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  1. The Zombie Fleet

    No, not enough water at my dock. $113 : Lewmar 35 3-speeds; Navtec airfoil rod rigging; 4 port hydraulic system.......the list goes on.
  2. Cold molded boats, how have they held up?

    Damn I wish I hadn't seen this. I resurrected her in the mid 90's. Won the Lake Champlain conference against a mob a J's. Sweet sailing boat that gave us a lot of good memories. 6th or 7th boat that Eric Geotz built.
  3. The Zombie Fleet

    This is a crime ! I resurrected her in the mid 90's and won the Lake Champlain Conference against a mob of J's. Sweet sailing boat; 6th or 7th boat that Geotz built.
  4. I hope they can salvage the boat. A look at the bolts would tell if they failed in sheer or bend/tension, and show if corrosion was a factor.
  5. Modified Dip Pole?

    What Tubby and others didn't emphasize when recommending end for end with doubles sheets and guys was the very significant increase in ease and safety that comes from jibing an unloaded pole. With today's high tech lines there's not a big clew weight penalty. You could be really nice to your crew and get a carbon pole (although really the jibe man isn't carrying the pole. just directing it while unloaded with it's weight on the pole hoist).
  6. Older well known IOR Boats

    Bootlegger was quick. SORC in 75 was preceeded by a 1-ton match racing series. I remember Dick Deaver was sailing her. I was on Crocodile (Carter) and we got to race against Conner, Hood, Deaver, Barton, Irwin (Voodoo:a triple dagger boarder) and others. It was a tough class that year.
  7. Long/Short lived sailboat models?

    Truly planning keelboats? Before there were Sports Boats? How do you spell 110 ? 1938?
  8. Biggest risk of doing so is restricting the flow in the slot. Play with the barber haulers while cross-checking boat-speed. Also Jetfuel above ++; asym or sym.
  9. Dick Carter design boats

    AKA Carter 36, AKA Texas 1-Tonner. Sorc in 75, but the photo is from next year's Edgarton Race Week.
  10. Rocket 22

    I'm the one on the left, holding the bigger part of the rudder ... wait does that mean I should have made a wish?? FB- Doug Wow! If they did that making a wish, then it was a very week rudder, or they are much tougher on land then they are on the race course Come out and see.
  11. Rocket 22

    Makes steering hard..........nuff said.
  12. Rocket 22

    It is not surprising that the break occurred exactly along the lower edge of the cassette. Being a fulcrum at the short end of a lever creates quite a stress riser, and might argue for beefier construction tapered around that point. I was steering in that race and there was nothing that led me to expect a rudder failure. I've been doing this stuff for a lot of years and I know stuff happens, but I do think the rigid cassette creates a stress point that is easy to under-estimate.
  13. Dick Carter design boats

    Interesting to see a picture of John in his younger days. In 1975 a group of us raced the SORC with his 36' 1-Tonner, Crocodile. Won the opener. Jay Mosher at the helm in this shot.
  14. Gary W Mull

    In 72 when I got off the return plane at Norton from a flight tour in country, a friend picked me up and we drove to San Diego where I put a deposit on a Ranger 23 . Then went and slept for 14 hours. Have since owned a 26 a 28 and of course a bunch of other boats. What is puzzling me about this thread is no mention of La Forza, which always put me in a state of awe.
  15. Dick Carter design boats

    Looks like missing 10/15 further cm No, Unlikely to be David Bongers. The guy in the hatch is way too well dressed to be Bongers. The hair is not wild enough to be Bongers either. I clearly remember the first and only time I sailed with him. He came onboard carrying nothing but a banana. Regards, Multisail. I think it's Chris Seaver, but I could be wrong.