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  1. Editor

    what is it?

    A cool photo, at least. And?
  2. Editor

    clever or lame?

    Clever or lame? You decide.
  3. Editor

    what is it?

    Well, it appears to be a multihull...
  4. Editor

    Not fun?!?

    as stated, imma pussy!
  5. Editor

    Greta: SCOTW

    dude, i posted something good about her last week. thought the scotw might be somewhat misguided, but i hear you!
  6. Editor

    Geezer-friendly One Designs

    Holder 20?
  7. Editor

    Front Page Design

    i don't like that either. we are tweaking the thing and that is on the list. thanks for the input yo.
  8. Editor

    what is it?

    It might have more than one hull...
  9. Editor

    where is it?

  10. Editor

    what is it?

    i rarely ever have to reveal as most times the answer comes within minutes.
  11. Editor

    what is it?

    WTF??? Is this one of the very few times that no one has gotten this right?
  12. Editor

    where is it?

    Fire away.
  13. Editor

    Wot's on the FP currently ?

    the blue Moore 24 looked great. I almost felt bad rolling over them at the island...;)
  14. Editor

    Wot's on the FP currently ?

    broke my own fucking rule!
  15. Editor

    Wot's on the FP currently ?

    More a short vid on a local race, but yeah, it's all about anarchy, always!