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  1. Fuck yacht clubs, US sailings greatest failing is relying on clubs whose primary purpose is to please their membership to find olympic talent rather than set up a framework similar to every other sport. How many times have you heard "we don't want new members / we are at capacity" " I don't want all these damn kids around" "running sailing programs open to the public will ruin the club" "X class will never work here its not in our history". A clubs responsibility is to their members and the old fucks who decide on the asinine bureaucracy it's plainly obvious the vast majority don't use to implement any type of olympic style sailing. Even getting some clubs to run a modern style windward/leeward is a fucking challenge. Contrast this with college sailing whose organizational bodies are largely separate from yacht clubs and it becomes apparent that it is possible to set up a high intensity, high participation training framework for athletes in their prime, it just so happens to be focused on finding and producing the best FJ roll tackers instead of the best 49er/470/etc sailors. Theres something like 5000 college sailors, can we really not find a way to get 5-10% of them into a similar framework to college sailing but in olympic classes so they don't have to go to europe.
  2. Lake Shark

    US Sailing Olympic Submission for 2024

    so the team race team has to be made up of sailors in the other classes. I am going to assume the kites and KB sailors aren't going to be included in the TR selection so we have to pull 3 men and 3 women from the dinghy classes. So the idea of USS is to spend an entire quad training in your chosen class and all that entails, maintaining a boat in the US and Europe, doing the whole WS circuit and making it to the Olympics and then on the last two days get trotted out for some dog and pony show that the US thinks they have a high chance of winning because their sailors spent 8+ years doing this one specific type of sailing in high school and college. I like team racing but I don't think any other country is going to jump at that idea of having some 2 day event thrown together at the last minute in an entirely different boat that requires a skill set that is largely different from the one they spent the past quad training. If the US wants more medals they should be lobbying for some freestyle kiting type event. We do well in "extreme/action" sports. Also what sort of boat are they going to suggest? it can't be run in FJs/420s as that would be laughed out the room. Zim 15s? completely new class? AUS should lobby for mixed gender 18s, that requires teamwork, is an international class, can be run in light and heavy wind and makes for good TV.
  3. Lake Shark

    Youth evolution in sailing

    usually its the one doing the sucking that has to say daddy
  4. Lake Shark

    Closed Gate on race course

    short course with the start/finish line in the middle is torturous and takes away too many lanes, a long course with the start/finish in the middle isn't so bad
  5. Lake Shark

    Youth evolution in sailing

    The main gripes with college sailing should be that it is concentrated into two powerhouse regions with a speckling of good programs outside the NE. There is massive disparity between well funded varsity level programs and club teams that get a small stipend from the school and have to recruit kids that have never sailed before and teach them the basics on their own, this has gotten so lopsided that two regions may as well be dead. My personal gripe with this is the effect it has on the local youth sailing scene, where the focus on these scholastic boats becomes paramount to the point that all other aspects of racing dinghies is ignored. Yes the boat handling is great but you can only do so much with a 3:1 vang and a pinned rig on a 20 minute course. You can drop any youth sailor who has campaigned their own laser/29er/c420 on the national circuit into a scholastic/collegiete boat and they will be able to handle it, the opposite way is much harder in my experience. and since it is important to always say something nice. I do like the fact that it gets a lot of kids out on the water that otherwise would not have access.
  6. Lake Shark

    Square heads

    my understanding was that they needed to measure in under the mast tip but once rig tension got put on thing got a little creative
  7. Lake Shark

    Does your dinghy have a name?

    slow ass over priced piece of shit
  8. Lake Shark

    Future Olympic lightweight-female dinghy

    I don't think that would be much of an issue unless it was adopted as an institutional youth trainer as well. Plus most of the younger Team USA sailors are on college sailing teams now and campaign their boat in the off season
  9. Lake Shark

    opti's (sic) rule

    kids can't walk across the street without both parents and a nannies supervision you really think you could send preteens out in a boat unsupervised in 2018. Any youth sport with a large amount of participants is going to have some asshats in it just ignore and move on.
  10. Lake Shark

    How much does areo drag matter?

    There is a whole section about this in Higher Performance Sailing, IIRC 13 percent of the total drag comes from the rig although I don't have the book in front of me to check. That whole chapter in the book is really interesting and the tests from shroud size to getting the crew/skipper to trap on the same plane sheds light on things easy to overlook.
  11. Lake Shark

    Olympic Classes for Paris 2024

    a large portion of youth sailing is mixed gender whether it is scholastic sailing or olympic development classes. The only single gender event we have are junior womens events and boys/girls state otherwise it is all mixed. If anything this more closely resembles how the next generation of sailors currently race.
  12. Lake Shark

    Crossbow fl 2017

    why don't you just market it as a fast radio controlled boat instead of going bankrupt trying to make an overly complicated and prohibitively expensive full sized boat.
  13. Lake Shark

    Club 420 Sail Numbers

    there should be a c420 class sticker in the back of the boat somewhere, usually port side tank, with the number. it's not the serial number on the transom. You don't have to sail the boat with its assigned number though.
  14. Lake Shark

    Why don't more people race?

    too busy buying avocados and toast.
  15. Lake Shark

    THIEVES!!! junior Regatta night shoppers

    "I got the nanny to stop at the chandlery and bought it with my monthly allowance on the CC you gave me"