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  1. Bfloyd....you always make me giggle
  2. Bfloyd....I believe this "park" is known colloquially just as "the lawn dart"
  3. they were next door to a tier one hospital. this is now a criminal investigation. Question is - were they not monitored or - was 911 called and there was slow to no response. with proximity to hospital why did staff not respond more quickly....turns out this only came to light when a doctor came to examine a heart patient...
  4. Champ: Many to choose from but let's say the United States CG for their amazing work in Florida.... Chump: That's an easy one.... the new grifters du jour...the crew of the SV Mischief who had the GROSS audacity to ask GoFunddMe for a new boat ($50K) before the winds had even died down on the decimated island of St Maarten. (they sailed to the island to boost their sagging youtube clhannel with disaster porn)
  5. Occam's Razor.....YUP!
  6. I'd try to talk you down....but they all jump.
  7. ...from Fiji shark dive . com "On The Shark Dive you will be able to experience the breathtaking sight of up to eight species of Sharks: Blacktip Reef Sharks, Whitetip Reef Sharks, Grey Reef Sharks, Silvertip Sharks, Tawny Nurse Sharks, Sicklefin Lemon Sharks, Bull Sharks and the occasional Tiger Shark." Note.....3 of the species have the word "reef" in their name..... and I'm thinking the others aren't too picky about geography.
  8. its that fine line between brilliant and stupid
  9. ...he is wearing socks with his sandals .....are you sure that's not a leather skinned french Canadian
  10. .........cue the leather skinned Floridian with a metal detector
  11. and what dockside amenities do you think will welcome those tourists?... restaurants catering to Brits that want fish and chips...nope kitsch tourist stands selling crap...nope I've been in Road Town when a cruise ship came in...the tourists just wander around...buying bikinis...eating fish and chip...and generally just enjoying the beautiful scenery. Well it's going to be a long time before Road Town looks welcoming from the lido deck. I imagine for the next 5 years the response from your typical cruise shipper type person will be " ewww looks gross...I'm going to the buffet" ...cruise ships only go where the clients want to go....as much as the BVI government wants the ships back......clients don't want to go to a disaster zone. ....as for charter boats..... without all the iconic BVI stops (which have been wiped out)...why go? I can sail clockwise around an island anywhere... (or turn left turn left if you are into that)... this is going to take a long time... keeping in mind rebuilding the infrastructure for the locals is the only priority right now from the government standpoint.
  12. i've seen the picture broke at the top..i think about half way down the long horizontal arm (also called the jib btw) the cranes are allowed to spin in high winds....so none of the turntables are locked...this so as the wind veers they dont present a huge cross section.... The broken piece fell onto a lower building....not much lower... and is draped over the side. edit found a pic (this looks worse than what I first saw...must be developing still)
  13. thread drift.. btw... for those that love anagrams as much as I do (all 3 of us world wide Im guessing) i thought it fun that the SV Mischief...crewed by the 2 youtube hucksters and gofundme failures...is currently either resting on the bottom or is on land - in some form - being eaten by rodents....has this anagram anagram for Mischief... FISH MICE
  14. Is Rimas'; Rescue just an anagram for Irma's Rescue...a clue to what is really of importance... (that was being on my high horse font)
  15. that windy.com product does show a bit of a move from say 355deg to 360....