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  1. Rolex Wild Oats XI

    Just to mess up the stern immersion discussion...they only chopped 1,5m of the stern compering to the original design. 0,5 m overhang was added when the rule has changed from 30m to 100ft.
  2. 2015 Sydney to Hobart

    Will be some serious questions asked if Comanche retires due to structural unless off course she suffers the same fate as some of the VPLP Imoca Boats? I'm sure this is not the case and if history is anything to go by Loyal will break before Oats and Comanche. If Comanche can get down to Bass Strait before the light patch I think the honours will be as follows: 1. Comanche 2. Oats 3. Rambler 4. Loyal 5. Rags handicap- Chinese Whispers I put Loyal up there because of the first 24 hours of last years footage, Comanche, Oats and rags were reefed and smaller headsail, while Loyal was under full sail and drove to a 2 mile lead. The platform has decent righting moment, and can hold onto both downhill in a stink with a little more weight can punch through. The TJV is my reason for comanche not being pushed to the outer limits. I wouldn't like to be manning the telephone at VPLP, Its not worth bashing that thing to pieces for a race that is so close its 24hr/620ml record. It was built to do different things. Using wild rose as a reference, Brindabella has just enough length to hold on and can driven hard, with no square top main, no swingy bits, its rating is about right. I see your point about Chinese Whisper however. You may chosen the right door. Good luck to you Sir. Funny to talk about C slowing down for structural concerns thinking Loyal can push harder. C has different structure than vplp60,Loyal retired last year with...structural issues
  3. Jules Verne Trophy

    There goes the advantage on the record of Loick. Nothing to do about it, no strong winds, no records. But they can recover. Jules Verne december 17 december 0745 gmt 2.JPG Jules Verne december 17 december 0745 gmt.JPG Dude what are you smoking?ever since the ridge of high presure,few days after equator both teams were behind record and playing catch up. SP2 has just got ahead...for short time now perhaps. On the other hand, yes race is still wide opened.
  4. Today would be an exceptionally stupid day to take your supermaxi yachting. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-12-16/tornado-hail-destructive-winds-hit-sydney/7032370 +1 Total madness this sort of weather. And you want a Hobart forecast 10 days out? yeah right https://www.instagram.com/p/_ViHDWIgJn/ looks like Rags was out :-)
  5. Rolex Wild Oats XI

    Yep all part of the VW group, the company Hitler started. Ive worked for them, bunch of tossers. Mainly the Germans but shit only goes one way. It's a public area, film all you want, if they asked for it to come down I hope he asked for a reward. Partly right Scanas....basic designs and production in Germany of small cheap cars started around 1925 from various designers/builders including one Ferdinand Porche and well before Hitler's crowd came to power in the 30's. Hitler wanted German's to have the same access to a cheap car as the Americans had and disillusioned with the ability of existing manufactures to deliver during the depression, he chose the Porche Motor Company in 1932 (same year Audi started) to produce a peoples car, or Volkswagen and whose production was to be funded by the state. However the car was similar to many contemporary designs dating back to the 1920's and in particular the Tatra. This resulted in a lawsuit against Porsche claiming infringement of Tatra's patents regarding air-cooling of the rear engine. The law suit was interrupted by the war, therefore production went ahead, however Porche ultimately paid a settlement to Tatra. For those interested in the "beginnings of famous careers and being fucking lucky as well as talented", Porche was drafted into the military service 1902 where he served as a chauffeur to the Crown Prince of Austria. The Prince's assassination sparked WWI a decade later. That war and Germanys treatment post WW1 by the allies ultimately lead to the rise of Hitler, WW2 and where both were the saviour of Porches automotive career, the birth of Volkswagen, who ultimately gobbled up Audi in 1966. No wonder they don't like pictures. What are you two on?...so Audi Australia doesnt want so us to see pictures of WOXI because WW2 and rise of Hitler were saviour of Porches auto career? Scanas...you perhaps are living in a sad world, where bunch of tossers can build up biggiest car producer in the world(I know, not anymore-vw is second now), while a good band of highly inovative Australians were only allowed to come up with...Holden
  6. 2015 Sydney to Hobart

    Well its a bit like building a new house, while you allready have one to live in...its about the process more than the result its only.
  7. Jules Verne Trophy

    BPV lost a lot of time in high ridge just before Cape Horn
  8. don't worry, no time limit in this race :-)
  9. Team Vestas grounded

    nice one dr dave.....i say again - maybe you get my point then.... Of course! Mistakes do happen on every level in each situation - but i regard this as gross negligent - and as this is a high profile event - one could discuss this objectivly in order to learn lessons for the future. It was said before here: this crash is not like a normal f1 crash - it is more like going round the circuit in the wrong direction.. Your conclusion is just: oh they are great professionals , super characters who were just very unlucky...book closed! i think not.... my conclusion using F1 analogy is " the wheel flew off after pitstop due to loosen nut" fortunately not killing anyone. Should the mechanic be banned from the sport for gross negligence then? You are saying yes cause his only job is to tighten up the nut and I say no cause fundamentaly the problem is not in their incompetence. I am sure VOR and crews will react to this incident by change of some procedures. Throwing skipper and navigator overboard would simply not make this race and sport any safer and something else needs to be done in that respect.
  10. Team Vestas grounded

    Or stoping in wrong box? Thanks for reminder-he should get fired, now :-) from Vestas PR : Albæk continues, “We are considering all available options for re-joining the ocean race at a later stage. Vestas is a company that has overcome great challenges in its 35 years of existence and we aim to do so again.” GO Team Vestas!
  11. Team Vestas grounded

    I think yours is a great post. These guys were already top class. Now they know what it feels like to get punched in the nose and kicked in the teeth. They were on the back foot from the get go trying to cobble together an entry always to be short on budget and time. They were off the pace and objective about working to improve - to make it a race. Then driving the boat up on a reef in paradise for a total loss... Imagine how they feel? I shudder thinking about how bad they feel about losing the boat & being out of the race. And THAT is exactly why we will see these men succeed time and time again in their lives. My $ is on this crew next go around. So happy no one was hurt - but look out for a team with something to prove this littered with talent. “I missed 9,000 shots in my career, I’ve lost almost 300 games, 26 times I’ve been trusted with game winning shot and I missed. I failed over and over and over and over again in my life and this is why I succeeded.” - Michael Jordan, NBA 6 time World Champion “ Why did the Formula One driver crash? To avoid a spinning car in front of him, or because he was texting? For sure it was a human error, but no way you can compare it to texting while driving! Focus on every little detail which can make a difference on result simply drifts some very base layers of their mind out of the radar in unfortunately critical moment.
  12. Team Vestas grounded

    Its like expecting a Formula One driver not getting a job after a crush. Fact is both of them are too good to be overlooked in future. In fact their experience just got richer. If I mount a Volvo campaign(wish) Chris is the first one to get a call.
  13. I don't know why you think Loyal was never successful - the one time it raced (as Maximus) against MC4 it was only 4 hours slower across the atlantic and beat MC4 by 10 hours corrected - not insanely poor performance up against a 142 footer.............. Clean was talking about current Loyal- ex Rambler ex Speedboat...Boat you are talking about (actually deck from it only) is Rags now. Rambler still holds Transatlantic race and rorc carribean 600 record and also it was leading Fastnet in a year when record was set, but somehow could not finish!? So I would not write of Loyal completely. Clean's got itch when it comes to Juan K, rightly perhaps.
  14. Fixed that for you. One would guess this time around it really could be lot different game,not? .jesus tekwa, stating the obvious that there are different sized boats in a rated fleet ? have you contracted a form of Blockorrhoea? I am not Jesus-thanks God! If you think WOXI will beat Comanche because her sistership is beating all other First 44,7s over in Europe, than you should perhaps find Abbo, go hand to hand to jump of the cliff and be nominated Darwin award.
  15. That doesn't make her a 27-knot shitbox - it just makes her a very good tool for the single job she has. Game, set and match. Nice summation. Rubbish, total other than the fact she's done other events, AUS, the Med etc she's perfectly capable if doing what the sistership has over the past 5 years, that is LINE over all other lot smaller boats in the fleet in all events, Middle Sea, Transpac, Fastnet, Baltic dominate everywhere they go basically Fixed that for you. One would guess this time around it really could be lot different game,not?