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  1. Editor

    Ocean's poem...

    glad you liked it, and it's my pleasure to run those!
  2. Editor

    what was it?

    It went from Cali to Down Under. What was it?
  3. Editor

    Moore sailboats Liquidating?

    Well, we finally got the story on the Moore situation from Blaine Rorick from Moore Sailboats, Inc., and it adds some clarity and insight to our Craigslist story. We apologize for not getting all the facts ahead of time. Moore Sailboats is not for sale. Moore Sailboats, Inc., a different entity building the Moore 33, is neither for sale nor in trouble. The ad was misguidedly placed by a friend of Ron Moore’s after a dinner conversation during which Ron, discussed the possibility of retiring one day and all that might mean. Ron did not authorize his friend to place this ad. A business of this caliber and reputation would not resort to a spur-of-the-moment Craigslist ad that contains numerous spelling and punctuation errors, one that includes random unidentified images, indicates the wrong location, and would certainly not get the name of the company wrong. It does appear that the owner of the Watsonville property might not renew the lease. In anticipation of this, the company has initiated plans to move production to SoCal. We were going to announce this when the details were finalized. Plans for the new Moore 33 are proceeding well. Location issues will not affect the production schedule and we remain on track to have the first two hulls launched in the spring of 2021. Ron Moore is the Vice President of Moore Sailboats, Inc., and will be a vital part of the Moore 33’s success.
  4. Editor

    Moore sailboats Liquidating?

    could be bullshit. i did send a couple emails...have not heard back.
  5. never read this website again! you are going to pollute sailing with all your polital correct bullshit? go ahead..you're so woke

  6. Editor

    new j/day

    Looks just fine to us. Our biggest concern is how much is it going to cost? We’ll know soon enough! From J/Boats: Responding to a growing need amongst sailors for a more comfortable, simpler and easy-to-own daysailer, J/Boats is excited to announce a sleek new 28 footer (the “J/9”) with perhaps the most comfortable cockpit and easiest-to-manage sailplan in this size range. “With the J/9, we set out to reimagine how to make sailing easier, more relaxing and more inclusive,” said Jeff Johnstone of J/Boats. “This is a boat you can sail by yourself in just a few minutes, or bring along the whole gang with plenty of room to spare. Escaping to the water and enjoying shared family adventure has never been more important, and the J/9 is the perfect platform.”
  7. Editor

    white men.

    We're likely to see nearly the same thing with the other three (or is it two?) America's Cup teams, but for christ's sake, it is not possible to have less people of color on this massive team. And that is because there are none. And would you like to attempt to count how many women there are? No need, we did it for you: The answer is one. As in token. Or maybe there are more, but were told not to worry their pretty little heads over a silly photo op... Really, this is the message you wish to send? If you aren't white and don't have a penis, then fuck off? There was no one of equal talent otherwise? It is total bullshit, insulting to millions (well it would be millions if anybody really gave a fuck about the AC, which they don't), is a poor look, and sends exactly the wrong message. Looks pretty racist and misogynist to us. Apparently they didn't get the message about diversity.
  8. Editor

    Jack "Off" Geirhart US sAiling CEO

    oh fuck him. i have a slightly different opinion, and i voiced it. bfd.
  9. Editor

    Jack "Off" Geirhart US sAiling CEO

    yeah but us sailing ass kisser lewack didn't have an article quite like mine, did he? no, being on the payroll would shut a pussy up right quick.
  10. Editor

    Taxi dancer

    named taxi dancer? no.
  11. Editor

    Taxi dancer

    Yes R/P. No, it's OG.
  12. Editor

    SDYC Hot Rum 2020

    it didn't and it doesn't. the headsails were a shit show. the "#3" is a bizarre mule, and there is no #2, the "#1" is a 144%
  13. Editor

    SDYC Hot Rum 2020

    pretty sure i blamed me, but thanks.
  14. Editor

    SDYC Hot Rum 2020

    one of the worst racing days i've ever had. put a j/105 jib up that didn't fit well, didn't sheet right and we were slow almost all day. not smart, not fast and got our hat handed to us by benny and the boys so fucking thoroughly it was embarrassing. btw, i don't think we were racing in that pic but that hardly matters. we sucked. lick these wounds, and live to fit another day.
  15. Editor

    Cabo Wabo

    whatever it takes to rid us of this virus. unlike what the fat traitor did, which was nothing but lie. never forget that anything that criminal did, was whatever putin told him to do. and he want the us to collapse. this is the end of that bullshit.