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  1. jerseyguy

    Donnie Has Another Stroke

    Small hands, small dick, small thoughts.
  2. Makes no difference. Pat Robertson says Trump will win, there will be a period of civil disobedience, there will be two attempts on Trump’s life, and the world will come to an end as an asteroid hits the earth. “Televangelist Pat Robertson predicts Trump win, then chaos, then the end of the world“ Another right wing Christian whackadoodle.
  3. jerseyguy

    Donnie Has Another Stroke

    Someone grabbed his pussy
  4. jerseyguy

    Biden cabinet

    Senator Bill Cohen (R-Me) was Clinton’s Secty of Defense. Obama tapped Ray LaHood (R-IL) to run DOT.
  5. jerseyguy

    Rush Limbaugh

    Is there someone as evil and vile warming up in the right wing bullpen?
  6. jerseyguy

    Please Vote!

    I have no idea what you meant. My crystal ball is in the shop for repairs and I do not have the ability to read minds. Chill.
  7. jerseyguy

    Please Vote!

    You might wish to edit your observation. Calif. has 55 EVs. Did you mean to say 2 US Senators?
  8. jerseyguy

    Please Vote!

    “ In most if not all cases, even if you haven't already registered, you can both register and then vote at an early voting site. That's not an option on election day.“ Unless I’m misreading what you wrote. . . 20 states plus DC have same day registration.
  9. jerseyguy

    Treason ....

    Trump has gone so far down the rabbit hole that Alice cant even find him no less get him out.
  10. jerseyguy

    An impending crisis for PA

    PHRF ratings
  11. jerseyguy

    An impending crisis for PA

    With McConnell and a few others we already have The Walking Dead
  12. jerseyguy

    Congrats Jacinda Ardern & Labour

    But if a racist, philandering, tax cheating psycho dullard did it, he wouldn’t be a racist, philandering,. . . . .
  13. jerseyguy

    Right Wing Talk Radio going for Tranny Panic redux

    Amy Coney Barrett is about to get a lifetime gig telling people what is and what is not constitutional. Don’t remember her being elected to anything.
  14. jerseyguy

    Lincoln Project - getting better with every film

    She’s a fan of Groucho? Who knew!