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  1. J/112E

    I think one of the key drivers for the "low rating" version was to get J/112e J Lance into Class C at the ORC worlds in Copenhagen. And speaking to the crew there (and being on the water), it performed better than expected with limited horsepower... BTW do anyone know if the AG+ carbon boom was retrofitted in the UK, or a J/boats option? Initially, the boat had alu mast/boom. More photos.
  2. J/112E

    Do you know how it broke and what are you replacing it with? We have the Nautos on the J/111 and I'm in the process of rebuilding it with carbon tubes
  3. J/112E

    Drop me a PM and I'll connect you to the owner/skipper of the boat in the vid. He swears by them, but I guess there's a reason why they're still a niche product.
  4. J/111 Goes Sailing...

    Electronics setup not official yet. Stay tuned. Down below we're refreshing most of the painted spaces in the bow and under/behind all floorboards/bunks. Goot to keep it fresh & clean. Keeping the headliner for now as kind of like the cozy interior Priorities may change...
  5. J/111 Goes Sailing...

    The plan for 2018 is to get the boat to the Med (probably w Sevenstar) for the Rolex Middle Sea Race - so even more assault... But we also stay ahead on maintenance. This winter = new electronics, new rudder bearings + steering renovation, rebuilding boom & vang, new jib tracks, interior repaint + much more. Zero breakages also win races
  6. J/111 Goes Sailing...

    I've heard of issues, but my understanding that cables were mounted wrong and not aligned. With proper tension, I have a hard time seeing cables coming off, and I have no wear on the quadrant except in the groove. Also, we go through the cables before any major offshore event.
  7. J/111 Goes Sailing...

    Not heard of this? Is this on euro boats? Mine seems fine... I have thought about Dyneema, for weight saving, bud decided not to push it... Carbon plate larger than hole + small hole in the middle + lashing =
  8. J/111 Goes Sailing...

    Talked to most of them and had the rudder out for a check in 2015. Also this winter, when we're replacing the rudder bearings (a common mod for the Euro boats for less friction). So not worried! I lashed a carbon plate on top of the shaft so it can't fall out even if everything goes loose. Probably overkill, but that's a common theme on Blur
  9. Soft Jib Hanks

    Not really on a bigger boat, where forestay tension is key to get the shape right. There's tension on the hanks, so it makes sense to double up near the top, especially if the luff is shorter than the forestay (as in jib #3/4).
  10. Soft Jib Hanks

    Works great, no problems w inside gybes. Once in a while, one opens when handling the sail on deck, but it's easy to catch when hoisting.
  11. J 121

    I'm not sure where this experience come from since there are many boats that do extremely well shorthanded with single rudder. Your statement is true for wide designs like Figaro 2, JPK or Pogo, but not for this kind of "narrower" design. I'm able to run the J/111 with very little effort from my NKE. Upwind is never any issue as the helm never loads up as the boat heels. Downwind, the boats naturally lack form stability vs an open-style-design, so there's no point in pushing it. NKE ok 90% of the time downwind vs 95% on wider, twin-rudder boats.
  12. J 121

    +1 On the J/111 I feel the wheel lets me drive the boat harder/longer in downwind conditions when the autopilot struggles. Also, I get a better overview of waves and what's going on to windward which is much harder with a tiller on ex Class 40. And with a crew, people tend to get in the way... I can see the benefits of both setups, with weight as an important factor for a tiller, but for a multi-purpose boat as the J/121 I think twin wheels makes sense and is the "conservative" option ;-)
  13. Soft Jib Hanks

  14. J 121

    Yup. And the 121 will to (changed from #1) The 111 is very well set up for the normal jibs, but when we run a J0 (code cut like a big jib, sheeted through the infucker) we're really pushing the limits. Ideally, we'd need 20 cm more track. This is addressed with the 121.
  15. J 121

    +1 I would argue that the infucker is essential on this type of boat, and the first thing people add on modern boat that doesn't have them. The reason for the mix of "floating" and "track" on the J/121 is to give maximum flexibility for the sailmakers. We're seeing similar combos of track/soft on JPK/Figaro/Class 40s. On damage, we've run unprotected rings on the J/111 for 12.000 nm, with just 2-3 small gelcoat dents.