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  1. Origami Boat Thread

    OMG, its dejavu all over again
  2. Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    Heres Enzo Bensoni taking a little break
  3. Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    After Enzo Bensoni the most famous of Ventitian Gondoliers.
  4. Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    yes, we are making a quick disconnect pigtail to allow the compass to be lighted. (Not that I sail at night much anymore, but it never hurts to be able to when necessary.) You should see if you can find a set of contacts that can be mounted so that when you put the compass board in it's plugged in. Potentially it could be a cleaner finished product as well. Just out of curiousity, how well does the Francis Lee scull? I have not located the long 18 foot sculling oar yet.......I guess we could rig up a sculling oar lock on the stern roller. Have the yard make a carbon yuloh.She looks great Kim and Bob.Its been a pleasure to follow this project from the beginning.
  5. Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    Im with you there Kim.These are Sailboats after all ,not star ships.
  6. Coolboats to admire

    A sister ship to the Bolger called Romp went through the eye of a hurricane back in the 70's.
  7. Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    Very, very nice work Bob.A truly unique and beautiful vessel.I envy ya Kim!.
  8. Taleisen for sale

    Yes, I have a bit of an attitude, but sometimes "experts" just piss me off. I wonder if they tolerate people who own multihulls. Oh come on Russ,Everyone a multihull isnt a real boat, Don Street said so;-)
  9. Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    Great color choice for the hull. Materhorn white, yes?.
  10. Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    She could fall in with the wrong crowd if your not careful.
  11. Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    The latest in multihull tech. http://annapolis.craigslist.org/boa/3883948777.html
  12. Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    Maybe it was the Fukushima debris test.
  13. Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    90% of rudder design is half mental - Yogi Berra
  14. Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    Actually some of the old pearsons had interior wood that looked liked formica.Godawful cheesey looking crap.
  15. Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    I hear ya Bob .