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  1. BlackieChan

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist Barn find 26m. Put it back!
  2. BlackieChan

    Cheap Hardware Hacks $4.23 no prime :C
  3. BlackieChan

    Cheap Hardware Hacks

    Omg this is amazing
  4. BlackieChan

    Cheap Hardware Hacks

    Haha, yeah not trying to replicate the process. The process is a large part of the problem. Just trying to find alternatives suitable to certain situations, which is the point of this thread. In every field we pay money for convenience. I think this is well understood.
  5. BlackieChan

    Cheap Hardware Hacks

    This is my dream. A punch die, a shop press, some aluminum tubing and a safety disclaimer of biblical proportions. Et voila, ghetto low friction rings!
  6. BlackieChan

    Cheap Hardware Hacks

    Sure, it's a low volume part made from expensive processes. Maybe the sum of those processes ends up justifying the bulk of the cost. But those climbing rings are actual life saving equipment and cost 3 to 6 dollars. They wouldn't cover all the use cases of the much thicker low friction rings but many of them. Apologies, not a ripoff.
  7. BlackieChan

    Cheap Hardware Hacks

    This is helpful. I was seeing low friction rings for 15 to 25 dollars. What a ripoff!
  8. BlackieChan

    Cheap Hardware Hacks

    Were their prices any good? Did they have any dinghy sized hardware? If you remember.
  9. BlackieChan

    Cheap Hardware Hacks

    Aww geez put me on the spot. I'll have to think about that and run around with my calipers.
  10. BlackieChan

    Cheap Hardware Hacks

    Hey! That's right around the corner. Maybe I can get some shackles for under $20 a piece.
  11. BlackieChan

    Cheap Hardware Hacks

    That's correct, Seattle area. I'll try and keep an eye out for swap meets.
  12. BlackieChan

    Cheap Hardware Hacks

    I might be exaggerating, it wasn't probably that cheap but it also wasn't a couple of bucks a piece.
  13. BlackieChan

    Cheap Hardware Hacks

    Where do you find used parts? I've found that ebay is mostly over priced garbage. Craigslist doesn't often turn up anything where I'm at.
  14. BlackieChan

    Cheap Hardware Hacks

    I've been restoring a Speedball 14 to sailing condition. In the process I've had to source a few small things: - clevis pins - stick on carpet daggerboard gasket - floatation bags - blocks bearing minimal load for the cunningham and vang adjustments What do all these things have in common? They're all wildly overpriced from sailing suppliers and can be found in hardware stores. I stupidly bought clevis pins from west marine for $5 a piece, a seller was asking $45 for 52" of stick on carpet, float bags from APS are $60-100, a harken micro block is $25. Stainless clevis pins can be bought for 50 cents or so, I haven't priced stick on carpet, but I'm guessing it doesn't go for 10s of dollars / sqft. I can even buy float bags and blocks from the hardware store. Does anyone have similar cost saving tricks? I can understand paying extra on critical structural items, basically standing rigging in my case. The rest just seems a bit excessive.
  15. BlackieChan

    Frankenstein Speedball 14

    Took her on her maiden voyage today. There was basically no wind to maybe 10 knots in gusts. She hauls ass compared to my little 8 footer cat boat (Ranger Lil Puff 8ft). I had a friend along. 370 lbs combined there was never an issue keeping it level. I think it would be no problems single handing up to a steady 10 knots. I was really concerned about helm balance, since I added something like 30 or 40 sq ft to the main. It was not an issue in the conditions today. Future work: - Centerboard trunk leaks a bit more than I want. Probably be fine if it was just me in the boat. - Look at getting a 420 jib from intensity as well - Maybe hack the end off the boom - relocate the shroud upper mounting points lower to match closer to the 420's mast and reclaim that sexy mast bend - Fix up the chain plate at the forestay - Get photos of it sailing