cannot point near as high as I can was to windward across the starting line and falling down on me rapidly. That boat hit me once and hit other boats in our marina and fleet a couple of times. Two weeks ago he lost control around a mark and would have pushed me into the mark except I did not assert my overlap rights and followed him in instead. Anyway, I like to stay away from him. Because this thread was in my mind, I just yelled at him "luff up or tack". He luffed up and problem was over. By the way, I tied for first in the race and the third place boat was back 2 seconds. It was pretty amazing. This is phrf so ties are rounded to the second. It reminded me of the race I lost by 0.05 seconds which was one design. Anyway, these discussions are useful even if the situation is not even close to the same.
  12. My son is a member of a climbing gym. I should go with him some time. But I would need a different harness as I doubt the would let me bring my bosun chair.
  13. As far as I can tell, they no longer make that antenna. There is an old thread on SA where a lot of people recommend the Metz, which is 3 feet long. Looking at defender, the only 18 inch antenna they have has a big coil in the center so if you stretched it out, it would probably really be 3 feet. Those were not what I was talking about so I need to make that clarification. An antenna designed to mount on the center of a car roof will be 18 inches as the metal of the roof will act as a ground plane which is just to say it effectively is a mirror and reflects the 18 inch antenna to be effectively twice as long. It doesn't work that way on a boat. I personally prefer an antenna on the stern pulpit as if your mast comes down, you really want your radio to work. The difference in range over water is very similar assuming the same size feed wire. You get less range from the antenna being low but more range due to less loss in the feed line. The other thing is that none of the land based calculations work because water acts as a duct due to the layer of water vapor above the surface so you get much longer range over water if you launch into that layer than you would do over land. I had a discussion with Stan Honey on this and his concern is not long distance but rather can a boat talk to someone in the water with a HT. The simulations showed about 8% more range with the mast head antenna based on Stan's specs but this didn't answer the question about the person in the water with the HT.
  14. "Mast aided ground plane". That is exactly what I was talking about. See if they publish a polar pattern. My assumption is the radiation is two lobes almost straight up. Perfect for satellite communications or talking to the moon. Great swr and all that does not mean the energy goes toward the horizon. The mast is too long an element so you need to keep the rf off it.
  15. Link?