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  1. Timing the line

    an 1800' start line ?? seems kind of long....
  2. Breeze ended up better than forecast, we finished at 8:53pm on Flaquita. Saw 20 kts of breeze coming in to Pt Dume, it was a little light at the end but overall a great race, ended up 2nd in Fast 50s
  3. What Paint for Interior Lazarettes?

    this works great and is reasonably priced-$50/gal last time I got some. A little tricky to apply a it tacks off pretty quickly but very durable http://www.ppgporterpaints.com/products/specialty-interior/break-through-interior-exterior-paint
  4. better safe than sorry?

    From the competitor bulletin..... "The organizing authority (OA) and race committee (RC) remain concerned about periods of extreme weather and a significant sea state, as a frontal system passes over the course area. Competitor safety is the foremost interest of the OA and RC. Current weather models forecast all four fundamental areas of concern outlined in Amendment 1. The course to be sailed is course two (2). Please refer to the Amendment 1 with respect to the starting line area and course description."
  5. better safe than sorry?

    Looks like we're sailing the short course..... Flaquita crew was looking forward to long course like most boats were.
  6. Misty May's Ass

    don't think this site has been mentioned yet, enjoy ! http://mistymaysass.blogspot.com/
  7. Joke

    2 sperm are swimming next to each other for what seems like a long time one of the sperm turns to the other and says "boy, we've been at it a long time, do you think we are getting close to the uterus yet ?" the other one turns his head and laughs " uterus, hell, we're hardly past the esophagus !!"