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  1. price is an odious cunt, right along with pruitt, zinke, munchin, sessions, miller, ad nauseam. fuck dolt 45, these souless pigs are the ones inflicting real damage.
  2. hey, welcome! i just have a beef with adam loory. or shouldd i say, he has a beef with me.
  3. jesus, look at those uk sails. did they finally drop that tape horeshit and just decide to copy everyone else?
  4. a drunken quadriplegic could do a better job than those fucks. a lot of work, but depending on how all this goes, i just might!
  5. the fuck? you think that's justification for kicking me out?
  6. hey look, we’re back in love! Golly, we are as surprised as you are, but it looks like SWYC accepted our entry into the San Diego to Ensenada Race! Check the entries here. We must commend them for doing what is best for the sport, and of course, that is encouraging, not discouraging participation. It is refreshing to think that they saw they were acting the best interests of sailing, the sport, and finally, their club. I guess I’ll go take that mean ‘ol article I just put up, right on down. Just as soon as my entry is indeed confirmed, I’ll jump right on that! What do you think they are going to do? A - Nuke the entry at 0600? B - Accept the entry on some condition? C - Attempt to have me barred from the sport entirely?
  7. duh, you wouldn't be singing that tune if you worked for Quantum. duh, it's not a laser. imagine if the melges 20, 24, 32, farr 40, etchells, ad nauseam did that?
  8. ZENDA, Wis. (Sept. 13, 2017) — Melges Performance Sailboats is proud to announce the addition of a new class to the Melges line: the IC37 by Melges, a 37-foot modern race boat. Exclusively for Group 1 sailors, the strict one-design class will be simple and fun with competitive racing at sailing’s most celebrated venues. Partnering with the New York Yacht Club (NYYC), Mills Design, Westerly Marine and North Sails, Melges looks forward to the opportunity to launch and develop the Melges IC37 Class Association. With critical mass already set in place by the NYYC, this fleet will be a modern one-design racer with an international reach. The IC37 by Melges is designed to be a one-design for the masses and a great IRC/ORC competitor with optional interior fit outs available. Starting with a fleet of 20 boats owned by the New York Yacht Club, Melges will market and grow the class to international recognition. When sailors step onto the IC37 by Melges, they will step onto a one-of-a-kind, high quality product backed by the industry’s leader in performance one-design racing and built by one of the leading performance boat builders in the world, Westerly Marine. Melges Performance Sailboats will lead the development of the class association, the regatta circuit, measurement, one-design class rules, promotional events and new boat sales. “The time has come for a strict one-design class of this size, designed and built to accommodate a wide spectrum of crew skills, targeting the Corinthian sailors of the world. We are dedicated to enriching all areas of one-design racing, including youth, Corinthian, women’s and Grand Prix style racing,” said Harry Melges. The New York Yacht Club was the project’s visionary force. By using the first twenty IC37s to carry the Rolex New York Yacht Club Invitational Cup into its second decade and beyond, the NYYC is creating a rock-solid, established base for the new fleet. The club carefully selected the most qualified partners for the job. Melges is honored to take on this project and work with some of the industry’s best. From a number of submissions from top yacht designers around the globe, the NYYC selected a Mills Design proposal. Production is already underway at Westerly Marine of Santa Ana, California, an experienced builder capable of very high quality offshore builds. North Sails, the leading international sailmaker, has joined the team as the class’s exclusive sailmaker for the one-design sail package. Harken and Southern Spars are named as official suppliers to the new class. The strict one-design rules outlined by the Melges IC37 Class Association are built on the ideals of Corinthian sailing. All components will be built to the strictest tolerances and measured to ensure the tightest one-design rules. One-design sails will be enforced with no expensive sail development programs allowed – One main, one jib and one asymmetrical spinnaker. Rules will include limited hiking and a basic electronics package. The boat is designed for eight Group 1 sailors. Learn more about the IC37 by Melges by visiting the Melges Performance Sailboats booth at upcoming boat shows, Newport, Annapolis and Chicago, to name a few. Follow the journey on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Visit MelgesIC37Class.com to learn more.
  9. We were kind of surprised to see the new Melges IC 37, which was originally introduced as the NYYC One Design, but is now branded and managed and sold by Melges. There are a couple things that really jump out: 1) Only Group 1 sailors can sail 2) An attractive price of $259,000 3) Must get North Sails We dig 1 and 2, but even ignoring our dislike of North Sails, why, oh why, would they limit sails to only one sailmaker?? What is the incentive for salesmen from OneSails, or Dolye, or Ullman, or Quantum or any other sailmaker to recommend this boat if they can't sell sails? What if you are a long time and happy customer of any of the above sailmakers and want to stay with that brand? It is a ridiculous rule and one that we are certain will be met with derision from any sailmaker who isn't North. Comments?
  10. I really do appreciate that. There really is something special about getting these old shit boxes up to snuff. There is a magic to these things that can't really be described.I never thought I'd find this even remotely interesting, but man I fucking love the 33!
  11. We're not sure. What do you think?
  12. I-14-ish? Hmmm?
  13. not quite, asshole, but i'm sure you'll like this: http://sailinganarchy.com/2017/09/06/st-maarten-wrecked/
  14. we do it, but only the stuff that clean or i write. the rest always gets attribution.
  15. he absolutely did not write it. he simply copies and pastes a press release and wants you to think it's news. it's his greatest talent. besides being a world class whiner and one of the douchiest glad handers ever. it is worth noting that as soon as leweck found out that clean was going to be a part of the 49er media team, he send e-mails to them complaining about clean. that is the kind of sniveling bitch i am talking about.