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  1. ReeeboooK

    What's your boat beer?

    Best beer ever, too bad it is hard find on this side of the pond in North America
  2. sad news
  3. ReeeboooK

    Round the County

    almost sold out and I know 3 boas that are still thinking about it, Unbelievable JBoats turnout, 28 out of 100 gonna be epic
  4. ReeeboooK

    Round the County

    85 boats registered after 24hrs WOW looks like J109s are gonna have their own div, 4 registered and I know 2-3 more will sign up
  5. ReeeboooK

    R2AK 2016

    My thoughts exactly, i was hoping for better standing, might also the design, probably better off wind or reach, not much upwind machine
  6. ReeeboooK

    R2AK 2016

    how about runing this race from ketchikan to port townsend? mostly downwind, record breaking, or just oscillating every other year up/down as other races in PNW. could be fun....what do you say Raceboss?
  7. ReeeboooK

    R2AK 2016

    soon we will have 7 boats fighting for the steak knives, isn't there only 1 set of 6 knives? though to split between 7 will be close finish
  8. ReeeboooK

    R2AK 2016

    Well done MAD Dogs !!!!!! Will this finish time last more then next race???? We shall see next year. R2AK rules!!!!, bringing down tracker, SA servers, ketchikan cameras, .....even brexit wasnt that bad LOL (too early? ) now who will get the steak knives and how would they split them ?
  9. ReeeboooK

    R2AK 2016

    Thats what i said last year
  10. ReeeboooK

    R2AK 2016

    yup they got flushed out
  11. ReeeboooK

    R2AK 2016

    good wind forecast for the rest of the night in straight of Georgia ....calling for 15knts.....Mad Dog will eat miles fast