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  1. the $900M nol carryover shown on the released 1040 wasn't personal?
  2. The Trump financial complications are obvious and acute. The layers of obstruction of their investigstion are obvious and overwhelming. who is investigating trumps finances? or is this a made up whine
  3. an election decided by the people who continue to vote in schumer and pelosi? no thanks
  4. how do you find a leak?
  5. but it's also kinda giving them a tax break
  6. Did you feel the same way about articles detailing how Hillary's server was vulnerable? you see a similarity? I don't think that you're that dumb, but you could try and convince me
  7. what a silly, pointless article
  8. how's the real estate market doing?
  9. You're saying that the North should have just asked Sherman to torch everything south of the Manson-Nixon line, and let the survivors get by the best they could? if lincoln had lived to over see the reconstruction, it probably would have gone better it went poorly
  10. that would make you jefferson davis traitor no statue, jail
  11. That's dancing around semantics, like the claim by those that the civil war was about state's rights and not trying to preserve slavery. neither the book's author, nor I, buy into the whole lost cause bullshit but keep in mind that some of the southern generals were prominent in the mexican and indian wars - more so than their northern counterparts actually the north's southern reconstruction after the war created a lot of hate toward the winning side
  12. crimes uncovered so far: 1. gen flynn and the emoulement clause 2. leak of flynn's unmasked name to the press if mueller can keep his investigation out of the press, which is unlikely, we may actually learn something at the end more likely, he will suffer the same fate his onetime assistant comey suffered from both sides of the aisle best part of his appointment is that the next head of the fbi won't have to deal with this, and can actually get back to work
  13. read Confederates in the Attic this book will educate you on when and why the monuments were erected bit different from what you, and others here, think
  14. maybe the dc elite that are most outraged by this intel sharing could make a list of the countries they think deserve to have commercial aircraft blown up by isis
  15. are you saying that the us has information on isis plans to put laptop battery bombs on commercial airlines and isn't sharing that info? with anybody? that would be inconceivable (especially since it's been in the press for over a month)