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  1. +1 on the hatch boards. Keep in mind that the Holder 20 isn't really self righting once the masthead hits the water. I broached a Holder once surfing a big wave into Oceanside Harbor. The masthead hit the water and stayed there for quite a while until I climbed over the side and onto the keel. I got very lucky that the boat didn't turtle. On its side the companionway was just barely clear of the water, and if the boat had turtled without the boards in I would have been toast. Overall, the holder is quite a fun little boat, especially downwind in a blow. It will get on a plane and live at 12-14kts quite easily. Quite a lot of bang for the buck IMHO. Just sail with the hatch boards in whenever there is a risk of things going sideways and tell the crew to take a swim if the masthead hits the water (there is a vid on youtube somewhere showing a H-20 turtling because the crew keeps holding on). Regarding the backstay flicker, a J-70 flicker would work fine for a main with a bigger roach, but moving to a square top would require changing the shroud positions and ditching the backstay. A big asymmetrical would be an awesome addition.
  2. This J/22 looks to be in good shape. $500, you dig it out... http://sandiego.craigslist.org/csd/boa/5790604171.html
  3. Looks like they got the first production boat done. It looks fairly stable given the light air. Video here: http://www.sailingscuttlebutt.com/2016/06/18/video-testing-waszp/ [media][/media]
  4. Campbell's sloop is a good one, with a tender naturally named Campbell's Condensed Sloop.
  5. Is this still available?
  6. ... Double Oops. Qingdao wrapped their prop and washed up on the same beach while trying to assist http://clipperroundtheworld.com/news/article/lmax-exchange-incident