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  1. Officebob

    NER Flight line for a Furler

    Anybody use NER Flight line for a Furler line? Cheers Bob
  2. Officebob

    Evans 16

    Hi Doug Good eye. Mine had a canvas flap like you say and no bulkhead. The PO stiffened up the gunals and companionway from underneath using epoxied wood. The cabin was deceivingly large...more room than the Oday. A guy and his 18 year old girl friend could slip up forward and camp their brains out ! The 2nd best part was the tall mast and 165 sq ft of sail made her lively....! Anyhoo I want try to bag one that might be lying around collecting flowers in Ontario/Quebec. Great boat and great memories! Bob
  3. Officebob

    Evans 16

    Anybody in Lake Ontario ever sail an Evans 16? Daysailer Whitby Boats of Canada I think. Fleet was in Toronto maybe? Tall mast. Cheers Bob
  4. Officebob

    jack the dull knife

    HI kurthoehne My Hull # is 1. I've been told 1 to 3! I think there are two and the other is in Salem MA. I am stepping up from a C&C 27 MKIII. This boat sails easy and loves a reach. Will send some pics after I get back from 3 week race/cruise. Cheers Bob P.S. She has really neat pipe births up forward. Bruckmann stick built. Easy to work on.
  5. Officebob

    jack the dull knife

    True North ? <-----not 100% sure. Glory Bea III (Chicago Mac 1971) <-----100% sure. Caliente <------present handle. Died and went to Heaven <--------side effects of ownership of this Canuck masterpiece!
  6. Officebob

    jack the dull knife

    Here's my Ole Girl. She's 1970. Cheers Bob