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  1. Officebob

    NER Flight line for a Furler

    Anybody use NER Flight line for a Furler line? Cheers Bob
  2. Officebob

    Evans 16

    Hi Doug Good eye. Mine had a canvas flap like you say and no bulkhead. The PO stiffened up the gunals and companionway from underneath using epoxied wood. The cabin was deceivingly large...more room than the Oday. A guy and his 18 year old girl friend could slip up forward and camp their brains out ! The 2nd best part was the tall mast and 165 sq ft of sail made her lively....! Anyhoo I want try to bag one that might be lying around collecting flowers in Ontario/Quebec. Great boat and great memories! Bob
  3. Officebob

    Evans 16

    Anybody in Lake Ontario ever sail an Evans 16? Daysailer Whitby Boats of Canada I think. Fleet was in Toronto maybe? Tall mast. Cheers Bob
  4. Officebob

    jack the dull knife

    HI kurthoehne My Hull # is 1. I've been told 1 to 3! I think there are two and the other is in Salem MA. I am stepping up from a C&C 27 MKIII. This boat sails easy and loves a reach. Will send some pics after I get back from 3 week race/cruise. Cheers Bob P.S. She has really neat pipe births up forward. Bruckmann stick built. Easy to work on.
  5. Officebob

    jack the dull knife

    True North ? <-----not 100% sure. Glory Bea III (Chicago Mac 1971) <-----100% sure. Caliente <------present handle. Died and went to Heaven <--------side effects of ownership of this Canuck masterpiece!
  6. Officebob

    jack the dull knife

    Here's my Ole Girl. She's 1970. Cheers Bob
  7. Officebob

    Stick Built versus Pan Built

    Just reading about C&C sailboats coming out of the R&D Bruckmann Shop in Oakville Ont Canada back in the early 70's. The boats were described as "stick-built" instead of "pan". Does "stick-built" mean a grid of stringers and cross members in the bilge made with fiberglass encapsulated wood? If so, wouldn't pan built be more resistant to rot? Also, would the "Stick-builts" be prone to being too brittle in a hard knock situation i.e no flex ? Much Obliged. Bob
  8. Mariner Furler......I have two of them..Heavy Duty. Ubi has new web page..nice. Bob
  9. Officebob

    Caprice 15 (Canadian Sailcraft)

    Better "hook on" and grab your pal Richard Simmons..get outta dodge before Harvey gets ya....I'll be out dukin sails on my Laser..another great "unsung" Canadian invention. FU
  10. Anybody know about these gems? C&C designed but CS built back in the 60's. Sometimes they are confused with the Catalina Capri by nomenclature ....! Wonder how they sail compared to an Albacore? Cheers Bob
  11. Has anybody adapted a Lateen sail to a Walker Bay? Like the rig from a Sunfish? Also wondering if any Newsgroups exist for the WB. I can't seem to find any. Cheers Bob