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  1. Sol Rosenberg

    Media is Hellbent of self destruction by TDS

    Somebody digging the magic mushroom.
  2. Sol Rosenberg


    Are there any thought provoking questions about her birth certificate? Get the bullshit squad on it. We need some fauxtrage!
  3. Sol Rosenberg

    Drip Drip Drip

    No collusion! Other than that.
  4. Sol Rosenberg


    Get ready for some heads to explode. She is going to be on the Financial Services Committee.
  5. Sol Rosenberg

    College Football 2018

    I would have loved to see him try to spell Whataburger.
  6. Well, if a family man is going to pop the mushroom into a porn star while the Missus’ vagina heals up from giving birth to his child, Stormy has to be at the top of that pecking order, so to speak. What a First Lady she would make! Such class! The whole Party could get behind a manner of speaking.
  7. Sol Rosenberg

    Ocasio Whoops. Someone needs to tell the masses that her proposal is counter to the Entitlement Class’ interests. It seems too popular.
  8. Code words. NATO is his nickname for Stormy.
  9. Sol Rosenberg

    Drip Drip Drip

    Between him and Flynn, who is trying to placate a judge who sounded less than amused with the lenient terms of his deal, it sounds like there may be a race to ...
  10. Sol Rosenberg

    The Wall

    Shutdown will cost twice as much as estimated earlier. Quiet days on the Fiscal Responsibility Express. I wish those Mexican folks would hurry up and pay for the wall.
  11. Sol Rosenberg

    Russian agent?

    She posted that from a computer. Prolly uses email too. Unfit For Office. In other news
  12. Sol Rosenberg

    Drip Drip Drip

    It may soon be Devin Nunes’ time in the barrel.
  13. Sol Rosenberg

    Shutdown anarchy

  14. Sol Rosenberg

    Drip Drip Drip

    Please identify the derision in that post?
  15. Sol Rosenberg

    NFL 2018