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  1. Sydney to Gold Coast 2017

    Shit just got real. BJ has her prick ahead. 75nm to go.
  2. Cats are finished

    Yah! Let's go back 50 years 'cause a bunch of old timers are afraid of progress. When I was a boy ...
  3. 2017 Garda Moth worlds

    Burton is another who could surprise a few and should be good for a top 10. He's been putting in some solid hours on Lake Macquarie over the last 12 months or so.
  4. Considering NZ is the biggest beneficiary of having the boats built remotely, Constructed in Country isn't an option. What would Core Composites do with their $17m grant from the NZ Government?
  5. Best Helmsman in AC35 so far

    Slingers would also be a very good investment for a new syndicate.
  6. The Presser

    I'm not talking about direct collaboration and data sharing agreements. I'd rather see an outright ban there. Its the indirect and observational stuff that could assist the newcomers. Hence the locational aspect if my comment. It wasn't my main point though; BAR lacked the apparent wind and foiling skills to go any further.
  7. The Presser

    I get what you are saying, but it is one way to reduce the development curve of new teams to bring them up to a more competitive position. If we want the number of challengers to grow and for some more competition at the pointy end, some incidental collaboration is one way to help the newer teams pick their game up. Even if it is at the cost of some tradition. ETNZ have an outstanding program with the right mix of people involved. Staying in Auckland and playing amongst themselves works well for them, but I don't think it's the best solution for newer teams.
  8. The Presser

    Ben does make a good point, but let's be honest. They are well funded, and they have some great sailors in the team, but not necessarily the type of sailors required to get the best out of these boats, especially straight up boat speed. Guys like Burling and Outteridge are a class above when it comes to high performance boat handling. Ever seen how these two get the absolute maximum out of development classes like in the A Class and Moths? It's freakin' scary (and frustrating) to come around the top mark within reach of these guys, only for them the practically do a horizon job on the whole fleet. These are the type of guys you need steering these things. Secondly, I think as a new team, you should co-locate as much as possible with the other teams. The learning curve is incredibly steep; just being in the same area as other teams will give you a slight advantage. Even if its just a BBQ or a few beers with sailors / engineers from other teams, you are in an environment more inducive of learning, then being stuck on the other side in freezing pommie land. Plus they needed more aussies' on the team.
  9. Best Helmsman in AC35 so far

    Burling average on foils? Maybe go look at same past a class and moth worlds results and videos.
  10. Artemis?

    Err, no. No we don't.
  11. Artemis?

    It's just plain unstrayan to support the kiwis'. Ever. Plus nath, goobs, and a crap load of other aussies in the program.
  12. Artemis?

    You are kidding, aren't you? You can't have been watching the same videos as I have, or else you are simply ignoring facts. While there is still a month to go before racing begins, it is clear there is one team currently ahead of the others but if it makes you feel better to ignore that, why should I burst your bubble . And which team do you think that is? Oracle Racing presumably. They have talent and a massive organisation behind them and they've dealt themselves all the best cards. Best challenger at this point in time? The evidence points to Artemis but all Antipodean hearts and minds are backing Aotearoa. Depends on what side of the ditch you are on ... most Aussies would be backing AR over NZ.
  13. mystery main

    So Ed bought a new boat eh.
  14. I used Zezo in the Clipper Races, but I haven't used any routing software in this Vendee, seat of the pants only. Also I haven't lost any sleep at all over this race, I've never left my bed to change course or check anything in the middle of the night. I'm sure that has cost me quite a lot of places, but that's the way I would prefer to play it. +1 No options or external routing / weather info for me either. Last time I went the whole hog; custom scripts, Zezo, very little sleep (especially in the last week) ... it got old very quickly.