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  1. Road Kill

    Melges 24 bowsprit

    Standard operating procedure is to tape old boot to end of pole with black electric/ rigging tape so when fully retracted it overlaps the boot/ gasket attached to bow. If not in planing conditions boat fills with water. We use teflon paste on pole. Much better than vasolene. Comes in a small can in plumbing section at Lowes. Very, very slick on pole. We would redo every year. Hold up great. Also used on new keel delron spacers vs sanding them down to fit. Leads to very tight keel with no movement in big waves.
  2. Road Kill

    Help me rig my Melges 24

    There should be two holes in top of crane, both are tapped for #8 or #10 stainless steal screws. If stripped fill with epoxy , drill and retap. Backstay is attached by pin to back undersurface back of cane, goes thru loop or tiny block at end of fiberglass batten