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  1. In Theory

    J120 Swim Ladder Source

    Try these guys, they have been great to deal with on some custom stuff and may have been the OEM supplier.
  2. In Theory

    Tuff Luff Luck (Installation)

    Put one on last weekend. As said, sunshine and soap the stay repeatedly as it goes up. Note that it is directional (top &bottom) and if it is a harken product do not apply anything to it like clubs or boeshield. Rig up is the way we always do them. Good luck!!!
  3. In Theory

    what was it?

    Nope, tucked back in its birthplace. Up on stands, warm and dry.....
  4. In Theory

    what was it?

    Bill, you shouldn’t assume. Bella is tucked away and ready for some TLC. I doubt you have seen the last of her... PS While that was an awful day I wouldn’t have it any other way. I learned so much because of it.
  5. In Theory

    Pretty floor options?

    I would be hesitant on the balsa idea due to rot. Inevitably the sole boards will see water migrating through to the core. These look to be fairly well supported panels (limited spans) wither the accept ion of the bilge board. If replacement of just the bilge board solves the issue, try for 1/2 & 1/4 sheets. If you want to go for a laminate I would look at foam core and glass, probably a layer or two of 1708 top and bottom with paint/skid to preference. Gucci for these goes to carbon and wood veneer. Regardless of what material level you decide on think about adding some uni fore/aft capped with a layer of woven on the backside of the bilge board. While the cost of the teak & holly sole is not small, it will be less than high quality custom composites. Maybe look at a thinner plywood with carbon uni on the bottom for the bilge board. Good luck.
  6. In Theory

    West System v. ProSet

    Agree with Vegas thoughts from a structure standpoint. My decision point is based on what the work is. If it is just some quick bonding/laminating West is usually very adequate. If I need longer working times (large laminations, few hands) or working with materials that are harder to wet out or overhead I will go to Proset. The ability to adjust working times and viscosity is what I consider.