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  1. maxtrim

    N2E Wx Thread- Could Be Interesting

    For those that haven't heard the good news, this posted earlier on NOSA's web site..... The Mexican government informed NOSA yesterday that they will be enforcing the boat tourist visa fee on N2E racers that go ashore in Mexico. In prior years this was waived by local authorities. But this year the federal government is taking an active role. Wonderful. Not the kind of surprise we like. We asked and received clarifications this morning on the implementation in Ensenada. We are continuing to lobby officials to avoid this process or at the very least make this hurdle as painless as possible. Currently, a fee of $35 per person, for a visa, will be charged upon arrival. Sailors can either; 1- Buy the visas online for every crew member that plans to go ashore. 2-Pay the visa Fee in Ensenada. Mexican Immigration will have people and tables set up at Hotel Coral.
  2. maxtrim

    Timing the line

    an 1800' start line ?? seems kind of long....
  3. Breeze ended up better than forecast, we finished at 8:53pm on Flaquita. Saw 20 kts of breeze coming in to Pt Dume, it was a little light at the end but overall a great race, ended up 2nd in Fast 50s
  4. maxtrim

    Misty May's Ass

    don't think this site has been mentioned yet, enjoy !
  5. maxtrim


    2 sperm are swimming next to each other for what seems like a long time one of the sperm turns to the other and says "boy, we've been at it a long time, do you think we are getting close to the uterus yet ?" the other one turns his head and laughs " uterus, hell, we're hardly past the esophagus !!"