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    Rolex Wild Oats XI

    Just to mess up the stern immersion discussion...they only chopped 1,5m of the stern compering to the original design. 0,5 m overhang was added when the rule has changed from 30m to 100ft.
  2. tekwa

    Rolex Wild Oats XI

    Yep all part of the VW group, the company Hitler started. Ive worked for them, bunch of tossers. Mainly the Germans but shit only goes one way. It's a public area, film all you want, if they asked for it to come down I hope he asked for a reward. Partly right Scanas....basic designs and production in Germany of small cheap cars started around 1925 from various designers/builders including one Ferdinand Porche and well before Hitler's crowd came to power in the 30's. Hitler wanted German's to have the same access to a cheap car as the Americans had and disillusioned with the ability of existing manufactures to deliver during the depression, he chose the Porche Motor Company in 1932 (same year Audi started) to produce a peoples car, or Volkswagen and whose production was to be funded by the state. However the car was similar to many contemporary designs dating back to the 1920's and in particular the Tatra. This resulted in a lawsuit against Porsche claiming infringement of Tatra's patents regarding air-cooling of the rear engine. The law suit was interrupted by the war, therefore production went ahead, however Porche ultimately paid a settlement to Tatra. For those interested in the "beginnings of famous careers and being fucking lucky as well as talented", Porche was drafted into the military service 1902 where he served as a chauffeur to the Crown Prince of Austria. The Prince's assassination sparked WWI a decade later. That war and Germanys treatment post WW1 by the allies ultimately lead to the rise of Hitler, WW2 and where both were the saviour of Porches automotive career, the birth of Volkswagen, who ultimately gobbled up Audi in 1966. No wonder they don't like pictures. What are you two on?...so Audi Australia doesnt want so us to see pictures of WOXI because WW2 and rise of Hitler were saviour of Porches auto career? Scanas...you perhaps are living in a sad world, where bunch of tossers can build up biggiest car producer in the world(I know, not anymore-vw is second now), while a good band of highly inovative Australians were only allowed to come up with...Holden
  3. tekwa

    Rolex Wild Oats XI

    Talking of LeMans 24?
  4. tekwa

    New Rambler

    Where did Shockwave finish in last year's Worlds? Oh look she came third! Noting Shockwave ver. 2 is even funnier. Exception2 probably.
  5. tekwa

    New Rambler

    Funny reading this in context of your own statements about WOXI being the best super maxi even now- long time after her launch. Please do not ruin this tread as well, just a start a new one "Abbo against rest of the world"
  6. tekwa

    New Rambler

    yeah, they have lifted the broken keel just few days ago https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=712780048782483&set=a.171816509545509.42469.127542723972888&type=1&theater
  7. tekwa

    Beau Geste

    Dont forget poor old Chutzpah....... SMB 3 had a new hull (read 3.5)put underneath the existing deck and rig as did Alfa/Shockwave 72. Loki and Limit were altered mid build. Inside Limit you could see where they had chopped and changed it. One of the established issues with these boats was the placement of the chines, most of the people involved believed they were too low. Highland fling has a similar hull shape as well, did they have any issues? Yaeh...not being a proper Wally :-)