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  1. geppeto

    ......another ferro-cement boat thread

    Dirty Oar , you asked about the acoustics in a ferro boat. I have done Qcean passages in Steel, alloy, wood and composite boats and ferro is the best insulated by far. It did not stop us turning the boat speakers against the hull and playing Pink Floyds 'Echoes' whenever any dolphins or whales came along! As to Ferro owners music, when we left NZ in 76 I had very long hair and a 8 yr old full beard and was into Led Zep, Bowie and the aforementioned Pink Floyd. Reaching England I ended up meeting a young punkette and ended up going backstage for all the punk acts of the late 70s including The Clash, Souxsie and the Banshees, Stiff Little Fingers, Etc. The head was shaved, the beard looked naff so it went too. So, Ferro boats can change your music tastes, appearance and your environmental sensitivities.
  2. geppeto

    ......another ferro-cement boat thread

    Ok, I am going to enter this thread, probably to my regret. Back in the 70s when ferro was all the rage in NZ supposedly because it was cheap and easy, a couple of my friends decided to build a 50' ferro boat along with hundreds of other people in NZ at the time. I was building surf boards at the time and decided to join them. We started out thinking it would take 18 months part time and about $12000NZ. 3 1/2 yrs later and $30,000 we launched the boat. We went with ferro because none of us were boatbuilders at the time and we did not think we had the skill to build in wood. We did end up with solid mahogany cabinsides and pretty nice kauri interior. I spent 6 months fairing the outsides and the hull was painted dark green. Ferro was such a rage at the time that the guys who plastered the hull had done 80 boats.The fallacy was of course that if we had built in wood it would have cost about $3000 more and the boat would have been worth double when we sold it. However, we finished the boat and about 5 years after we started we set off. I left NZ with $60 my mother lent me and did not come back for 5 yrs. We circumnavigated, our biggest achievement being the same four people who left NZ arrived back together (just! we had 2 women on board who did not speak to each other for 3 mths crossing the Atlantic}. We of course used celestial navigation, had no radar or SSB. The boat was slow and did not go to windward very well, but was comfortable in the worst of conditions. When we arrived in England there was still dust in the bilges. On getting back to NZ we put the boat up for sale and sold it for $80,000. After sailing across the Pacific on a friends boat straight away and living up large, my share was still big enough to buy some land where I live now. I ended up building composite boats and have done 7 Americas Cups and a Volvo in the Shore crew. Interestingly, Cookson Boats started off building Ferro boats too. Would I buy a ferro boat now. No