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  1. Crowther 33

    Redreuben. Why do you say the B28 plans are freely available. I have yet to hear of a full size paper set of plans available. Pdfs printed out A4 size are difficult to produce as full size sheets and the average guy is not able to do that. I am looking for the day when someone produces a full set of paper plans, with building instructions and material list, plus backup construction support, at a reasonable price. That is not available at the present time.
  2. Older fast Aus multies

    Regarding older Aus fast Multies. Joe Farinaccio, the "Small Tri Guy" has posted this about a forty three year old Lock Crowther design. Heres a good read. - http://smalltrimarans.com/blog/?p=11744 And this:- http://smalltrimarans.com/blog/?p=11664
  3. Older fast Aus multies

    Still would like to know about that Kraken 40 up north,with the name RINGO on it. The original Ringo was Kraken 40 #1, and was built in Canada. Won the 1969 NY-Bermuda race and was then sold to that Californian guy who buggered it up. It became too heavy and never reached it's original performance levels. Can't imagine it ending up in Oz
  4. You Said:- So... my options are to build or buy. I have the original plans, here are the basic specs: You have the Dwgs and specs, why can't you just make another board, laminated from straight grained Cedar, shaped to section and sheathed with three layers of glass/epoxy.
  5. Lake Ontario Anarchy

    What ever happened to the CYRA. They used to organise the races for the 12 clubs around Toronto harbour. Each club sponsored one race of the 12 races of the 12 week racing season, every Saturday, come rain or shine. All sailboats were accepted (yes, even multihulls) and sailed in four separate classes, starting at 5 min intervals. Small first, then Medium, Large and Multihulls last. All competing boats would raft up at the sponsoring clubs docks and enjoy a party after the finish. "Bonoventure", a C & C 60, was the biggest boat then, but we would routinely beat her, boat for boat. After the race the big winch apes crewing her would come and sit all over our boat with their tinnies, to chat up our all Girl crew. Happy Days.
  6. Crowther 33

    Yeah. Buccaneer 24 plans are now freely available, and B28 also,but not quite so freely. What we really need now is B33 plans and (please, please) Kraken 40 plans. I raced on "Ringo' , the first K40, and crewed with Logan Apperley on his K40, "Mana Moana". I have always considered that the K40 was an ideal fast cruiser for four people. As for old designs, Samnz (now Samin) was beating the crap out of the more "modern" tris with his old Green B24 before he graduated to the 8.5 M class.
  7. Crowther 33

    In the last 44 years I have never heard of a Crowther Buccaneer 24 capsize or pitchpole. More than 200 of them have been cruised and raced, so that fact sounds most improbable. If anyone has knowledge of one tipping I would be really interested in hearing the details.
  8. Crowther 43 project.

    That Crowther Cat is dead ringer to his first Catana style design, "Bagatelle", built for Lindsay Cummings in 1979-80. Bagatelle was 15' shorter by the length of the scoop step at the transom, and had bulbs at the bottom of the stem, otherwise she is pretty well the same. She was a delight to sail, moving out in an effortless way. Unfortunately she was wrecked on the Great Barrier reef. Lindsay was recompensed by the insurance company. The still floating wreck was bought by a Brisbane man who, after a long and arduous re-build now has her intact and sailing again.
  9. Lake Ontario Anarchy

    Talking about the Susan Hood and other great races like the Summerville, --triangular overnight courses across Lake Ontario, starting and finishing at Toronto. What happened to the CYRA, that great combination of the 12 yacht clubs, who would host the 12 races, one each week, for the three months of the racing season. What is the setup now??
  10. BoatSmith Builds a Wharram Ariki 48'

    I have always had a "Soft Spot" for the Ariki. It seems to be about the right size for fast ocean sailing and also have adequate room inside for a small family. I was able to go aboard a Tehini in Toronto Canada in 1976. The builder had used steel "I" beams for the cross arms. The boat was very rigid and sailed well. I was very impressed.
  11. Older fast Aus multies

    Last i heard a guy was restoring/rebuilding "Bagatelle" in Cairns. Has anyone heard about it ??
  12. Older fast Aus multies

    Anyone know what happened to Logan Apperlys Kraken 40, "Mana Moana". She broke the Sydney-NZ record on her maiden voyage with Lock Crowther aboard. Logan sold her after she was pitchpoled in Manly(NSW)Harbour. Also "Ringo" Dave Greens Kraken 40 which set a record for the New York-Bermuda race. Ringo was sold to Mike Kane in So Cal and I don't know what happened to her either
  13. F-22 Update

    Ian. I am so glad to see you still use the word "Floats" to describe the outer hulls on a trimaran. All this uppity use of polynesian words like Akas, Amas and Vakas--------------is just Nackers.
  14. Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    I think it's more a case of extreme complication and decreased reliability, plus the need to rely on an engine running all the time to supply the hydraulic pressure versus the speed/stability gains. In other words it follows the law of diminishing returns.
  15. Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Removal of canting keel mechanism. So much for CBTF. As Mr Cessna said, "Simplicate,and add less weight".