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    There will always be exceptions, look at Shockwave right now. And I will "ruin" this thread any way I like. I fucking started it. Good day sir.

    Where did Shockwave finish in last year's Worlds? Oh look she came third!

    Noting Shockwave ver. 2 is even funnier. Exception2 probably.

  2. Shame, a slow build can really hurt a boat's chances to get good results. The lifespan for a successful yachts these days is short enough as it is.... losing 6 months in the build time is no small thing. Let's hope the change in management is what was needed and she get back on track fast.

    Funny reading this in context of your own statements about WOXI being the best super maxi even now- long time after her launch. Please do not ruin this tread as well, just a start a new one "Abbo against rest of the world"