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  1. Sol Rosenberg

    South Florida Winter racing?

    Eleuthera is on.
  2. Sol Rosenberg

    Photo op is over, now fuck off

    More Bullshitter Whack a Mole, SA Minister of Propaganda edition.
  3. Sol Rosenberg

    The Patriot Party

    Bastard wasn’t wearing a mask.
  4. Sol Rosenberg

    The Patriot Party

    People who have been raised to bullshit cannot be trained to tell the truth. All we can do is raise honest citizens and hope that the numbers work in the favor of honesty.
  5. Sol Rosenberg

    Photo op is over, now fuck off

    Get a brean Moran.
  6. Sol Rosenberg

    A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

    Greetings from Key West, still waiting to score finishers in the L-KW Race and working way too hard.
  7. Sol Rosenberg

    I think I love her!

    The Press Secretary could be a giant, six foot anus, but as long as he or she told the truth, would be far more attractive than the lying assholes we’ve seen of late.
  8. Sol Rosenberg

    Good Luck Getting Parler, Bullshitters.

    Okay Bullshitter.
  9. Sol Rosenberg

    I think I love her!

    I say the same thing about Kayleigh that I said about Sarah. Her exterior appearance is nothing compared to the interior, which is lying piece of shit to the rotten core. Nothing in the world is more ugly than that. No makeup can cover that character flaw. Bullshitters are among the lowest, most vile life forms on the planet no matter how good or bad they look on the outside.
  10. Disturbs, yes. Surprises no.
  11. Sol Rosenberg

    The Patriot Party

    Florida man. Whaddya say, Bullshitters...gonna leave The Party and join the Patriot Party, or pretend that Trump never existed?
  12. Sol Rosenberg

    The Patriot Party

    Who will get the RR contract through Rock Ridge?
  13. Sol Rosenberg


    Sad Bullshitters are disillusioned.