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  1. "Paper money" is not mentioned in the Constitution. But in a series of cases known as the "Legal Tender Cases" (1869 through about 1874) SCOTUS decided that paper money was acceptable as legal tender.
  2. And then there is this one: https://www.cnbc.com/2017/09/19/trump-using-campaign-rnc-funds-to-pay-russia-probe-legal-bills-reuters-citing-sources.html Trump using campaign, RNC funds to pay Russia probe legal bills: Reuters, citing sources The U.S. Federal Election Commission allows the use of private campaign funds to pay legal bills arising from being a candidate or elected official. Trump would be the first U.S. president in the modern campaign finance era to use such funds to cover the costs of responding to a criminal probe, said election law experts. John Dowd, Trump's lead lawyer, declined to say how the president's legal bills were being paid, adding: "That's none of your business."
  3. "you wouldn't drive a car with a column shift and without synchromesh gearbox would you?" I sure would if I was a fan of 1930s and 1940s cars.
  4. " OK you can keep on amending and patching and blotting the stains off the old quilt. " 27 times in 200+ years (with 10 of the 27 occurring instantly, 3 during the Civil War, and 2 canceling each other out (prohibition)) is a pretty good record. If it ain't broke, don't fix it; because there is a very good chance you will make things worse.
  5. "I'm submitting that the average American today is not nearly as well versed" Totally agree. "than their ancestors back then. " I just don't know. "I'd also add that the average American politician, these days, compared to back then... (shudder) Meli's suggestion is terrifying." Absolutely.
  6. And most of that literacy was in places like Boston, Phila, NYC, Charleston. and a few other urban places. How many alternatives were there to Common Sense. It took days for news to travel from Boston to even NYC and 10 days or more to get to Charleston. In the context of its day you are absolutely correct. I would humbly submit that the average American of today is no better versed in the meanings of the Consitution than his/her ancestors were 200+ years ago. Find me a few Alexander Hamiltons and James Madsons and then go and rewrite the Constitution as you see fit. But as long as we have elk like Louis Gohmert, Ted Cruz, Ron Johnson, right wing talk radio,Coulter, Hannity, etc. I'll take a pass on doing anything even close to what Meli is yammering on about.
  7. There is a fine line between being loved and merely tolerated.
  8. Relevant and understandable are two different things. In 1789 the Constitution was relevant as could be for a new nation of some 4 million people. Understandable? Not so much, as the document was written by the political, social and economic elite of the day for a largely rural nation with a relatively low level of formal education.
  9. Gotcha. Thanks.
  10. Mike: The US Constitution has been amended 27 times since it was adopted in 1789. Where is the 33 coming from?
  11. Thank you, thank you. Awaiting my prize! I owned a Flyer for close to 15 years. Pearson had a newsletter that it sent out to Flyer owners. That might be where I first learned abut "Cold Beer" and Rudy. For some reason the name just stuck in my head. Amazing I could pull it back out after all these years.
  12. I had seen that one. Did not use it because they don't explicitly declare it to be the worst car in the world in that video. I love the back seat scene, and remember how small he is Friend of mine has one. She describes it as incredibly reliable and incredibly boring. But it is a convertible.
  13. Deemed the worst car in the world by the guys at Top Gear. https://www.clublexus.com/articles/top-gear-decides-on-worlds-worst-car/ VW Eos. 4 seats, a hard convertible top complete with sunroof
  14. I would be very surprised if a well-sorted 9.1 could be had for $15K +/-. But I'm wrong about so many things.
  15. Rudy Thompson owned Cold Beer