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  1. Ricwoz, if you want to get a beer and discuss sailing in general let me know. I am on Ridgefield WA. On my way to the F18 Nats in Long Beach, then back down to the A Cat Nats in San Diego, then to the F16 Nats in Clearwater Fl. Ken
  2. Affordable American Made Catmarans

    I know Schooner Creek Boat Works in Portland Oregon built one for off the beach in Honolulu. Holokai Catamaran.
  3. Finally...

    Hey, is that Waren sailing with you? (A Cat sailor). And can you please shorten or double the strap to the main blocks. You are going block to block MUCH to easy.
  4. New use for Old Nacra 17s

    From the Goodall website: "The most exciting feature is all hulls will be manufactured with concessions built in to allow for an easy upgrade to the Flying Viper (more information on this to come in early 2017)."
  5. New Nacra 15

    Problem with the 15 is it is a youth boat and there is no active racing. Not much local handycap racing close to you. Best bet is F18, F16 (can race with F18) A Cat or the usual Hobie boats. Check out the youth event in Clearwater in October if you want to race one. Boats supplied! Used 16 would be a better singlehanded fit for you, or used A Cat. Most people do not spend that kind of money for a boat they can not race.
  6. New Nacra 15

    New foiler F1 around 35K delivered. Explorder for around 8K less. Used DNA floater for around 13K. Several boats listed at the US A Cat website, including 1 year old Exploders. Couple floaters (curved and stright bords) local to you. (I may be returning to the NW for a short while and could bring back a boat from Nats) Another consideration would be a F16 singlehanded. National singlehanded champ is here inthe NW (I came in 2nd). The club is locked most of the time. Call if you want information. 5zero3 807-626four. Ken
  7. New Nacra 15

    Ricwoz, There are 4 at Vancouver Lake Sailing Club, another in Eugene, three up in Seattle, and a foiling DNA in Bend. There are currently 2 for sale in the area. My boat is currently in Newport RI waiting for the Nationals next week. If you like we can chat about these and other options. Lots of misconceptions about high performance boats. Ken Marshack.
  8. Nacra 20 or Phantom Foiler?

    Not sure how it would handle big wind and waves, but for ease of foiling have you looked at the Whisper? http://www.whiteformula.com/WhiteFormula_UK/Whisper.html