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  1. Blur

    what's your top boatspeed in a J boat?

    Hoisting it in 28 knots is fine, but you shouldn't be surprised if it explodes after your third broach in a 36-knot puff. Apparently
  2. Blur

    what's your top boatspeed in a J boat?

    Craziest. Not 20+ on the J/111.... but 21.68 double-handed on a J/109 And, yeah, things went pear-shaped pretty quick after this.... I remember talking to the insurance company afterward, and they thought it was reckless to put up the A5 in 28-30 knots.
  3. Blur

    Favourite Boat pic?

    Solo racing J/111 Blur in "Midsummer Solo Challenge"
  4. Blur

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    Sadly, not many photos or videos from the event. Should be a priority if we want to promote the class/events?
  5. Blur

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    Haha... our Norwegian friends on Dacapo went with a Code 2, and passed us at one of the narrow passages. With our A5 up again,. we naturally were faster... At some point we figured that we both would have a problem to reach the finish line. My take was that they would broach if they tried to protect, and as long as we broached at the same time, we both would be fine. And we would actually benefit from the additional distance to windward Then their tack broke, and they went into a broach (I don't think they were trying to stop us). We had no choice, but it worked out in the end. Not beautiful. But effective. And we still havn't lost to them in this race...
  6. Blur

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    We keep it pretty loose when planing (first half in the vid above, it's barely on). Also on the 111 it's very easy to invert the top and break the top batten (against the V1) if you don't control the top. So that might be one reason some have it a bit tighter. Comparing with the J/125, the 111 doesn't have much stability and it's easy to get overpowered it you head up for speed. Above 24 knots of wind, we're pretty much stuck on TWA 150 and have to work with that. Talking to people sailing 125 (or Melges 32) there seems to be a higher/faster mode that doesn't exist on a cruiser like the 111
  7. Blur

    J/99 anyone have info beyond the teaser?

    +1 All the numbers looked ok, and I'm sure it could perform if properly campaigned. #1 is getting a normal single J/111 rudder + more sail area. Will be fun to watch. I also see the 99 as the 11S done right. I'm sure Didier & J/Composites learned a lot with their three IRC-iterations of the 112e and are combining the best bits into a nice package. Competition in this size is ramping up with Ofcet 32, new JPK 1030, Dehler 30OD and others... Maybe the start of a 30' shorthanded class a la HP30 or Super11?
  8. Blur


    They will show up in the ORC database in the next few weeks + your North Sails rep would be able to find the designs internally As with the J/111 we see sails getting flatter with each iteration & sheeting angles tighter = more demanding boat to race.
  9. Blur


    So just the matter of dimensions and shape then
  10. Blur


    I would say that this optimization is first and foremost an optimization for the W/L format of the Offshore Worlds in Hague. The first J/112e they campaigned did very well in Copenhagen two years ago (w gennaker), the second (now Davanti) was even more developed and proved itself in IRC. Talking to Didier this spring, the biggest difference now seems to be sail development. Will be interesting to see what config they finally decide on.
  11. Blur


    Some J/88 solo sailing. We started a new archipelago race, 125 nm solo through all the small islands on the west coast of Sweden. J/88 first to finish. J/111 fastest around the course.
  12. Hi Blur team

    Do you still have any Nx2 or NXR gear thatb is for sale please.

    Thanks Bob Baker

    j97 Jaywalker

    1. Blur


      Still got 

      • 2 x NXR XL20 Instruments
      • 1 x nWIND Race (Garmin new 2016)
      • 1 x NX2 Depth, 43 mm (200kHz)
      • 1 x Nexus nGPS Antenna

      Drop me an email to if something is of interest.



    2. bobbaker



      I guess I dont need any of that stuff at the moment thanks.



  13. Blur

    J/109 Chartplotter Advice

    What's the reasoning behind not using the mast-pod for more numbers? I thought I would miss the companionway mount when we moved from the J/109 to the J/111, but the mast is in line of sight for most of the crew. And in light conditions crew is way forward anyways?
  14. Blur

    J/109 Chartplotter Advice

    Haha... yup. Bought 2 mm carbon sheets and are gluing/laminating those together (made some prototypes in cardboard). Way too much time/effort - but will make a statement!/cured-carbon-fibre-products/rigid-carbon-fibre-sheet/High-Strength-Carbon-Fibre-Sheet.html