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  1. fwoark

    what is it?

    Still looks like a shit render.
  2. fwoark

    Fast "safe" boat....

    As Doug said ... Tits or fuck off.
  3. fwoark


    Err, no. No we don't.
  4. fwoark


    It's just plain unstrayan to support the kiwis'. Ever. Plus nath, goobs, and a crap load of other aussies in the program.
  5. fwoark


    You are kidding, aren't you? You can't have been watching the same videos as I have, or else you are simply ignoring facts. While there is still a month to go before racing begins, it is clear there is one team currently ahead of the others but if it makes you feel better to ignore that, why should I burst your bubble . And which team do you think that is? Oracle Racing presumably. They have talent and a massive organisation behind them and they've dealt themselves all the best cards. Best challenger at this point in time? The evidence points to Artemis but all Antipodean hearts and minds are backing Aotearoa. Depends on what side of the ditch you are on ... most Aussies would be backing AR over NZ.
  6. fwoark

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Unfortunately there won't be much investment in multis' on the hope that they will eventually be included. Over time, these pesky baby boomers blocking the way will fall off the perch permitting some more progressive people to take ownership of the race. Until then ... well, there's always rum.
  7. Nope, gone to Adelaide, where all once- good boats go to die. Huh, I thought they went to delaminate on a beach somewhere in Queensland ...
  8. fwoark

    Sydney to Hobart 2016

    CQS seams to cap out around the 17 - 18kts mark ...
  9. fwoark

    Sydney to Hobart 2016

    Seriously, the best journo in sailing. Thank you! That has made my day x thank you SO! For those who want to watch 30+ interviews (I have now counted) in my live show yesterday (that like a good RSHYR transition was just a little later than expected!!) check it here! Want the list??? (Please note not completely in order) John Bacon - Charlotte (Bene 80) - the luxury end of Hobart Adrienne Cahalan - Ragamuffin TP52 (first female to 25 Hobarts) Phil Eadie - Sonic TP52 – first Korean entry Shev Bruland - female owner of Mills 45 Concubine that broke her mast a few weeks ago and the story of not making it to the start line. Ludde Ingvall & Sir Robert Hinze - CQS including a boat tour Mark Richards - Wild Oats XI Anthony Bell - Perpetual Loyal David Witt – Scallywag Alexander - a russian sailor who thinks girls shouldn't sail....??! Mahlagai Ale, a hot Italian chick from Flying Fish Arctos Jo Breen & Svetlana - first all girl team to take on the Melbourne to Osaka Charles Caudrellier & Bin Wang – UBOX Derek and Marty Shepperton - Black Sheep Paul Clitheroe - Balance - last year's Tatterall's winner Andrew Saies and Patrick Robson - Too True (winners of Tattersall's in 2009) – 40.7 Robbo Robberson - Bravo (back at 77 years of age in a 40.7) Brad Kellett (25) - Perpetual Loyal - boat tour & big chat about the mods James Delegat - first RSHYR on Giacomo V70 (owner’s son so knows the boat inside out) Matt Allen - Ichi Ban PLUS.... The navigator from Beau Geste Botin 80right after the weather briefing to chat about the race Shane Kearns with me live, to chat about how he is winning the watch this year, and Hicko - SNS34 Matsumo Azzuro. A flashback: Roger Hickman - remembering Hicko as he passed on earlier this year (winner in 2014) Twirler, Jase Rowed and Kirby from Patrice, who have now sadly retired.... Denis Thompson - the PRO The "Chappos" - Dave Chapman and his dad, the "Commodore" of the Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron, who have both had their share of Hobarts. Stace Jackson - boat captain and crew boss of Alive RP66 (Team SCA and Alpha Romeo in her past) Mark Bradford - Black Jack V70 Silas Nolan - Chinese Whisper Vasco - Varuna VI, includes a boat tour and racing footage. I think that makes about 30 in three hours???! My commentary from the start (radio only as I was warned not to stream on Facebook or be sued), with guest commentator THE Bob Fisher here. Seriously I think it was the best commentary I have personally done - helped by Bob, adrenalin, and amazing team of sponsors and a start that was full of action! Heading to the airport now! Bring on Hobart! (PS Wild Oats XI heading north right now??!) Thanks Nic!
  10. Buckle Up aka Flashback.
  11. Styx! Use to sit off the end of Coal Point from memory. She was the gun boat on the lake until Let's Go came along.
  12. fwoark

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Observation from the sidelines: Little Nico is a fucking weapon.
  13. fwoark


    Just the minimum length required.