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  1. jerseyguy

    Manwhile, in the real world

    You are absolutely correct. At best it might be called a convenience sample.
  2. Ozone. Took me all of 7 seconds to find it on the Internet.
  3. jerseyguy

    they call it slightly drizzly Monday

    Just when you think Shitstain cannot sink any lower he goes and finds a new level of depravity
  4. jerseyguy

    Florida Recount 2018

    Not even interstate. Move from one county to another, one city to another, even one precinct to another. Last time we moved it was about 6 miles. Changed communities, had to re-register in my new community. I claim no particular expertise in international election law but there are (or at least were) European countries where once you turned 18 (or the legal voting age) the government automatically registered you to vote. Move? No big deal. When you filled out a change of address form to get your mail forwarded your election registration was automatically updated. Remember, most election laws in the US were designed to prevent election fraud, not to make it easy to vote.
  5. jerseyguy

    Florida Recount 2018

    It wasn't intended to be universal. Only free white males. In some states a property owning requirement was in place. No slaves, no women, no one under the age of 21. It took constitutional amendments and legislation to even get close to universal adult suffer age. And a case can be made that we aren't there yet.
  6. jerseyguy

    Trump is losing it

    She is already ditzy. Not too much farther to go.
  7. jerseyguy

    Florida Recount 2018

    Formal reasons are relatively few: * not a citizen * not 18 * convicted of a felony (not all states) * determined to be mentally incapacitated * lack of proper identification (not all states) Then there are reason/strategies designed to keep people from voting. Don't ask for a list of those. With thousands of precincts and polling places you can let your imagination run wild.
  8. jerseyguy

    Florida Recount 2018

    Then you don't get to vote unless your state/county/city allows you to vote at anysite. But if you are in Chicago and on Election Day you need to be in Philadelphia you are out of luck.
  9. jerseyguy

    Florida Recount 2018

    Because we are the United States and we are exceptional.
  10. jerseyguy

    Florida Recount 2018

    One can always hope
  11. jerseyguy

    Florida Recount 2018

    The word is "bye." And as my mother used to say: " the door opens two ways. Don't let it hit you in the ass in the way out." Ciao baby. Don't think it has been real; it hasn't.
  12. jerseyguy

    Trump is losing it

    He is healthier than, and will outlive, Methuselah. All the best people say so.
  13. jerseyguy

    Florida Recount 2018

    I especially like the large empty lots simply filled with signs supporting every Republican under the sun. There Is something both symbolic and ironic about empty lots supporting Trump and other Republicans.
  14. jerseyguy

    Trump says he has never met Whitaker!!!!!!

    A lifetime of practice.