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  1. so some sucker read this on their twitter feed, saw "trump tower iii", assumed it was the one in manhattan, and essentially retweeted it here. the rooskies had one thing right - social media is like heroin to idiots
  2. hermetic

    He knew all along

    You are truly a red hat idiot. I said it's a rumor because it IS a rumor, not a reported confirmed fact. That should be obvious to anyone with an iota of reading comprehension, which excludes red hat Trumpskis. Mueller's indictment uses much the same evidence as the report given to Trump and Co in Jan '17. Mueller could have issued the indictment at the beginning, he had the evidence. Seems pretty obvious that unsealing an indictment or making public the info given to Trump would compromise intelligence assets and capabilities. That they're now made public is a good indication that there's no longer a need to protect an asset. Pretty straightforward logic. keep on twittin' you're starting to catch up to happyjack in the amount of utter bullshit posted here. congrats
  3. hermetic

    He knew all along

    twitter makes you stupid maybe, just maybe, it's been made public now because of mueller's indictments of the gru? but the dead source story sounds cool - retweet it
  4. One would hope they could walk and chew gum at the same time. Why are you opposed to finding the truth in this? Misusing a charitable foundation for ones own benefit is despicable and should be properly investigated. Not that we need any more proof that Trump is a despicable person. the truth came out two years ago, and schneiderman rightfully shut down the "charity" at that time. why didn't he persue the case then? and no, albany cannot walk and chew gum at the same time. unless they've taken a kickback to have a contractor do it for them.
  5. hermetic

    Ambassador McFaul wanted by Putin

    I sincerely hope that the Congress figures out a way to constrain Trump from engaging in this incredibly stupid, destructive stunt. he's waiting to see if he can get a response out of mueller stupid it is
  6. there's nothing in this except fines and publicity for underwoods election campaign, otherwise schneiderman would have been all over it. cuomo's lawsuit over the tax plan is the same - 2020 publicity and distraction from his own messes these clowns should be cleaning up albany before they start looking outwards
  7. hermetic

    Drip Drip Drip

    is this the fara or the money laundering trial?
  8. hermetic

    Bombshell interview, Bourdain Speaks from the Grave

    who cares bourdain is dead, bill might as well be after his book tour, and hillary is out of politics (unless she wants to run for mayor of ny) let the clintons disperse their foundations money in peace. they seem to do a fine job at it.
  9. hermetic

    The Real Reason for trump's inexplicable behavior

    That did not happen unless you can identify the form which documents the transaction. No collusion! you should help your buddies out - certainly fsu had tax / business law courses. tweet one of your old classmates and send these dopes in the right direction at least. they're flailing
  10. hermetic

    The Real Reason for trump's inexplicable behavior

    Obviously Trump isn't going to declare money-laundering on his 1040. But evidence of income/assets NOT declared is certainly tax fraud, and raises the red flag of money-laundering. The origin of the funds has to be found...in the case of foreign funds it's not quick and easy. where would this information be found?
  11. hermetic

    The Real Reason for trump's inexplicable behavior

    Yes, and I'm reasonably certain he already has them. this line of reasoning always amuses me. which trump, or anyones for that matter, irs form would show russian investment or money laundering?
  12. hermetic

    Bombshell interview, Bourdain Speaks from the Grave

    apparently my internal filter is calibrated to ignore for the tits comments because i honestly haven't been seeing it it's not like anyone complies. the norm was for vwap to reply for them - a mood killer
  13. hermetic

    Bombshell interview, Bourdain Speaks from the Grave

    most of the "new" poster are socks - or at least accepted as. you're right about the frequency, but there are still some children here who immediately spout the old tired question
  14. hermetic


    I got better. that's debatable, but welcome back anyway where's badlat? he should be all over this - his twitter feed must be burning