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  1. As per the current measures course I completed, If the rules say you have to have the bits on the boat and you take them off to lighten the boat and the measures misses it, the competitors have the right to protest, the cheats were scrubbed end of story
  2. Waterhouse and Darminian won a race yesterday foiling upwind considering Waterhouse has been out injured that's a pretty good effort, There was a direct comparison between foiling upwind and not with the boat that's coming second overall travelling 500 metres less non foiling upwind and the Aussie boat travelling 500m more for the win after trading tacks. Give it another season and everyone that deserves to be in the Olympics will be foiling and the ones that can't work it out will be complaining. Thanks for the coverage Clean that was more entertaining than the rugby that was on TV at the same time,
  3. Hope you watched the Nacra 17 Europeans race on Facebook, they had cameras on Nacra 17's, on speed boats and in the sky on drones, terrific commentary and the racing looked awesome even though it was only 6 to 7 kts they twin stringed foiling downwind, then rounded the bottom mark where most of them kept the spins up for a fair while upwind. The boat I saw douse the spin at the mark lost about 4 lengths. All that in light wind, windier day forecast tomorrow so try and catch it
  4. Lots of learning happening, at least one of the boats used their spin off the start line, upwind in light wind until they were foiling then were able to carry two on the wire, they sound like they are enjoying the boat and the learning process
  5. From what I have heard the elite sailors will have a clear lead over the great sailors and part of that will be knowing when to foil upwind. The boat is sliding to leeward foiling but going faster than a C board but if you get on the wrong side of a shift you are spat out the back, they all have to learn how to adjust the foil pitch for the conditions. They are going to be exciting boats to watch in the Olympics so a terrific choice for what they are produced for. I'm loving watching the footage of kids racing the Nacra 15's and can't wait to see more of these 17's
  6. Nacra 5.0 Mainsail Clew Plate Location Check

    It's a fine line you don't need the blocks on the clew to be much in front, in that first photo when you pull the blocks on hard as you can get which is what you need up wind, you would fully flatten the sail and pull the mast rotation around which is not what you want, I think you will be fine once you sail,
  7. Nacra 5.0 Mainsail Clew Plate Location Check

    It looks like you have a genuine Nacra sail, I couldn't imagine anyone using the last two holes on the clew plate, once you get some wind on the sail the mast will rotate and the holes will be in the right place, on the Nacra 5.8 I only leave it in the centre hole and have never changed that position. I would just get the boat on the water in some wind put the blocks in the centre hole, see how that feels, if you want it flatter go forward in the holes if you want more power back in the holes but that will bag the sail up. Make sure all your battens are tied in as tight as you can get them to get the sail shape and use plenty of downhaul to give the sail shape even in very light air
  8. Stable spinnaker on Foiling/Apparent Wind runs?

    Sort of sounds like your out running the cut of your spin, when I was two on the wire with spin on my Taipan 5.7, the tack had to be a lot tighter due to the apparent wind we could generate, if you could find a way to play your tack from the wire you might be able to tighten once you get going and then maybe work out a good setting to leave it at, if you cant find a setting it might be time to look at getting a flatter spin cut
  9. Is there a cheap way to ship a Lido 14 mast?

    Cheapest and safest mast transport in Aus is inside household removalist vans, they are used to not damaging things and hang the mast from the roof, it's easy to do for them, last one I got was 30ft long
  10. Fun Daysailing - Nacra 5.7 vs. 5.8 vs. Hobie Getaway

    I sail the Nacra 5.8 a lot and no way would I say it is a day sailer for high breeze with kids. The 5.8 is no problem in plenty of wind as long as you are going flat out in it and you definitely need two people to right it, the Taipan 4.9 is a fantastic light boat and I sail with a lot of them but again not many people would take one out for a day sail in over 20kts but if you have some experience they are sailed a lot solo or with kids and are easily righted, Scarecrow's post is correct they are in high demand here. Other boats you can look at are the shorter high buoyancy range of Nacras if you have them over there, just google Nacra 4.5, 4.3, 5.0, 5.2 even the 3.5 easily handles an adult and child, there were four of those combos at the last Nacra Nationals
  11. Starting a Junior Sailing Program

    The easy bit is getting the boats, I started a small town junior sailing by purchasing 5 small cats and running the junior sailing from a power boat on my own as rescue boat, getting other adults interested to help didn't happen but the kids turned up on Saturdays, the problem was once you try to meet the requirements of the National Yachting association, after 5 years it turned out I wasn't qualified to wipe my arse let alone do sailing. So I would start with your Yachting association and see what they want from you regarding qualifications, here you are not allowed near the water if you don't have current first aid certificate, then you need a rescue boat certificate, then how many adults do they want per kid, then what's your instructor qualifications, then your police check so they know your not a paedophile, once you've got through all that you'll find dealing with the kids to be one of the best experiences in your life, good luck
  12. too much?

    our biggest trailer sailer fleet race in South Aus is in a couple of weeks the Milang to Goolwa race, will be more than 200 boats for that 50km race then back to 30 boat fleets for the windward leewards, people say its just a parade but the seat of the pants people can roll the light weight techo people pretty easy on a reach and maybe that's the real issue
  13. R.I.P. Rick White

    Without Rick's online help I wouldn't have been able to establish junior sailing at our club. RIP Rick White
  14. Christine

    well if you buy the one in the second add you will get an 89 which is nearly a 90 's boat, much newer hehe
  15. New Nacra 15

    the pics came from the Auckland Youth Worlds site but the "Victorian Nacra 15 Youth Class" facebook page has the choice bit's on it, some great videos of the starts and finishes plus results etc, the French kids have sewn up the series but its close between the next three boats. It's been exciting racing to follow with one race to go tomorrow to end the series then all 21 Nacra 15's at Auckland are sold to Aussie kids and will be over here in a few weeks. The standard of kids hopping on these boats is astounding they have been sailing the Nacra 17, F18's, Vipers plus high level dinghy sailing waiting for the 15's to arrive. Worth noting that the US kids are running third at the moment