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  1. Editor

    If No One Else is Gonna Mention it... (From the FP)

    oh come on, smart-ass. you know what it means.
  2. Editor

    what is it?

    An alien killer-type thing?
  3. Editor

    the iceman

    yep, i got played!
  4. Editor

    Scuttlebutt Ranked #1? WTF SA?

  5. Editor

    Scuttlebutt Ranked #1? WTF SA?

    such a twat.
  6. Editor

    Scuttlebutt Ranked #1? WTF SA?

    hahaha! perfect.
  7. Editor

    Scuttlebutt Ranked #1? WTF SA?

    you mean when leweck begged his readers to pay for the flight for friedman to write for scuttlebutthole? that's how fucking cheap he is. you want somebody to travel to write for you, you pay the tab yourself. in a million years, i would never pull that horseshit.
  8. Editor

    Scuttlebutt Ranked #1? WTF SA?

    damaging? you mean by calling out bullshit, daring to often have a counter opinion, and offering up a heap of entertainment along the way? well, douches like leweck would have you think that we are the spawn of satan, going by the complaints about us he sends to almost anyone who advertisers with us or sends content to us. the irony is that the real prick here is him.
  9. Editor

    Scuttlebutt Ranked #1? WTF SA?

  10. Editor

    Scuttlebutt Ranked #1? WTF SA?

    a meaningless stat from a newsletter that was handed down from daddy. did he mention that when people search for the word 'sailing' (which dwarves 'sailing news' searches), that we are ranked #7 out of 543,000,000 results in the world. ask the bitchy poser where he ranks. what he won't brag about are the meaningful metrics like visits, page views, sessions, users. i guarantee we crush him in every category and soundly.
  11. Editor

    what is it?

    controversial etchells
  12. Editor

    palace intrigue

    If there’s one thing we know about the America’s Cup it is that there is always some level of palace intrigue. Most often the subterfuge surfaces fairly early with a good deal of noise. This Cup though is different. Never before has there been so little news from either the teams or the event. When promoting the event ambition did not match reality and subsequently fewer teams are competing than desired. Multiple factors in play there starting with a new boat that, obviously, most people couldn’t see how to fund. Toss in a global pandemic and it’s a prescription for a less than optimum event outcome. One wonders about the pressures faced within the event organizers to try and make sure their ability matched projections. While there is a good deal of public information from the event side of things, there is precious little about the actual challengers and arbitration outcomes. How do we know that all the teams are actually entered legally? Is it possible one of the teams was entered as a corporate entity rather than as a club entry, as is required by the Deed of Gift? If a team entered as, essentially, a corporation there are multiple questions. Why did they not enter as a club? Why were they allowed to enter under the auspices of anything but a club? Does the mutual consent clause in the Deed of Gift allow the Defender and Challenger to waive entry requirements stated in the Deed? Even if a team is sailing in the Prada Cup without the benefit of being entered via a club, is there anyone who can do anything about it? Food for thought...
  13. Editor

    what is it?

    It might make some of you mad. or not. Guess.
  14. while you had much to do with getting and keeping sa going, starting a forum was what i wanted to do - he may have sent you a link, but that was part of my 'vision', such as it was. he quit early on when he revealed that was anything but an anarchist. best thing that could have ever happened. rip, sinclair bishop.