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  1. jerseyguy

    Prada Cup

    I wish Kenny Read would just shut the hell up. He has very little of substance to say and he keeps repeating it.
  2. jerseyguy

    SF Giants Owner Goes Full QAnon

    And now he says he didn’t know of the QAnon link. “Giants owner claims he wasn't aware of Lauren Boebert's QAnon support when he donated to her campaign” To which I say, using one of Sol’s favorite words, bullshit.
  3. jerseyguy

    Prada Cup

    For USA types, If you want to plan ahead, NBC Sports is covering the races next Th through Sat. like this week. Central Standard Time 11:30pm-1:30am. Friday 8-10pm. Saturday 11pm-1am.
  4. My wife is watching some internet broadcast with a reporter interviewing people who have come to DC to support Trump and protest against Biden’s inauguration. There are some seriously sick and uninformed people out there.
  5. jerseyguy

    2020 Election Fuckery

    This would be funny except that RW nutsos believe it. The Italian Air Force hijacked Vatican satellites and used the satellites to change Trump votes to Biden votes.
  6. jerseyguy

    The states as a laboratory

    If the states are laboratories, then one of Alabama’s lab animals escaped. Before you run for Congress you should be able to pass the citizenship test. Jeez this guy is dumb. “Tommy Tuberville erroneously thinks Joe Biden's inauguration could be pushed back due to COVID-19”
  7. jerseyguy

    The states as a laboratory

    Somebody got a raise?
  8. And pizza eaters who use email.
  9. jerseyguy

    What If It Worked

    You can’t bring Lauren Bobert with you or the area she represents. It is rather telling that her home is in Rifle, CO. I would also leave out the southern part of Illinois. Very Kentuckyish.
  10. Perfect time to wreak havoc when the SS is down the block taking a shit.
  11. See post #16. $3,000/mo for a total of over $100k.
  12. jerseyguy

    Arnold: Republicans are ‘spineless’

    He most definitely has the zero part figured out. Hero? No one ever in his family.
  13. jerseyguy

    Chicago Area III

    NBC Sports is showing the AC Challengers Series All times I’m showing are CST 1/14 (tonight) 11pm-1am Friday, 8-10pm (live) Saturday, 11pm-1am. As they say, check your local listings
  14. That’s seems to be the problem. He was steered “right” but not straight.
  15. I avoid “up nort” like the plague. For the uninitiated, in non-Wisconsin speak it means up north. It is where Wisconsinites go to escape the evils of urban life. Every once in awhile some libbie/progressive retires up there. There is some serious money (eg Uihlein) in some places. It is very red and conservative.