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  1. Goddamn it. Is there more to the story? This sucks.
  2. Anyone that bucks up and fights for our country deserves to have us stand up for them. End of story.
  3. Remember when that nasty Kenyan aggressively grabbed the American people by the ears and, over a period of many months, rammed, jammed, slammed and crammed his health insurance reform bill down our throats before we had a chance to read the bill? Well now we have some true Americans gradually, patiently easing their bill to dismantle Obamacare and Medicaid, through the Senate in a week or two, before the slowpoke CBO can render a score. It's almost like they don't want folks talking about it. What gives? Repeal and replace, or just repeal? https://www.cassidy.senate.gov/imo/media/doc/LYN17709.pdf
  4. Whoops. What are the odds of that?
  5. There is one reason that we will not do that. It's what Obama did.
  6. It would definitely make them more hungry, and therefore pissed off. You're prolly right. I can't help thinking that the Jhynese are the only ones that can get NK to behave...but they have no motivation to do so.
  7. That brought back memories. The interview that changed the way we deal with catastrophic hurricanes.... Still makes me sick, 25 years later. Damn if she didn't make stuff happen, and fast. Lots of boots on the ground to restore order.
  8. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/07/10/us/politics/donald-trump-jr-russia-email-candidacy.html Trump Jr. Was Told in Email of Russian Effort to Aid Campaign
  9. I currently have a bunch of little shits living on my block, who run around everywhere because they do not grasp the concept of property lines. I could easily see those kids getting hurt if my fence came down. I literally told them that they were to stay off of my lot not because I want them off my lawn, but because I don't want them getting hurt on my construction site. The bigger the city, the more people there are, and the more likely that somebody slips up. So there's that. There's also the memory of the lawlessness that took hold after Andrew, when officials left a vacuum in the days after the storm. Remember Kate Hale, who I think was County Administrator at the time, or something like that, who had a live national TV camera stuck in her face, and had the presence of mind to meet that opportunity to say "WHERE THE HELL IS THE CAVALRY?" That line ended her political career by embarrassing the good old boys, but it got a response, and changed the way we respond to storms. I am sure that local government involvement immediately after the storm was no accident, and not just for the purpose of busting balls.
  10. Whoops. http://www.politico.com/story/2017/09/21/facebook-to-release-russian-purchased-ads-linked-to-2016-election-242982
  11. Yeah, but.... As is so often the case, a bit more context and a few more details would help. Click on the link in the OP now, and see the update, with the response from Dade County. They explain their actions, and clear up the citation issue. They issued safety notices. No fines. Meh. They explain it better than I can, but their update provides the missing context and facts pretty well.
  12. Indeed. We should be discussing ways to do more, not arguing about doing less. Unreal.
  13. I don't think it is different. The nazis survived their rough beginnings because people were willing to make excuses for them and look the other way. They killed millions because nobody told them early on, when they could have been easily stopped, "F-U, we're not doing that, it's not who we are." Well, here we are, with Nazis wanting to bring back Hitler's dream, and White Supremacists starting up their shit, and we have Dog trying to keep us scared of black folks.
  14. Exactly. Foxy News and Dog are expanding the membership and activities of Black Block to go after anti fascists with an ever broadening brush. We should ALL be anti fascists. I spoke with a 92 year old WWII vet this morning at a meet n greet with one of our senators. He's anti fascist and bad as f@ck. He took away a lot more than fascists' freedom of speech.
  15. Opinion piece, but I want to say that for the first time ever, I agree with Corey Lewandowsky. http://thehill.com/homenews/news/351672-lewandowski-manafort-should-go-to-jail-for-the-rest-of-his-life-if-he-colluded
  16. I'm not measuring goodness. I'm pointing out that they are not the ones who have killed people.
  17. I'll reword it to make it more palatable for you. Have they killed more people at rallies organized by the folks whose free speech you admirably seek to protect, than the folks whose free speech you admirably seek to protect, or less?
  18. When we want to know what they think or do, we'll check in with you. Have they killed more people at Nazi/White Supremacist rallies than the Nazis and White Supremacists, or fewer?
  19. Indeed, but Dog needs a group to ascribe an ideology to, and he's going to have one. When we want to know what they think, he will tell us!
  20. They undermine their own goals with their use of violence. It overshadows all of the other stuff they do, like identifying nazis and white nationalists/supremacists, which is a far bigger part of what they do than hitting nazis. It costs them support from those who would otherwise support them, and gives cover to those seeking to change the subject away from Nazis and white nationalists/supremacists and the people they kill. Their symbol should be some form of cutting off one's nose to spite one's face.
  21. Perhaps not, but driving a wedge between them and China might work. Maybe not.
  22. Why don't these guys have the balls to just straight up repeal Obamacare?
  23. Real sanctions. Push for some sanctions with bite. Otherwise agreed. He makes an effective boogeyman, something the fear factor bunch hasn't had since Bush killed bin Laden.