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  1. Be aware that avgas has lead in it... In British Columbia at least, marked/offroad fuel does not contain any ethanol according to my gas station.
  2. I did this on a 41' boat. It worked fine as long as it was calm. With the wheel, and the throw of the tiller pilot, if it went off course for any reason it would try and correct and go all the way to the stop in the pilot - and then overshoot as it did not have enough throw. In the end, I gave up and set it up to drive the hydrovane, and it worked perfectly that way.
  3. I'm a fancy IT consultant as well and about 10 yrs ago my wife and I took about a year to journey overland from the PNW to Argentina. We were in our 30's at the time, and afterwards managed to re-integrate into the working world quite easily. With the perspective of our time away, I think we both actually came out ahead and in an even better position than when we left. So, with no hesitation, I would say go for it! Now that we're into our 40's we're planning another trip. This time on the water, with a kid, and for longer. Being older, I am more apprehensive with the coming back, but can't imagine a single reason to not go again.
  4. I've spent a fair bit of time in FC. These are my favourite anchorages. The shore drops pretty quickly and the holding is decent. The David Lam dock is probably the nicest, with a nice walk to the skytrain station with coffee shops along the way. From the Spyglass dinghy dock it's an easy walk to various grocery stores. A dinghy ride to the head of the Creek and there's resturants and pubs and a really nice wine shop on the south side..
  5. We've used porta-potties for years and honestly, I find them much easier to deal with than holding tanks. In our RV, we had issues, mostly driving around the Andes with pressure changes and leaks. Not really a problem at sea level, but I still leave the slider just cracked open for ventilation. When cruising we dump it over the side when far from land, or into a toilet when in harbour. Pee will fill it up in a hurry, so the boys in the family go over the side. WRT to landfills, when I worked at a waste water plant we would pour the liquor into burlap sacks that allowed the water to drain out. Then sent it to the dump. So I don't really see any issues with using landfills for the bucket/cat litter approach. We used a bucket lid shaped like a toilet seat and the litter. I MUCH prefer the porta potty. We use hippy TP without problems. And I always rinse the thing out and store it open to dry out. Don't get the ones with a level gauge. Thetford (great to work with) sent us a second one when the first guage broke after a few months. The second one's guage only lasted a few months... It's easy to check levels. KISS.
  6. Yes, that is dyneema lashing, and it replaced the toggle. The boat came with wicked weather helm, and I needed flexibility with the forestay length, hence the long ugly loop The sprit is (now) held down by the ring. Strength of the whole setup is obviously a concern. I've got limited experience with CF, so this is all new to me and has been a great learning experience. If it all collapses I'll learn even more
  7. Thanks everyone! I'll post follow up when I fix this.
  8. >> Does the hull / keel joint have any signs of cracking/movement? None at all. I'll check for moisture. I really like the idea of building up a couple of transverse stringers. The construction looks like a raised floor inside the box created by the bunks and forward and aft frame. I also like the idea of having a segmented floor to contain water in smaller spaces. Does this look like a viable solution? I would lay up all the glass in place and bond it to current floor. @Sloop, of course i went looking, but couldn't find anything on his construction techniques. any obvious things to look for?
  9. Mr Mann, I *think* it's hull 22. LPR220040483 is the reg. number, and I doubt 220 were built.
  10. LeoV, in between the bolts it seems flat/fair. Really just around the washers. I'll have a go at determining if there's water in the wood, and assuming it's just 'normal' wood compression, will move forward with getting a SS plate cut to better distribute the load.
  11. We've had the boat about a year now and I'm not sure what to make of this. Is it normal? Is it an emergency? The boat is a 1983 Pocket Rocket 22. Fin keel bolted on and I'm worried about the depression around each bolt. Here's a thousand words about it: That's a batten running for/aft. and here's the overall setup with the above bolt being the one at the bottom of this pic:
  12. Finally got the sprit mounted. I decided to try and use CF for the mounting blocks to the boat as well. Not sure how they'll hold up, but so far so good. The frayed stuff is chafe protection that fell apart and i could no longer feel my fingers from the cold, so left it for a warmer day when I'll shorten the bobstay as well.
  13. Try these guys. http://www.masterpull.com/ I've bought from them and they were great to deal with.
  14. OK, the sprit is almost done. Now, how to attach the bobstay. Pocket Rocket 22 and any attachment to the bow would need decent reinforcing, and I like the clean looks of the the thru-hole arrangement (like golfinaspen's above). What's the easiest way to do this as a retro-fit? Another option would be a soft padeye, which I think would be easier, but harder to replace...
  15. what about bronze hanks except for where they don't fit over the splice? I assume that's the top 1 or 2 hanks and the bottom one that would need to be soft/different.