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  1. This seems to be an appropriate place. Story headline in today's Milwaukee paper. NASCAR owners side with Trump, take firm stance against anthem protests
  2. Some strange football today. Brady throws 5TDs and the Patriots win at the end. Bears win their first with more bizarre plays than imaginable. lions lose at the end when a TD call is reversed. Iggles win on a 61 yd FG.
  3. Ultimate 20 but you're not going to find one for under $10K.
  4. I would so love to see one marquee white player kneel during the anthem. The protest will have gone mainstream.
  5. I hope she flies commercial to get there
  6. Headline from a NYT story today: Trump Weighs New Travel Restrictions as Ban Nears Expiration Perhaps they can include Tom Price in the ban
  7. From what I can tell, absolutely.
  8. Back in colonial times there was a provision in the Articles of Confederation which would have permitted Canada to become part of the US. Canuckastans decided they wanted no part of us.
  9. Bumped. Spend the night in a Motel 6.
  10. That is pretty near the reality. I remember seeing a report in The Chronicle of Higher Education a few years ago. CHE is the weekly job site and news for the university types. If I remember correctly, Amherst Profs (real ones, not adjuncts) had just about the highest salaries and lowest teaching loads of all US universities, including the R1 research shops (Berkeley, etc). Sure hope it is worth it.
  11. Holy handgrenades Batman.
  12. Don't need to be mean or vindictive. But it is so ironic that when he was in Congress he was opposed to all kinds of "wasteful" spending. Now that he is in the Exec. Branch and no longer has to answer to the voters (at least nominally and symbolically) he is Sammy Spendthrift.
  13. We had one of our credit cards hacked a few years ago. Mostly chump stuff but then the bank called. Asked my wife if she had authorized a $2300 purchase of some designer handbag. Now my wife can spend $$$ like a sailor outfitting a new racing boat but she would not do that. Bank caught it and all was good. Did have to get a new credit card though. In fact , every couple of years we ask our bank to issue us new credit cards with new account numbers. It's a PITA when we do a lot of online banking, but it does give us some sense of security.
  14. Reports are that Price has used private jets some 24 times. The rationale coming from his office is that he was "directing" efforts after Harvey and Irma.