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  1. JALhazmat... Listen in fucknutz.. Yes it was raining and yes this probably did contribute to the feeling, but we went prepared for the wet and once settled in with brolly it wasn't too wet or cold. What was bad was the security. There is no excuse for the bad tempered snide way we were spoken to. If you do not believe me please read the vast majority of the comments made on Friday night after the conclusion of the days events on Facebook or other social media outlets. I am sure you had a wonderful experience the next day and I am glad you enjoyed it. I am sure you felt very superior parking your car in the VIP area for 4 hours. May have given you a vicarious little tingle a little bit I guess. I went for the racing not to watch a concert. I don't complain from myself but for the thousands that put up with the Friday event. These are the people that do not post here, that have had their first experience of world class sailing, Those that the AC need to get on board. I suspect many had been to an Extreme sailing event or Cowes week and were expecting the same but on a bigger scale. I do not complain about the fact that the series needs to recoup costs, but there is a huge difference between recouping and scalping. I will make an assumption that the security was better the next day, I will guess again that the voice of the disgruntled masses was listened to and that the security issues were dealt with the next day.. too late for me or the majority of people there. Not too many happy voices or faces seen on Friday. but then again that was only from first person evidence.
  2. Indeed I am male do have a winky. Incidentally in a traditional relationship with a female.. She doesn't have a winky (I did look)
  3. Dogwatch you are unfortunately absolutely right. I was considering not paying but knowing what the AC management were like I was sure they would have tried their best to keep nonpaying eyes so far away from the action it would have been almost impossible to watch the on water action or it would have been a better experience.. I also got stung at the 2012 Olympics as well!! I think I have learnt my lesson.
  4. On Friday my partner and I made it down to Portsmouth for the event. I can't say it was a joyous day out. The weather was snotty and the staff were snoytyer. We got to the entrance to have bags searched and to be frisked (quite vigorous hands used, but not without its charms) My partner had food confiscated (some bloody good chicken and bacon sarnies!) but was allowed to keep sealed bottled water. This was done because of security concerns (ISIS obviously have not got the bottle sealing technology yet). From there it was a walk through the park, I suspect the reason the organizers stole food was on the unfounded idea that those that wanted to eat were going to pay for food.. At £6 for two cups of tea or £4.50 for a small tray of chips this was unfounded. We were not happy campers.. Anyway onto the Fanzone £35 for a ticket and we expected a wonderland of information or better facilities.. nup.. It was just a stage, a champagne bar (if tea was £3 a cup I didn’t even want to think how much the bubbly was!) and access to the costal path. We were closer to the racing but not worth £35. We found a bench sat down hid under a big umbrella and waited for the racing to start. The commentators were doing the best job they could with the weather and the hold ups. They explained to the uninitiated about the boats and the sailing going back and forth between interviews and pre-shot videos. They went to one video and as it finished the commentator shouted they have started! Yup. They missed the start of the first practice race! How the fuck does that happen? It’s not like it starts sneaks up on you! We watched the race and yes it was good to see the boats foiling through the horizontal rain, but… and this is a big but…. Wasn’t that exciting. Sorry but that was my personal opinion. The race finished and there was another delay. OK happy with that we moved round the fanzone to see what else was happening..Not a great deal.. We found a small wall under the raised VIP area and leant against the wall.. Then it happened.. We were approached by a steward who ordered us to move on away from the area as the VIP's had paid £500 to stand on the viewing platform and didn't want to see the likes of us standing there so he said the area was now designated a walk way and we must move on. He was neither courteous or polite smelt of tobacco and was Scottish (I don’t mean to be racist against Scots but I am… deal with it) ... After the heavy handed treatment the public got at the gates and the soggy weather this was the last straw and we decided that the event was not worth the £70 we had paid for fan zone tickets and left the event before the second race started. We are not wimps that don't like the wet or novices that don't understand the racing, we are normal sailors that wish to watch stadium racing in a controlled way. The idea that the ACWS supports Portsmouth with jobs and finance is a misconception very few people there were paid a reasonable wage, I am guessing the vast majority were on minimum wage. Businesses local to the event lost out due to the huge hordings keeping people out. The bus drivers that took us to the event from the park and ride were not locals. I heard one of them even got lost and had to be guided to the event by a local on board the bus! The security staff were moronic Rambo wannabes that had the intelligence of seaweed. Personally I was disappointed at the staff and ethos of this sailing event. We will not be coming back or recommending it next year. The public who the cup wishes to attract have memories and will not support this series.. If you read Facebook not too many people were happy with the experience from a spectators perspective. We will instead take our custom and support to the Extreme Sailing Series that really does know how to foster good will and fan satisfaction..
  5. Well there you go http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-hampshire-30186858 and there http://teamorigin.com/news/announcement
  6. What a freaking awesome last days racing. Sad to see Dean brining up the rear, but its a steep learning curve. Not going to give anything away but you MUST watch the last race. three boats in competition for top honours double points on offer. Shifty wind conditions. Small sailing areas. Three VERY focused helms fighting for the honours... It was only going to end one way. It's everything the Americas Cup series should be..... but isn't...... yet
  7. Rubber stamped and approved.. http://www.portsmouth.co.uk/news/sir-ben-ainslie-s-relief-as-plan-for-portsmouth-base-is-approved-1-6127764 will be interesting to read the consent and the conditions placed.
  8. Yes it could.. I used to work for Wimpey
  9. I can agree that local feeling when presented with an obvious benefit for the local community and economy (not to mention land prices) the more savvy members of the public would warm to the idea of a regeneration scheme. Its just unusual from my perspective from 30 years of assisting professional developing Both working for architects and lecturing) to see so many letters of support. That said I was part of teams trying to blight local communities with private and affordable housing. The drawings look quite advanced and the Architects have turned layers off for planning application purposes.I would suggest that the tender period is almost complete and all they are waiting on now is the local authority permission. they can then break ground and start. Just the sticky problem of the land purchase (which may have been completed by now) It would appear at first glance that there was room for 3 AC45's and one AC72 internally and one on the water. This doesn't mean of course that thee will be that many of course but another indication that if a world series event were based there then there would be more than enough room at that location without need for external harbour facilities being required. I was in this very area a few weeks ago.and although run down it did have a certain charm and a smell of dead fish that would knock a sailors socks off. The bridge is an acceptable pub though Thats if you can get to it after running the gaunlet of avoiding the fork lift taking ribs and motorboats in and out of the harbour.
  10. The planning application makes for interesting reading http://idox.portsmouth.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=documents&keyVal=N4WKVQMOJKK00 Especially the employment and skills plan.. It states it would like to make over 200 temporary jobs whilst hosting a world series event in 2015-16.The would be a very fast build programme!! Plans and other documentation is freely available to view.. Unlike many other planning applications there are letters of support from the local community.. this must be a first!