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  1. madboutcats

    Burial Boat - X-332 or Elan 333?

    Take the missus to the Elan chateau for the weekend then a tour of the factory and ask her about boats a few weeks later, as we sailed on a Lagoon my missus kept spotting the Elan’s
  2. madboutcats

    Whatever happened to triangles?

    Good sailors don’t like the reach because it’s not technical enough but newbys start to think they are getting the hang of this racing thing when they can do a leg without losing ground, so the clubs only do technical legs that give newbs limited enjoyment and whinge that there are not enough people racing their boats
  3. madboutcats

    R2AK on a beach cat

    Well said, they got through it once, the trick is to do it well the first time, I wish it wasn’t my busy time of year
  4. Oh sorry I just saw that post in this thread a couple posts back and read the link
  5. I thought it was daylight at the time of the accident and what’s with charging the cat with not exhibiting a navigation light while underway
  6. madboutcats

    SailGP 2019

    I’m on the fence with AC and will applaud if they are doing close racing and the speeds we have seen from sailing GP but if they are back to the old mono way of getting scared into tacking when they are 500 metres apart then winning on the penalty then I’ll be laughing my tits off, same if they are only doing the same speed or less as sailing GP boats as with foils it’s all the same, it just comes down to who’s the best engineer of foils. I’m sure sponsors will be watching sailing GP and AC at the same time and will make up their mind where their money is better spent
  7. madboutcats

    SailGP 2019

    Whohooo Aus are the champions, cant wait for next year with the changes they are doing on the boats, terrific exciting cat racing with lead changes for races and series
  8. madboutcats

    SailGP 2019

    I obviously want Aus to win but it’s a great comp when the podium is changing, Japan on top but come on Aus
  9. madboutcats

    R2AK on a beach cat

    Does it have to stay mast up
  10. madboutcats

    R2AK on a beach cat

    I unbolt the 11 ft beams from the 18 square and replace them with 8 ft beams for trailering, it is a pain as it takes longer to setup and pack up the boat but the payoff is convenient parking at home. There was someone in Japan that had tramp tracks welded to his beams on the Tornado so they stayed in shape and just unbolted the beams with tramp all setup and rotated the whole lot for travelling, that looked pretty convenient, I would try to get a newer Tornado with carbon mast as they were setup for spinnaker and the carbon mast is so easy to handle. Good luck with your project
  11. madboutcats

    R2AK on a beach cat

    Mine is 32 foot but it was one of the early carbon masts, it looks like the same tapered profile as the 38 foot, Marstrom 20 mast my mate has so I’m guessing you can/could get them whatever length. It’s much lighter than the Nacra aluminium section and gives a chance for easier righting, which I think is an important consideration in this thread
  12. madboutcats

    R2AK on a beach cat

    No but the 18 square has only enough buoyancy for one person, especially with what you are doing, if I was doing that race I would put my 11 foot beams from the 18 square on my Nacra 5:8 and the carbon mast with a spin kit on the 5.8 as those hulls are super strong and have the buoyancy to handle two people, wings and all the gear. That’s easy for me to say as I already have the boats. My mention of my wider boat was just so you understood where I was coming from and really I was just agreeing with the concept of a Tornado
  13. madboutcats

    R2AK on a beach cat

    The Tornado’s at 10 ft wide have a lot of righting moment, my Nacra 18 square at 11 ft wide is so tame even with a 32ft carbon Tornado mast. IMO the lighter you are the wider you want your boat, if it’s blowing and your boat is 8ft wide you will have to trap the whole time, I don’t know about you but after a few hours on the same tack in proper wind on the wire sawing on the sheets, my knees are trembling my arms are aching and I’m pretty rooted. If I was to do the race I would have wings so I can sit and relax a bit still keeping righting moment ( speed and stability ) and at least 10ft beam so the boat is super stable, any boat can be widened but Tornado sounds great with kick up boards, tuned for spin etc. The wings are easily made and guys I’ve raced on distance races have trapped off the Nacra 5.8 with wings in a blow and made good time
  14. My mate made the transition from owner racer of a race car to sailing a couple of years ago and reckons its the cheapest thing he’s done in his life, it’s certainly more environmentally friendly, as for Greta sailing I think her message was aimed at all the wankers that flew to the conference in private jets like prince Andrew and the people that continue to fly in private jets then lecture us.
  15. madboutcats

    SailGP 2019

    Of course it’s slowed down there’s no racing for another week, at least we are waiting for racing to resume on boats that brought excitement and innovation to the sport and are still being professionally raced many years later. Wait till the AC starts and then we can contribute to the AC thread in like manor, fair dinkum, foiling is nothing new now and a double skin wing sail was on my Nacra 18 square when Bob Forbes built it 30 years ago and FFS stop those tenders going past in the foreground of the trials of the new AC foilers that’s making them look silly, VMG on AC boats, all I hear is crickets