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  1. Italian cruise ship tragedy

    I watched that; I thought it was well done too. I believe they said the ship was only 200 yards from the shore, not a quarter mile, going 15k. I have read about this thing that channel pilots have to worry about, called "shoal effect" or something like that -- I can't remember why, but the hydrodynamics acting on a ship's hull, tend to pull the stern toward the shallower side. Apparently this is very tricky when trying to travel down a narrow ship channel when the water to one side of the channel is deeper than the other. It almost looked like that was going on here. All in, a terrible accident.
  2. women of sa calendar

    Got that right. if you didn't want a calendar, you could have looked in the *other* thread to find a way to send the $30 to msg directly. Or was that too much work? Have you met the women who are in this calendar? have you seen the calendar yet to even know wtf you're talking about? Funny that you think it's perfectly ok to put up a calendar of airbrushed bimbos who are paid to be your left hand's best friend, but would be embarrassed to hang a calendar of real women who really did this to help a friend in need? you really have a skewed morality. I use both hands, actually. Longstanding habit. I did open that link and just made a donation. Don't think for one second that I do not recognize the obligation to help someone in need. The law of the sea applies here as well. I sincerely get that and wholeheartedly support it.
  3. women of sa calendar

    That's totally fair. To me the Star is the very apotheosis of sailboat racing. The other classes you mention present some of the most classic challenges in the sport. My point was simply that J24 sailors do at least have some standards!
  4. women of sa calendar

    And just who the fuck are you? Mr. Aggressive Piety?
  5. women of sa calendar

    True and false. The J24 is one of the great conundrums of the sport of sailing. Horrible boat -- as slow, piglike and miserable as can be conceived by human minds (there is, in fact, a boat in Annapolis called Porca Miseria -- which in Italian roughly translates as "The Pig of Misery." All true. But please tell me a class where there's better competition.
  6. women of sa calendar

    Yes, because as Gandhi said, "the truth will set you free." There's nothing wrong, and everything right, with raising money for such an urgent cause. But to suggest that guys are going to spend 2012 looking at these pictures is, well, a real stretch. I feel like Mister Spock in Star Trek. I'm not usually so gauche. But here it's necessary.
  7. women of sa calendar

    Poor-poor Marco...another fauxtographer who can't light his way out of a fucking paper bag. Crutched up by piss-ass available light. Your work is sub-par and that's being whoafully generous. My donation has been made. In fact I've forwarded the project on to my boss and his charitable Foundation... Hef reads the articles as do photo editors like myself. He may even consider contributing if the product isn't ever seen. That's what we paid professionals do, not just 'whine'. Now then, what level will you be taking the project. Or are you just going to continue to peddle your own 'work' on SA and bash those in the industry. Suggestion, add a link to your web page. Make some noise. Obviously I did and it got the attention I'd intended. Happy Holidays to you too darling. So where were you with your mad "T&A Skillz" when this project was first coalescing? Certainly professional input is always appreciated. Of course, most people also include "Demeanor" when thinking "Professional" too. Can't say you sound like anyone I'd every want to have working for me on a project with your amped up Monday morning 'Tude about how we all suck and shouldn't bother to even try and help our friend. Quite a lot of arrogance with nothing to back it up - you have some cattle to go with that 20 gallon hat? Seems to me if your boss and his foundation want to agree to foot the entire bill for Catherine's cancer battle we wouldn't need the calendar, until then perhaps you should go stand in front of a mirror and practice that "Professional Demeanor" because your manners are quite lacking. I don't know. The guy's tact is decidedly lacking but he has a point. Let's be coldly, commercially real: who (despite all the best, most loving and earnest intentions in the world), is going to actually put on their wall a calendar composed of not-particularly-hot photos of girls in not-particularly-fetching poses on their wall? Who? Is there anyone? I mean, I ordered one out of pure guilt but I would have been just as happy advancing the $30; I don't want the calendar. A better way to do this might have been to charge $30 for a Ridgid Tool calendar, because those are actually hot and fun to look at. Based on the images I've seen, I would be embarassed to hang this up in my kitchen, study or garage. I'm not doing it. Yes, your Honor, I'll stipulate that this is for a fantastic cause -- that's not my point. I sound like a complete jerk but I am only trying to call them as I see them.