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  1. nyker

    Anyone have a Catri

    A dutch Catri broke its beams, about 7 years ago. They are quite thin IMHO
  2. nyker

    Farrier F-85SR

    A bigger foot means a lower aspect ratio on the main sail. A lower aspect ratio means less efficiency, so it'll cost you upwind performance.
  3. nyker

    Corsair 970

    A new danish production trimaran is the black marlin Vision boats I,ve been on the prototype ( before its first sail ) and its a very spacious boat. It’s also very fast and has a modified version of the dragonfly folding system.
  4. nyker

    Marley Point 2018 50th Anniversary

    Great write-ups, gentlemen. Thanks for letting us in on your adventures. One question: were oars allowed? I guess these could help the boat pointed in the right direction under such circumstances, with one crewmember sitting on each float to row forward or backwards. file
  5. nyker

    Special Edition F22 F by Ian Farrier

    The -F is full carbon, a bit difficult to retrofit
  6. nyker

    Ian Farrier

    I'm still building one of his designs. The building book that accompanied the drawings makes building easy and even though he was very busy he was very approachable and very quick to answer any questions. His efforts made it possible for many people to build a high performance multihull by just following the book. My thoughts go out to his family and friends. Thanks Ian. You will be missed.
  7. nyker

    DIY Wing Mast Questions

    Not as good as the single shackle attachment upfront, no. I've made the deck layout such that I can set up for a rotation limiter, but also the other way around. The mainsheet is at an angle and compression in the boom will help rotation.
  8. nyker

    Recommendations for first time boat build.

    And even building an F85SR takes a long time, if you do it without sacrificing lifes pleasures like family ( you might be single now but that can change ), work ( you need to live and pay for the boat. A second hand boat is cheaper than building your own ), and recreation ( = sailing when the weather is nice ). In the end the only valid reason for building your own boat is the desire to build your own boat. And even then it is way easier, cheaper and faster to buy a second hand F-24 and then build a smal runabout to take you to the mooring and back. I started of with a very valid 5-7 year build expectation, but it might take eight years to finish my boat as I have to put in much more hours than I expected. In the mean time I keep enjoying sailing my Nacra 500 though.
  9. nyker

    F-22 Update

    Actually, the foils on the F-22 are an old idea ( see http://f22r.blogspot.nl/2013/06/curved-lifting-foils.html ) but the T-rudders are new as far as I know.
  10. nyker

    DIY Wing Mast Questions

    Colligo has a very nice 'double cheeky tang' fitting that is throughbolted with a titanium bolt. A loop on the inside ( of both sides ) will hold the forestay. The outer loop is the side stay. I plan to use it on my F-85SR
  11. nyker

    Race Replays

    The vk links require a login
  12. nyker

    Race Replays

    Yep, still, great service by rudder. Thanks
  13. nyker

    Corsair 760

    And interior moldings, as far as I can see, which would account for the higher waterline...
  14. nyker

    Corsair 760

    This is not a dash, but a 760
  15. Single handable? Go for a Nacra 500 or the 5.0. If it's blowing more than 20 knots, just add a second person. It doesn't have any nose diving tendecies and handles waves very well.