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  1. Senator Romney seems to have some pretty strong opinions about the current President, which would seem to put him in the category of Country-Before-Party. Could he still be a Ridgeline owner or is he disqualified?
  2. Sol Rosenberg

    Ridgeline Over Cliff, Mini Cannon Blazing

    Perhaps but he is taking it seriously, which sets him apart.
  3. Sol Rosenberg

    Time to impeach?

    The sheriff is near!
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    "National Cleavage Day"

  5. Sol Rosenberg

    Cease fire announced

    Cease fire going well. Spin it up. Get to work bullshitters.
  6. Sol Rosenberg

    Immediate withdrawal from Syria

    I have said before that this required diplomacy, but our diplomatic Corp is currently on loan to the Committee to ReElect the President. I agree about Turkey. They are not our friends. When the day comes when we do not have a President with a personal stake in staying in their strongman’s good graces, we can stop nuzzling his cinnamon ring.
  7. Sol Rosenberg

    Time to impeach?

    Accurate. Look no farther than the previous American President, who left office with a crumbled economy and two regime change parties on the credit card. There are posters here who have not acknowledged the name George W Bush since 1/20/09. Shit, we had to have a TEA Party to rebrand The Party to make people think that they once again believed any of the bullshit they just spent 8 years ignoring, once a democRAT was back in the WH. The GOP will stay with trump until he is done, and they will not be responsible for finishing him.
  8. I'm on the wrong coast for that, though a trip is not out of the question. I have always wanted to see Santa Cruz.
  9. Yup, but that plays into my theory of both parties doing the dirty work for Wall Street. The Clintons dragged the Democratic Party kicking and screaming to the miracles of high finance, and when they won, the Best Americans owned both parties. The Best Americans still favored the other guys, because the democRATS tried to raise too many boats with the tide, or didn't push enough boats under, but the deal was done. The next year will be most interesting. If Trump f@#k's things up enough, he may end up getting someone elected who doesn't believe in rigging the game for the Best Americans. That would cause a ruckus nearly as frightful as electing a black fella.
  10. Sol Rosenberg

    Trump throws Kurds under the bus

    What was it he called the Kenyan guy, the Founder of ISIS? What would that make him, after bringing them back from the dead?
  11. Neither surprises me...that she had a neocon staffer or that I forgot it....
  12. I see Hillary's relationship with the neocons in much the same way that I see Trump's relationship with white supremacists. She was not an official signatory of PNAC, but she was the candidate for official signatories of PNAC in 2016. Robert Kagan's take:
  13. Sol Rosenberg

    Today's Trump Headlines

    I'll respond to that after they announce where it will actually be hosted.
  14. Grenada was to prevent the spread of Soviet influence via Cuba. That was not done to transfer a bunch of money to buddies via their contractor companies. Panama was done to stomp on a rogue CIA asset who dared us to take action, and now gets to enjoy a cell for life, for his troubles. GHWB served in combat, and recognized the folly of perpetual rebuilding. His son did not, in either case, though at least one of his advisers warned him of the Pottery Barn rule. We are still paying for that. We managed to knock out the training camps in Afghanistan pretty quickly, but our regime change efforts there have accomplished little else, other than redistributing a bunch of borrowed money to the Best Americans. I think that a commander in chief who has served in combat might have a better chance of recognizing that there are costs for such things that extend beyond monetary consideration. How's Libya doing these days? At least we didn't get bogged down there with our troops on the ground. Rep. Gabbard is right to oppose the folly of regime change, and now is in a position to have a louder voice on the topic. I think that's a good thing. btw, has Hillary come up with any evidence yet?
  15. Sol Rosenberg

    Dropping Like Flies, Now There Are Just 2 Amigos

    You clearly need to listen to more Foxy News. The one brief investigation into the Clintons lasted no longer than the stench from a tiny cheek sneak, while the Trump investigation began in the 60s and has been tracking his every Tweet since then. It isn't just unfair, it is... SO Unfair!
  16. Someone mentioned Kuwait at some point. I have no problem with what we did in Kuwait. If Iraq had issues with Kuwait, there were solutions short of invading and taking over the place that would have addressed their grievance. I just can't go after her conversion on the basis of her prioritizing her service. Anyone who is willing to serve will get the benefit of the doubt from me that their decision to deploy (in the event that they have an opt out) is based on altruistic reasoning, not because they want to see regime change. That benefit of the doubt is certainly rebuttable, but I have yet to see the evidence of it in her case.
  17. Sol Rosenberg

    Should Trump go to jail?

    It's not really slaughter or ethnic cleansing, it's just a little bit of forced relocation. It's a cream puff. What's it gonna take to put you in this car today?
  18. Sol Rosenberg

    Mattis mocks Donnie

    I think that the military would protect the President from elements trying to stage a coup, as they should. They should defend and uphold our Constitution. But I do not see individual members of the military or vets abandoning Trump in the ballot box. If they do, if any republican loses military support in the ballot box, or if The Party does, they are well and truly F-Ed. Look no farther than Florida. Election returns in FL? Yawn. None of them matter until an hour after most of the state is done voting. Why? Pensacola is in another time zone. Those military votes are going to support the person with the "R". Case in point, Representative Florida Man, R-Pensacola. aka Matt Gaetz.
  19. I can't get there yet, especially with Kuwait. Kuwait wasn't regime change, it was liberating a sovereign country from an illegal occupation, done with a broad coalition. It was right, it was just and though it undoubtedly result in profiteering, the profiteering was not the motivating factor, as I suspect it was in Iraq. Be that as it may, I am not willing to dig into the motivations of individual soldiers serving our country. There may be many with which I do not agree, but they have the overriding motivation to serve our country, be loyal to our country and be loyal to their unit, that is vital to our defense. I have no issues with someone placing their military service at a higher priority than their public office, something she still does even as a member of the House. I see that as a positive. We need more vets in office, precisely because they may be less apt to get us tangled in stupid engagements in pursuit of the mighty dollar for their benefactors.
  20. Sol Rosenberg

    Should Trump go to jail?

    Whoops. Welcome to the night train.
  21. Sol Rosenberg

    Immediate withdrawal from Syria

    I do not support Trump. I think he is terrible. I did not vote for him. But bringing the troops home from Syria is the right thing to do and he promised to do it. Bringing the troops home is key. Wait. What I meant to say was moving the troops from Syria to Iraq is the right thing to do. I would be more flexible about it if I supported Trump, but I don’t.
  22. Sol Rosenberg

    Trump throws Kurds under the bus

    My position? Prosecute war crimes, once documented. Go ahead and document and let’s talk further.
  23. Sol Rosenberg

    Trump throws Kurds under the bus

    By all means, let’s see documentation of war crimes committed by Kurds against ISIS.
  24. Sol Rosenberg

    Trump throws Kurds under the bus

    Donnie Bonespurs took a knee.
  25. I’d like to know what evidence Hillary has to support her accusation. Without any, which is where we are now, it is just another bullshit conspiracy theory.