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  1. Haha we've heard the Weta handicap stuff all before, I'm not going to wreck a good thread by discussing it here, I'll post in the Weta threads when I get some time
  2. Most of us have sailed with or on Weta's and have a good idea
  3. Astus Upwind

    Is raking the rudder not working? Normally rake under more to bare away, rake back to round up, having a mast you can trapeze from gets a double thumbs up from me
  4. Rushour on its roof.

    Gutterback, no way is that boat going over in 20kts and as for 40kt gusts they are not as rare as you might think, I have seen a beachcat blown over on the water and then flipped completely over mast end down so I'm talking the hulls 9metres in the air, I've sailed in 30kt gusts safely, I've also been on the water on a fairly benign day and been hit by a little whirly whirly that was sucking water it totally smashed us over, while all the other boats just sat and watched. As for the mono a couple of years ago when I was setting up for a distance race to be held the next day I was asked to crew on a mono about 25ft long they said I could wear my normal clothes drink beer etc so I agreed, well the skipper turned the wrong way under spin, I let the spin sheet go but he kept rounding up in the gust until the gunnel went under, then I was pinned in place until the boat filled, after that the fun started. I learned that on a cat when you put a hull under your having fun but on a mono when you put a hull under your committed.
  5. Didn't mean it to sound like the Nacra's only travel in a pack, if you were looking at a spinnaker boat the F18's have all sorts of brands but the Nacra's have their own series which is totalled on all the regattas you go to, so for instance when you go to the Lake Coothabara race the Nacra's share the start line and race with all the brands but they also run a seperate series score to encourage Nacra people to travel. Whatever boat you turn up on your warmly welcomed at any regatta. The difference is the Nacra's also run a Nacra National championship competition and only Nacra's of all sizes go to that week, last Nationals was about 70 boats. If your not looking at spinnaker then there are a stack of options but none better than the Nacra 5.8 bwahaaaaaaaaaa
  6. Sort of depends what sort of boat you are on and where you want to do your weekend warrior racing, also the family stuff and lastly what sort of social side of racing you want, I travel 300 to 500km most weekends during the season to do the racing I want with the social side of it a big factor. If you are into Bundy and beer after racing and sitting in the rigging area long after the racing has finished it would be hard to beat the Nacra side of racing. My fastest and more elegant to sail boat is the Taipan 5.7 but not many of those travel, for instance none at Wildcat but the Nacra's travel everywhere. If I was into buoy racing and could live anywhere I would live close to one of the clubs in the area you are talking that has a lot of like minded skippers. For instance if you got a Nacra Infusion while its far from the sexiest F18 out there, you could do the Nacra Travellers series, that would take you to all the big regattas but the series also takes you to races in far Nth Qld as well as all the places in between with a stack of Infusions on the line at each event. The Nacra National Titles are in WA this year you could put your boat in the shipping container subsidised by the Nacra association and fly to the event, then you have a choice have the boat come straight back in one of the containers or fly home, leave the boat there for a few weeks then fly back to do the F18 Nationals and then the container is coming home. AND while your at it plan to travel down to South Aus every now and then to get your fix of mid distance racing
  7. Rushour on its roof.

    That photo looks way safer than the keels falling off monos, at least the crew have something to hold onto as opposed to boat and crew heading straight for the bottom, I do know how fast a mono sinks I was on one that went under in under a minute a couple of years ago, inshore though so I was able to stand on top of it, maybe OMR should consider that
  8. Astus Upwind

    I only started using the TomTom Bandit camera a few weeks ago so only practice video's at the moment (sorry about the big preview screen, can't get rid of it) here's one of just the Bandit downloaded into the TomTom software then again processed in my Adobe photoshop to add some music, then another video of my GoPro Hero4 footage facing forward edited into it during the Photoshop process. You can't alter the style or size of the speed and GPS overlay's there is also a "G" force overlay but it really would only be good in a decent capsize, again sorry about the size of the video previews not wanting to take anything away from the Tri, that is a genuinely exciting looking boat, I love that it heels instead of just being way wider and sailing flat all the time
  9. Astus Upwind

    Great looking boat and the speeds you quote look right, looks like it would get the heart rate up as well, I use a TomTom Bandit camera with built in GPS and it lets you overlay your course and speed on the video as you go. Very easy to use the software and has 3 hour recording capacity, there is also a Garmin that was selling pretty cheap
  10. With those credentials I'm happy to lend you a boat in the future, always have a few sitting around unused, the way I see it, the best buoy racing is between Sydney and lower Qld, as it's easy to travel to lots of events, I tow my Nacra 5.8 for a 3200km round trip to Forster NSW for the Wildcat Regatta on the October long weekend, with between 70 and 100 fast cats it's way bigger than any other regatta I can get to, not to mention the off the water fun as well, video below. As the above post said there is also the annual Lake Cootharaba regatta has a similar number of boats, I've never been to that one but knowing the sailors up that way would assume it would be a big social time off the water as well. If your after established distance racing which in Aus is really mid distance racing, then South Aus has the pick of it but our numbers of competitors are only 30 at most for any event in South Aus with no visitors from interstate. I can throw up any number of videos of our Goolwa to Milang race (50km), the return Milang to Goolwa race(50km) or last year we just threw together the Milang to Meningie race about (55km) video below, (wish I could stop the big preview screen). As for your question of why there isn't there more of a distance racing culture, from my perspective it seems that as soon as someone buys a new Infusion or C2 they loose interest in doing our distance racing because I'm assuming the boats are optimised for windward returns, the couple of Edge F18 sailors here seem to do quite well and the Hobie Tigers go well, the Marstrom 20 goes well (to be honest actually flogs us all). plus quite a few above 20km,
  11. Aus doesn't really have true long distance races like the US, the most adventurous and longest beachcat race is in about two weeks on 18th Nov from Goolwa at the end of the Murray river in South Aus up the Goolwa channel, across the top of Lake Alexandrina, through a creek called the Narrows then across Lake Albert to Meningie, all up about 70km of sailing or 150km by road. For the last 5 years has only taken about 3hours or less for the fastest boats, what it lacks in distance it makes up for in testing your fitness, I'm far from a good sailor but here's a video link of a race on my Nacra 5.8, if you want to have a crack at it and you have genuinely skippered in the GT300, I'll lend you my Taipan 5.7 if you can get here for this race, even double stack it and take it to the start and back home again
  12. As per the current measures course I completed, If the rules say you have to have the bits on the boat and you take them off to lighten the boat and the measures misses it, the competitors have the right to protest, the cheats were scrubbed end of story
  13. Waterhouse and Darminian won a race yesterday foiling upwind considering Waterhouse has been out injured that's a pretty good effort, There was a direct comparison between foiling upwind and not with the boat that's coming second overall travelling 500 metres less non foiling upwind and the Aussie boat travelling 500m more for the win after trading tacks. Give it another season and everyone that deserves to be in the Olympics will be foiling and the ones that can't work it out will be complaining. Thanks for the coverage Clean that was more entertaining than the rugby that was on TV at the same time,
  14. Hope you watched the Nacra 17 Europeans race on Facebook, they had cameras on Nacra 17's, on speed boats and in the sky on drones, terrific commentary and the racing looked awesome even though it was only 6 to 7 kts they twin stringed foiling downwind, then rounded the bottom mark where most of them kept the spins up for a fair while upwind. The boat I saw douse the spin at the mark lost about 4 lengths. All that in light wind, windier day forecast tomorrow so try and catch it