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  1. allene222

    How many lines are on your boat?

    Humm, never counted before: 1) tack line 2) foreguy 3) Topping lift 4) Jib Halyard 5) Main halyard 6) port wing halyard 7) starboard wing halyard 8) cunningham 9) Vang 10) Boom lift 11) Outhaul 12) small Jib inhauler 13, 14) small jib twings 15, 16) large jib twings 17, 18) small jib sheets 19, 20) large jib sheets 21,22) spinnaker sheets 23) mainsheet 24) traveler control line 25) MBO block 26) Lifesling line 27) anchor line You win.
  2. allene222

    No more "Members Only" at my Club.

    Our club is open to non members but they must be guests of a member. A walk in will be a guest of whoever is in the club at the time. They get signed in and get a name tag. There is a legal requirement that we cannot serve alcohol to people who are not members or guests of members and the authorities test it every so often so we are trained to be careful. That said, a non member can do anything and participate in anything that a member can. The exceptions I know of are that a non member must pay $100 to race for the season and non members cannot vote or be board members. Net is that people join just to support the club because it is such a great club. Allen
  3. Have you tried calling Raymarine? There is one guy there that knows the TackTick stuff. His name is Chris Champagne 603 324 7915 Allen
  4. allene222

    What cloth for a Code Zero Jib?

    I decided on a clew height of 5 feet above the desk which is about a foot lower than the sail I am replacing. Should work with the spinnaker sheets. A question has come up in the course of trying to make sure the measurements are good, particurally of the luff. I found something I was not expecting. I have a heavy 155 but it measures 150. And I find my 130 measures 125. The sailmaker says sails stretch about 3% over their life. This is a very important consideration for the leach but is it also for the LP? That might explain why my sails are short. This is a calculation given measurements of the triangle and not a measurement of LP. I am sure the LP is even less on a measurement as there is quite a bit of leach hollow on these sails. Someone must know about what common practice is and why Quantum would have made my sails about 3% short on LP.
  5. allene222

    Lightning protection or no?

    Saying "very thick" reminds me of saying ease the sheet a little instead of ease the sheet 2 inches. By very thick I believe it was like battery cable thick or a one inch braid. A #10 wire is not thick enough. But it has been many years since I read the articles I linked and like I said I don't worry about lightning so I leave it to the interested parties to follow up and accurately define "very thick". I did not extract these pictures from Forespar. I found the article years ago and assume Forespar found them from the same source as I did. Forespar is selling some shit and I was trying to get people to not bond their throuhull fittings. I was unaware of Forespars use of the pictures. Glad to hear that bonding through hulls died. I know a lot of people who have not gotten the message.
  6. allene222

    Lightning protection or no?

    I put together some links a few years ago. They are at As I recall, the recommended solution is a very thick wire from the mast to a metal plate on the outside of the hull. Whatever you do, don't bond the mast to your normal bonding system. The lightning can blow a through hull right out of the boat with this result. Living in California I don't much worry as we rank 51st in lightning strikes below all the other states and Washington DC. Sorry I did not read the entire thread so if this is redundant my apologies.
  7. allene222

    What cloth for a Code Zero Jib?

    My track is on the rail so the jib is outside the lifelines. Does that mean I shouldn't care how high? The lifelines goes to the deck at the bow so there is an opening and the jib does not have to go over the lifelines to clear it
  8. allene222

    What cloth for a Code Zero Jib?

    I have decided on Stormlite as the cloth. New information suggests it will make a stronger, lighter, more stuffable sail than the light Dacron when used in a triradial sail. It seems like the best compromise for my requirements. So that is it. I am now pondering clew height. There are some nice long threads on the subject on SA mostly saying make deck sweepers. But I am wondering if that convention wisdom applies to a light wind sail that will be used in average of 6 knots. I see pictures of code 0 sales that seem to have pretty high clews. It would be ideal to be able to use this sail from the Spinnaker sheets. It looks like that would put the clue up about 6 feet above the deck although I need to go to the boat to really see. It would also be nice to be able to see under it and to have it useful off the wind. But the main use will be upwind. Well it is not a Code Zero but rather a 155 upwind sail that is free flying but seems like there might be similar requirements. If anybody has some insight on this I'd love to hear it. Thanks, Allen
  9. allene222

    What cloth for a Code Zero Jib?

    I have considered that. I have a trisec masthead so there is a jib halyard and two wing halyards. The wing halyards can be used as a second jib halyard. I could use soft hanks and a dyneema fake forestay and I would never have to unhank, just treat it as a thing. Ideally one would put up the 90 before dropping this sail and we could always just drop the free sail if the wind came up. It really has not been a problem getting the sail up and down that I can remember except on a reach. It certainly was not in the one race where we used it this year but then again, there wasn't any wind. But like I said, ideally you don't want to sail without a jib which is why I have not followed through on this idea.
  10. allene222

    What cloth for a Code Zero Jib?

    I contacted the sailmaker that built the spinnaker shown on my profile photo. He advised me against any of the choices listed on my opening post. His advice is either DP CZ60 Silver or a light Dacron, 3.8 oz as he does not think the other cloths would be strong enough for the conditions which as you say can have sudden changes in wind strength. I looked at all the wind data from this season and there was one where there was an extended period of 5 knots followed almost instantly 15 knots. So to him the requirement of not being ripped to shreds in 15 knots upwind is a tough one. The sail I am replacing is a 150 free flying light Dacron so probably like his second choice. We have used it for about 10 years as a runner, reacher, and upwind in light air. The only really difficult trick was getting it down when it suddenly started blowing 15 or 20 knots on a reach. I would typically have to take it home to dry out. You are correct about the crew. The crew runs from young to old. Young means not quite yet on Medicare. This year we quit using this old sail downwind or reaching with the addition of the A3 as the sock and lack of the pole made a huge difference in ease of use. Unfortunately with the forestay right on the bow I just don't wee how I could add a furler without adding a bowsprit and that is a riddle I have not been able to solve. That said, I can see how that would make it easier to use. I was initially thinking of using it in a sock as that has been so successful with the A3. I am pretty confused at this point and not at all sure what I am going to do. My plan is to more carefully analyze the data from the past season and see if I can better define the problem. Perhaps then the solution will be more obvious.
  11. allene222

    What cloth for a Code Zero Jib?

    Talked to another sailmaker today who didn't think the spinnaker cloths would work in 10 knots. He favored a code zero laminate such as the one you linked. I might have to rethink the stuffing and just get something that can be bagged rather than furled. The other possibility he mentioned is to just get a light Dacron similar to the sail I am replacing.
  12. allene222

    What cloth for a Code Zero Jib?

    That is what I was thinking about the CZ but with the taffeta I wasn't sure. Thanks for the comment. I heard that about the luff tension from one of the sailmakers. I honestly don't understand. I normally keep 1200 pounds on my forestay. That is up from where I had it when the rig was wood. The wing halyards are designed for 1000 pounds so they can get pretty close to the tension that I have on the forestay. My thought is tension is tension so this should be fine considering the lighter winds. What am I missing?
  13. allene222

    What cloth for a Code Zero Jib?

    PHRF says nothing about a headsail having to be attached to the forestay. It says it must be tacked to the boat's centerline and there is a dimension difference but that is it. Interestingly, PHRF says a headsail has a midgirth less than 75% and my local NCPHRF says a headsail has a midgirth less than 50% so locally there are some sails that are neither spinnakers or headsails. But that is another story. I guess I should have been more clear that I will not be using a furler. The sail needs to be stuffed either in a turtle or a sock. I want a free flying upwind sail for winds below 10 knots but with the ability to survive 15 knots in case the wind picks up before we can take it down. I am interested if others have done this, what these listed cloths are like, and if they are suitable for the application. I get conflicting advice from different sailmakers.
  14. allene222

    What cloth for a Code Zero Jib?

    For lack of a better term I will call this sail a code-zero jib. It will be an upwind 155 jib but free flying off a wing halyard on my 36 foot boat. Our races are a tad over an hour long and this year typically we saw 30 knots at some point but might also see 6 knots or less on the same day. When the wind gets too light for the 90, I might hoist my 50 year old biradial 150 free flying jib (I removed all the hanks). It is a bit embarrassing using such an old sail plus it no longer has the best shape. That said, this sail has saved us big time on many occasions. I love using it but it is time to replace it with a newer sail. The question is what cloth to use for the replacement. The sailmaker I have been using left sailmaking for parts unknown so I am asking around. Before he left, he suggested I get a 3 ounce spinnaker cloth as I would either use a turtle or an ATN sock. That may rule out a laminates, not sure. One suggestion was ProLite but it is pretty expensive and the sailmaker I am talking to doesn't use it. The first set of quotes gave three options. 1) Contender Superkote SK250 -- Nylon 2) Contender Stromlite STL210 -- Polyester 3) Dimension-Polyant Code Zero White CZ60 -- Taffeta-film laminate w/polyester strings Comments, suggestions? Anyone familiar with any of these cloths? Allen
  15. allene222

    New Mainsail - what sailmaker What Type

    I am very happy with my new Flex-Ultra main. It is a cross cut material with spectra strings. Cheaper than any quote that had tri-radial. Nice cloth.