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  1. dasher12

    J/125 - A Real Unicorn

    ya no...
  2. Can someone link the dock video with MR commenting on this. I can't seem to find it.
  3. dasher12

    melges 24 keel movement

    Peter thanks for the response. If i want to move the verticals aft on the keel strut can i do this by just shaving the fwd edge of the holes on the verticals and filling the aft side of them? I only to move them like ~3-4mm. If so what can i use to fill the 3-4mm gap on the other side of the holes. Id prefer not to have to drill through the keel strut Hopefully I'm making sense and apologize I'm not well versed in this.
  4. dasher12

    melges 24 keel movement

    Yea the keel is strapped down tight. Its a fore aft movement of the top of the keel, can be seen with the deck plate off. the delrins were all new last year. Problem initially was very slight, but recently has gotten significantly worse - in light air and some slop you get a lot of keel knocking.
  5. dasher12

    melges 24 keel movement

    I know this was posted a year ago but i am currently having the same issue. I believe the vertical delrins need to be moved further aft on the keel by a couple mm to force the keel to fit tighter forward. I talked to someone who said that I could bore or file the fwd edge of the holes on the verticals and then use something to fill the gap on the other side of the holes. I never asked what i could use to fill the gap, it should only be a few mm gap. Is there some kind of epoxy that bonds to delrin or should I make a metal spacer or something. Anyone else have to do this?
  6. dasher12

    Another fatality for Clipper Around the World.

    Definitely not by doing that^^
  7. dasher12

    Ker 43 Ptarmigan

    Yea i am very curious as well.... any info???