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  1. First 34.7/10R - Just finding their groove?

    Fully extended "prod" for the Code 0 and as tight of a luff as you can get. Light air reaching code 0.
  2. First 34.7/10R - Just finding their groove?

    The stock rudder loads up VERY quickly and getting the correct balance on a reach or powered up in breeze is difficult. An outboard lead for jib reaching is a MUST (If you can not fly a code 0 or blast reacher/jib top). The modified larger rudder is a huge improvement. I have a customer in Dana Point that I have been racing with for 5 years on his. We have a code 0 and 3A for reaching. The code 0 is great in light air but quickly over powers the boat in any sort of breeze (stock rudder). The angle gets deep in breeze quickly and the 3A takes over. We also carry a 1.5A that is great in light air W/L but can reach in the random leg courses when it is a bit too deep for the 0 to really be effective. If you want to chat in detail shoot me an email kmagnussen@ullmansails.com
  3. Wondering about the Schock 40

    Yeah you need all new sails for that boat!
  4. Henderson 30?

    You should do Henderson 30 Nationals at Long Beach race Week and ask to be inside the breakwater... would be great.. 9 bodies? I would go with 12. Henderson 30 takes a lot to plane.
  5. Henderson 30?

    There are two Henderson 30's in Dana Point contact me for info.
  6. Seascape 27

  7. Lower and same speed and the 30 owes the FT how much?

  8. Henderson 30?

    I sailed one for a while.. we have three customers we service in So Cal, 1 in Hawaii. Fun boats but a little out-dated. Need 9 people to race W/L in anything over 8kts of breeze. My buddies took the Hedo 30 "Reach Around" in the Cabo Race a few years ago.... email me if want details on the boat
  9. As much as I would love to, I cannot. I don't get off the tugboat I work on until the 14th, and the regatta is from the 13th through the 16th. I really appreciate you asking me, though.

  10. Henderson 30?

    I have been racing on them in Southern California for years. Need a lot of crew. Have Runners Wet offshore Sort of outdated design (crush them with the Tiger) Buddy of mine is selling his right now. They took it in the Cabo race and have done really well around Southern California. Super fun boats with the right crew but it takes people knowing what they are doing, plus a bunch of people to hold the boats down.