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  1. snowflyer

    Round Saltspring

    There is also the Country Grocer Van that will take you and your money to the CG Grocery store (Beer and wine store next door). Details will be posted in the gatehouse or give em a call: You can also dinghy to the downtown docks for anything you might need. Moauts Home Hardware has a reasonable marine section. Gov. liquor store in town is cheaper. Feel free to stop by Firefly (Dock C8) - I'll have a truck and happy to help as much as possible. :-D
  2. Be aware that avgas has lead in it... In British Columbia at least, marked/offroad fuel does not contain any ethanol according to my gas station.
  3. snowflyer

    Radar reflector

    That's an interesting point Valis. I'm in need of a reflector and thought I must be reading the RMS RCS of the tubular ones wrong, as they are so low.
  4. snowflyer

    Micro-Cruiser Anarchy

    So we've just picked up our new mini-cruiser! This is going to be a huge change from our 41' ketch, there's no oven, no fridge, no shower, no heat. The trade off is that we're extending our cruising range. Down below there's the 4 berths and a porta potty, so this is most certainly camp-cruising. We're planning a boom tent to cover the huge cockpit. I see this as an economical version of what are doing. The boat is a 1983 Pocket Rocket 22. (so I can't seem to post a dropbox pic??)