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  1. corkob

    Friday Night Massacre

    A lot of modern day Americans forget that everything that made the US the powerhouse it is today, derived from the immigrants from Europe who brought the education ingenuity and knowledge and they civilized the Americas. Europe has had its dictators that have come and gone and this has been at great cost.
  2. corkob

    Friday Night Massacre

    Do Trump’s base actually want a dictator? If this type of behavior is tolerated, the US is going down a slippery slope. If Trump is re-elected he will seek to remove the two term rule or at the very least install his offspring in his place. The US is no longer the leader of the free world. It is sliding into autocracy. Trump can’t help himself, he’s unstable. It’s the Republicans who are enabling him that have to answer for this. The American people will have to intervene to put a stop to this madness before all is lost and this becomes the norm. For fuck sake, wake up and read the history books.
  3. QEII thinks Trump is an abomination. Because of her apolitical position she cannot express it. Must be difficult at her age to bite her lip and keep smiling in his presence, while he exploits the opportunity for a photoshoot.
  4. corkob

    Damn He's Ripped & Fit

    A Cleveland Steamer would look well on his presidential chest...., preferable with Hillary doing the honors...
  5. corkob

    Deutsche Bank

    Maybe the co-signing, guarantees from Oligarchs are fake news!
  6. corkob

    Deutsche Bank

    Co-signing or guaranteeing a loan means that the borrower is being underwritten. Why would somebody do this unless they are garnering some benefit. Oligarchs and billionaires aren’t particularly known for benevolence...
  7. corkob

    Trumps relationship With Kim Jong Un

    KJU is on record saying that your president is “a mentally deranged US dotard”. KYU might be a psychopath, but at least he is a good judge of character. Please feel free to correct.
  8. corkob

    Trumps relationship With Kim Jong Un

    Who swallows this BS. It was sickening to see the sycophants applauding this transparent crap.
  9. Trump’s statement in the SOTU -“if I had not been elected president, in my opinion we would now be in a major war with a North Korea” ...”my relationship with Kim Jong Un is a good one...” Hopefully at the next meeting in Vietnam (if the President can make it there given his bone spurs) Chairman Kim Will keep the anti-aircraft guns that he reserves for his detractors uncocked.
  10. You would need to be very naive to believe that this AIS was not transmitting because it was damaged. It was turned off.
  11. It’s clear he didn’t know the rule. He said that it was not compulsory to have the AIS switched on. Put his foot right in it.
  12. I would be surprised at disqualification. I would expect a time penalty sufficient to cost them line honors.
  13. It never ceases to amaze me how these protests, in a competition where sportsmanship is so important, result in lies being spouted like there is no tomorrow. I have witnessed protests where it is difficult to tell if the opposing parties were even in the same race not to mind involved in the same incident such is the propensity to generate porkies.
  14. I disagree that this is a debacle. The rules are clear, and they have clearly been broken. Only the penalty is in question. If they are not flicked a position I would be surprised.