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  1. Sol Rosenberg

    Migrant Caravan

    Watch out morons! There’s a caravan behind you!
  2. Sol Rosenberg

    Melania flexes her muscles

  3. Poor simple jack. “I’m afraid the strain was more than he could bear.”
  4. It’s either that or it’s Trump’s people whispering it to change the topic.
  5. Sol Rosenberg

    2018 midterms

    He was an awesome pimp, and there is no chance of him using email.
  6. Sol Rosenberg

    Stan Lee DTS

  7. Sol Rosenberg

    As The Nation Honors Veterans Day, Trump Doesn't

    Hey, look at that football player kneeling to protest unequal treatment by police! He is disrespecting the troops!
  8. Sol Rosenberg

    "National Cleavage Day"

    Denied entry at the Louvre due to outfit. The National Cleavage Day thread is on the story.
  9. Sol Rosenberg

    As The Nation Honors Veterans Day, Trump Doesn't

    I'd just as soon he didn't go to Arlington. Send someone else.
  10. That is a pretty smart move. Put her name out there and let her take the barrage from the Shit Machine until the actual candidates are ready to announce.
  11. Sol Rosenberg

    "National Cleavage Day"

  12. Sol Rosenberg

    Dirty Socks

    This is a discussion group, not an electorate, so it is not “one person, one vote.” I converse with anyone who is here to discuss issues. That includes answering as well as asking questions. Lots of people fit in that category, from all sides of the political spectrum. I put people on ignore who demonstrate that they are here for the sole purpose of disrupting the coversation.
  13. Sol Rosenberg

    Did You All Underestimate Trump Again

    I definitely underestimated his ability to embarrass us.