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  1. B&G Vulcan 7 autopilot questions...

    Ah, just released. That's a nice upgrade. I've been happy with the Vulcan 7 so far -- it has a lot of features for the price.
  2. B&G Vulcan 7 autopilot questions...

    Solarbri: Just FYI, the Vulcan 7 does not do radar. You need the Vulcan 9 for that. Moonduster: Curious if you have any experience with the LCJ Capteurs CV-7, as it is NMEA 2000 compatible and made for sailing, not power boating. I have one installed and have it interfaced with a Vulcan 7, along with a Precision 9 compass and a DST800. So an entirely NMEA 2000 system that seems to work well together. I don't pretend to think it is as accurate and capable as an H5000 based system would be, but for my purposes (older boat, beer can racing) it was a good compromise. I had the added advantage that I wasn't trying to salvage any of my old instruments, so I just ripped it all out and put in an NMEA 2000 backbone.
  3. B&G Tritons Showing Different Readings?

    The only source for TWA on the bus is the Vulcan 7 (as far as I can tell the Triton's don't calculate this). I have calibrated the DST800 and I can't remember if I did this through the Vulcan or through the first Triton. The second Triton was installed later and it seems as though using different calibrations for boat speed could be the source of the difference in TWA (they are also reading different boat speeds). Right now, I don't have any "groups" setup as the two Tritons and the Vulcan just list "default" as their group. I'm wondering if I change this to Group 1 if that would cause them to share calibration settings.
  4. I have two of the new B&G Triton 2 displays, and they are showing significantly different readings for True Wind Angle. From what I can see, they both seem to be set up the same way, using the same sources of data, etc., but one consistently shows at least a 5 degree difference in True Wind Angle. Anyone have insights as to why this might be the case? Here is my setup (all connected via NMEA 2000): 1. Vulcan 7 2. Triton 2 Displays (2 of them) 3. Precision 9 Compass 4. DST800 5. LCJ CV-7 Ultrasonic Wind Sensor with CANBus interface. I note that I have not designated the Tritons as a "Group" but have left this setting at "Default". Not sure if that is relevant at all. I'm also getting TWA readings that seem quite off, but I think that is a different issue because whatever the Vulcan puts out as TWA should be the same on both displays. Thanks in advance.
  5. Lifelines, uncoated ss or amsteel?

    I thought the issue also was concern about melting from high speed chafing with other lines. Personally it seems to me that both this and chafe at the stanchions is easy to see and easy to fix, whereas corrosion in a swaged fitting is not (and is much more likely to lead to an unexpected and sudden failure), so I don't really get all the hand wringing about amsteel lifelines. I converted to them on my 4ksb just before World Sailing changed the rules and since I'm not doing Cat 1 races I don't plan on going back any time soon. They are much easier on the hands than stainless steel.
  6. PLB with AIS

    Another option, if you are in need of upgrading your vhf, is to get one with an AIS receiver integrated into it. I think there are a few of these out there now. I went with an Icom M-506 that also plugged into my NMEA 2000 network and it was basically plug and play to get AIS targets to pop up on my chart plotter. I assume it will also show an MOB it receives, but haven't figured out how to test that yet. Not as good as a full blown transceiver, but still a nice upgrade.
  7. Curious as to the view of folks who know much more about this than I do. It seems as though the typical keel bolt these days is cast into the keel in a "J" shape, but another way to do it (which is how my boat is constructed) is to have nuts and washers on either end with "pockets" in the keel so if you need to you can access them. This allowed us to replace all of the keel bolts "relatively" easily, because we did not need to send the keel away to have new bolts put into it. It also allowed us to switch to silicon bronze. If you take the view that nothing is permanent on a boat, then this seems like a method that allows for easier replacement (although I have to say I hope never again to have the joy of this experience). Obviously, this method doesn't work as well with modern race boats that have very thin keel stubs and a bulb.
  8. New prop for saildrive

    I have a flex-o-fold two blade folder on a Yanmar 3YM30 Saildrive. Been very happy with it. Strong reverse and virtually no prop walk.
  9. S&S34 keel bolts on the UK built bolts are not cast in. I've replaced mine. Not sure about the Aussie built version. Tell your friend to check the S&S 34 Association website for info.
  10. OSTAR/TWOSTAR race(s)

    Which boat lost her rig this morning? Haven't seen any info about this elsewhere yet.
  11. Ultrasonic Wind Options and Questions

    Funny to see this thread pop up. I ended up going with the LCJ Capteurs CV-7 CanBus option, and then the boat was seriously damaged by the yard last spring about a week after I bought it (along with a whole bunch of other electronics that were part of a big electronics upgrade for the boat). I thought about returning it but in the meantime the distributor had stopped carrying the product due to the lawsuit between Airmar and LCJ, so I hung onto it. After a battle with the insurance company, the boat was put back together and went in the water 2 days ago. Plugged everything in and it all seems to be working out of the box. Will report back if it seems like rain is an issue.
  12. My newest project

    A bit surprised, but I like the look of the sand blasted cowl vent.
  13. Zeus vs vulcan

    I'm working through the same decision process on this. Unit will be a stand alone unit on an NMEA 2000 network on a 4ksb. The Vulcan 9 does have radar, so the above is only a limitation if you go with the Vulcan 7. Right now I'm leaning towards the Vulcan 7 just because I don't have radar today and I probably won't in the next 2 years. After that, who knows what will be out there. If I go with the 7, I can spend the extra cash on another Triton 2 display. The 7 inch Zeus 3 is twice the cost of the Vulcan 7, so if the radar doesn't matter, it is tough to justify that just for some knobs. A bit worried about touch screen only, but the limited feedback I've seen on the Vulcan is that the touchscreen works well in the rain. Would be curious to hear more on this, as the information out there is pretty limited.
  14. Navtec finished?

    What a bummer. I grew up nearby and visiting there as a kid was always a treat (it got more expensive to visit as an adult).
  15. Vendee Globe 2016?

    Do they carry an extra keel ram as a spare? I suspect those things are rather heavy, and not expected to fail, but what do I know. Anyone?