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  1. I'm excited to announce that the 2019-2020 South Australian Nacra Nationals are at my club, Meningie Sailing Club, situated on the Southern end of Lake Albert, near the end of the Murray river. This lake is freshwater, 169 square kilometres and currently has a depth between 1.9 metres and 2.3 metre. To enable the Far North Qld and WA sailors to be home on Christmas Day, the National Association has set the start day for measurement and the first race as Monday 30th of December with the last race on Saturday the 4th of January. There won't be an invitation race but we will have a rescue boat available on Sunday 29th December for boats that want to get out and practice. It is recommended to book your accomodation as soon as possible, for any more info you can PM me or post questions, whohoooooo
  2. madboutcats

    American Is Killed by Bow and Arrow on Remote Indian Island

    Why what are you going to do, send in the army, tie them up, drag them off the island, take the children put them in proper schools and clothes, take them to hospital when they get crook from the common cold. They're living the dream on a tropical island with enough food to support them, however on the plus side once they are civilised and earn enough money working all week in an office, they could return in old age, build a shack on the island and do a bit of fishing
  3. madboutcats

    New Nacra 15

    A good mate of mines daughter had one of the Auckland boats as a youth, now she is too old for youth they got almost all their money back when they sold the 15 to another youth family and she came 5th at the 2018 Archipeligo Raid with the same youth crew on a leased C2. I raced against a father and young son on a Nacra 15 at Mission Beach regatta and they had a great time together, when the current lot of floaters are superseded and the price drops a bit there will be a solid market from old codgers like me to use as their single handed boats
  4. madboutcats

    New Nacra 15

    Just some kids doing 20kts on a cat
  5. madboutcats

    Goolwa to Meningie distance race 2018

    Notice of race Notice of Race.pdf
  6. madboutcats

    Goolwa to Meningie distance race 2018

    There is an awesome meal served at the Meningie Sailing Club on Saturday night if you'd like to stay for presentation and a few drinks as well. We will be reading out all competors place gettings after presentation. There is also a great meal available at the very hospitable GRYC on Friday night before the race and Twilight sailing as well for those that are arriving early.
  7. madboutcats

    Goolwa to Meningie distance race 2018

    Should read across the top of lake Alexandrina as the first lake out of Goolwa
  8. The longest off the beach distance race and last true adventure race you can do in Aus is on Saturday the 17th of November 2018. This race starts at the new location of Goolwa Regatta Yacht Club (GRYC) South Aus, with trailer sailer monos, off the beach monos, Farrier Tri's, big Cats, starting between 8am to 10pm followed by Off the beach cats at 11am. From GRYC boats race up the last leg of the Murray River, across the top of Lake Albert ( normally where the most epic tales are born ), on to the creek called the Narrows, down this creek into Lake Albert and across Lake Albert to Meningie. The course is about 70km, sometimes this race starts at a blistering pace and ends even bigger, other times it starts heartbreakingly light to then hit mid 20kts across Lake Albert. Just competing in this race is awesome, we have a hot fleet coming together again this year and it has been won by all sorts of cats in the last 50 years, so far we have entered, a Marstrom 20, Tornado's, F18's, Nacra's, Taipans and A classes. It's a cheap race to enter, the logistics of getting back to your car and trailer in this passage race are typically inconvenient but if you book early the club can help with your logistics. Minimum size boat is 4.2 metres, off the beach skippers need to meet the skill level required of being spread over 100 square kilometres of water with half a dozen rescue boats, helmets are mandatory for single handed and recommended for all, everyone must have high vis top, whistle, torch etc, if you loose your boat at Point Sturt you may drift 30km till you hit shore so all racers are stand too boats if needed. Whilst the race is not to be taken lightly it is great fun and if you haven't done it before the members of Meningie Sailing Club will give you a run down on obstacles and strategy we look forward to seeing you there
  9. madboutcats

    Sailing Holiday Destinations / Dinghy Resorts

    Can't delete my comment
  10. madboutcats

    Gunwale damage on high performance dinghy

    why not find a fibreglass repairer close to where the boat is and getting them to epoxy it back together, it's a pretty straightforward and quick repair to bond the deck back on and then do the cosmetic stuff whenever
  11. madboutcats

    Nacra 5.0 Jib Leech Flutter

    Is the jib as low as it can go on the jib bridle, if you don't want to try the doubler on the jib sheet, You can try pointing up so there is no load on the jib and getting your crew to put their feet against the mast and pulling with all their strength on the jib sheet including their leg strength, then put it back onto the wind. If it's still fluttering, the doubler isn't the answer
  12. madboutcats

    nacra 5.8

    I don't know the 5.7 so can't answer for that, I'm guessing at that price the 5.8 your looking at doesn't have the modern bow foil arrangement, so will already have the smaller jib, with the 5.7 you don't have to worry about boards but the 5.8 has a good method for holding the boards at whatever height you want, the good thing about both boats are they are fairly solid and heavy and weight is your friend when your learning as the boats would be near impossible to blow over in your wind range of 8 to 12 knots and you won't be looking to reef sails or anything in that range on either boat
  13. madboutcats

    nacra 5.8

    I sail a 5.8 with my wife and sometimes my daughter as crew, the mast is definitely a two person job, the easy way is to start with your boat backwards to the wind, have your crew hold the tip of the mast then while you stand on the tramp, grab the mast and hold it, have your crew stand on the main beam near the base of the mast and hold a trap handle while leaning back like a water skier. The crews weight and wind coming from behind will counter balance the weight of the mast. To take it down do the same still with the wind behind the boat. If the wind comes up big and you can't get the mast to come down because it's being blown upright around 30 knots you can have the crew pull the mast down by using a trap wire from the rear of the boat while you control it on the tramp and again lower the mast to the crew while you are on the tramp. Don't allow your crew to stand under the mast until you have it all the way down so you don't drop it on them. As for overpowered, best to have the diamond wires loose enough that you can pull them in and touch the mast with them about 18 inches from the bottom of the diamond wires, this allows the bottom of the mast to bend into the slot which depowers the boat. If you are uncomfortable with the wind you are in the easiest thing you can do is pull your centreboards up partially or even all the way and the boat will settle down. When you tie your sail battens in leave them only just tight so that when you pull the downhaul on the sail can stretch along the batten. The downhaul is your friend, on an old boat with old sail you can pull the downhaul on hard enough that the bottom of the sail comes out of the bottom of the mast and that's how we race the pin tops. I have a couple of 5.8's if you need any more help feel free to pm me or just post a question. Important safety info for cats is if you are going over get your crew to slide down the tramp and grab any rope, not climb up the boat, make sure they keep their legs together so they don't come down with a leg either side of the sidestay. Don't fear going over, practice in the shallows righting the boat, this can be done in 3 ft of water. Have fun they are a great boat and very family friendly
  14. madboutcats

    Lake Eyre Yacht Club

  15. madboutcats

    Lake Eyre Yacht Club

    If you can get to this event just do it, the socialising is awesome, sailing is fun, scenery is awesome