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  1. fwoark

    Fast "safe" boat....

    As Doug said ... Tits or fuck off.
  2. fwoark

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Unfortunately there won't be much investment in multis' on the hope that they will eventually be included. Over time, these pesky baby boomers blocking the way will fall off the perch permitting some more progressive people to take ownership of the race. Until then ... well, there's always rum.
  3. Nope, gone to Adelaide, where all once- good boats go to die. Huh, I thought they went to delaminate on a beach somewhere in Queensland ...
  4. Buckle Up aka Flashback.
  5. Styx! Use to sit off the end of Coal Point from memory. She was the gun boat on the lake until Let's Go came along.
  6. fwoark

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Observation from the sidelines: Little Nico is a fucking weapon.
  7. fwoark

    New imoca boats

    *cancels order on new boat* Might be worth seeing where this ends up.
  8. fwoark

    rs aero

    I'm keen. Any more info?