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  1. Black Dog

    Garmin or Raymarine interface with Volvo Penta

    You got me thinking about that extra sensor and why they added it.
  2. Black Dog

    Garmin or Raymarine interface with Volvo Penta

    Interesting. I have a D2-40 with a temperature gauge that is plugged in the back of EVC tachometer but only one temp sensor on the engine that has only 1 terminal on it. I am thinking this must be an alarm/no alarm output sensor. It is the only temp sensor on the engine. Some newer schematics show an additional thermal sensor with 2 terminals the right below the single terminal temp sensor, but mine has a factory plug in this hole. There is no additional wiring I can see for it. I am wondering where my temp gauge is getting its temp info from. Any Ideas?
  3. Black Dog

    Trucking a 40.7

    Here you go. You can truck it anywhere.
  4. Black Dog

    Trucking a 40.7

    I would think Farr should know their stuff but find it hard to believe that a 40.7 is 2 feet taller than a J120 or J122. As I said before I have moved both Jboats very successfully over the road many times without stripping anything off but the wheel. Both had deep keels. Have you talked to any trucking companies? Call Brownell Sytems in Mattapoisett Ma and see if they have ever moved a 40.7. BTW, have you looked at any J-120's? For a little more money you get a boat that is way more fun.
  5. Black Dog

    Trucking a 40.7

    I have a J-122 40' with a 7'-2" keel. They move it using a hydraulic trailer which put the keel about 4" off the ground held by a large strap. I don't take anything off and it fits under the 13'6' bridge requirement. No need for an escort in my state, just wide load signs on the trailer and truck. Pretty reasonable in price also. I have done it with a J120 deep keel also, no issues.
  6. Black Dog

    Dodger Fitting

    Since you guys found the Italian made stanchion base qucickly for me last time. I have another. Looking for a Dodger fitting for a french built J-boat. Here is a pic. Thanks
  7. Black Dog

    Significant Other Participation

    My wife drives all the races. BTW my usual jib trimmer and bow are women. My jib trimmers husband does not sail, neither does my bowgirl's boyfriend.
  8. Black Dog

    Stanchion Base

    Perfect. Thanks!
  9. Black Dog

    Stanchion Base

    For a 122. I doubt it a custom part.
  10. Black Dog

    Stanchion Base

    Anybody know the source for this stanchion base for a french built J-Boat? The stud base snapped off. I tried J-Boats but not have heard back from them.
  11. Black Dog

    J-120 Or X-119?

    See my post in the other j-120 thread about other 120 issues. I owned on for 10 years and did have any core issues. Did not really hear of that problem with the 120. Gelcoat crazing was definitely a problem around the 2001 model years. It was somewhat of an industry wide problem including powerboats.
  12. Black Dog

    J/120 plumbing

    Look on the Jboats owners site. There may be one there.
  13. I owned one for 10 years. What hull numbers are you looking at? Hulls 1 thru 24 keel sumps were not SCRIMPED in and were targeted for a factory refit. You need to check to see if this had been done. Check the rudder bearings as the early ones had Harken which were prone to failure and the rudder falling out. Replace with the PYI ones. Make sure the rudder has a safety pin installed as at least one fell out and the boat sank. ( I believe the boat was on Lake Pontchartrain). The boat was dried out and was on the market a few years ago. Not sure what hull no it was. The sea water strainer vent loop was placed on top of the engine and leaked seawater onto the motor making the motors looking rusty. I moved mine and my motor looked good. The TPI boats were of average build quality. I liked mine and it is a great sailing boat.
  14. Black Dog

    J/99 vs. J/111 for DH racing

    Congrats, the 111 is a nice ride. I was just trying to set the record straight for others who are looking to compare the two. Comparing a 120 to a 122 is like trying to compare a 109 to your 111.
  15. Black Dog

    J/99 vs. J/111 for DH racing

    Nothing could be further from the truth. I have owed and raced both. 2 totally very different boats. Each has its own strengths and weakness.