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  1. With each one of these we hear that it is the last chance...yet more keep popping up. They must need the money for the rest of their agenda. If this one fails, there will be another, and another, until that money gets freed up. There's a reason that they can't move on to anything else before getting this done.
  2. If we want to cut down on that methane they release, shouldn't we eat more cows? If we all stop eating beef, won't we be overrun by the bovine and it's methane producing diet? Maybe THEY should change their diet, before some poor fool tries to light a smoke and goes up in a blue flame.
  3. Remember when that nasty Kenyan aggressively grabbed the American people by the ears and, over a period of many months, rammed, jammed, slammed and crammed his health insurance reform bill down our throats before we had a chance to read the bill? Well now we have some true Americans gradually, patiently easing their bill to dismantle Obamacare and Medicaid, through the Senate in a week or two, before the slowpoke CBO can render a score. It's almost like they don't want folks talking about it. What gives? Repeal and replace, or just repeal? https://www.cassidy.senate.gov/imo/media/doc/LYN17709.pdf
  4. Where were they before the BVIs got whacked? "I hope you had a hell of a piss, Arnold."
  5. But Obama read off a TelePrompTer.
  6. https://www.bloomberg.com/view/articles/2017-06-21/trump-russia-and-those-shadowy-sater-deals-at-bayrock who is Felix Sater?
  7. The first FISA order authorizing a wiretap was in 2014. The Feds have been keeping an eye on him for quite some time, though not continuously. Besides, Sean Spicer portrayed Manafort as a bit-player in the campaign, not someone joined at the waist with Agent Orange. Spicer wasn't New Yorking us, was he?
  8. I won't rush into that. Hurricane seasons are odd beasts. The extremes do seem a bit off the charts, but FL took four hurricane strikes a few years back and nobody said anything.
  9. The euro model takes it well east and then up north to collect Jose and head out to sea.... Weird prediction for Jose, just sitting and spinning for a few days, kinda like Harvey, but offshore.
  10. Meanwhile, another Cat 5 hurricane just hit the Caribbean, and is about to hit Puerto Rico.
  11. That's right next door to Trump Tower.
  12. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/manafort-surveillance-election-report-article-1.3504952 Manafort was under surveillance by FBI before and after election: report
  13. I do not care do discuss something with someone who will never discuss what I actually write about something, who will distort it or ascribe a different position and argue the straw man. I already have one Dog. He can work several topics. Your pedantry is boring.
  14. Remember, Dog/Plame Standard 2017 allows that there can be obstruction of justice without an underlying crime.
  15. I kinda like the one about having a statue of Lee as a reminder of who lost, but it really needs to be prominently displayed in that fashion. Oddly, as things stand now, I'm not sure he did....