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  1. My pictures were of Charlottesville, how about yours?
  2. His comments should work to immediately quell all protests. Yeah. That's it. Repeat it ten times and you can look like Dog. And for those in the factual world...
  3. Twitter Ads info and privacy That's rich, coming from someone who had bone spurs when it was his turn to stand for the flag.
  4. Trump prolly thinks Le Bron is a French product, or Canadian. He doesn't care what they think (but their military parades are to die for!)
  5. Keep digging. There's a bone down there somewhere in that pile of bullshit where you get your stuff.
  6. It's a good thing that Black Block doesn't wear black and white striped uniforms. Given the NFL vs. Trump issue, Dog would be calling NFL Refs members of a violent leftist group, with pictures to prove it.
  7. Goodell has a knack for annoying the shit out of me, but he's dead nuts on with that statement. He show's more leadership than the Pride of the GOP does.
  8. The Prez don't dig the uppity black athletes.
  9. R
  10. Repeat it as many times as you want and it still won't become true. That's why you had to try to bullshit us with pictures from Brazil and Germany. You owe the class an apology for lying to us like that.
  11. That's an interesting way of putting it. Folks who prioritize the truth a bit more than you do might say that they are trying to point out that you are trying to conflate Antifa with Black Block, got caught doing it, admitted that Frenchie caught you doing it, and proceeded to double down and do it again. Doggy Stylin in action!
  12. Many people are saying it. Doggy Style!
  13. "I will...preserve, protect and defend the Constitution...." Ignoring election meddling...how does that square with the oath?