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  1. hermetic

    Cuomo's Nursing Home Order

    but what the hell "facts" will convince you? the facts I'd like to see are: - the ny hospital system was so overloaded that it was necessary to create a policy that covid positive patients had to be forced into nursing homes - that non nursing home covid positive patients with dnrs were not treated differently by the hospitals i'll admit I'm anti-cuomo, for the most part. what bothers me about this whole mess - and raises my suspicions - is the constantly changing excuses being spewed by cuomo. and that some are gullible enough to swallow them hook, line and sinker. the latest? it was the fault of the workers in the homes. what a duplicitous douchbag cuomo is
  2. hermetic

    Cuomo's Nursing Home Order

    I'm not the one making unverified statements, then claiming someone who doesn't believe them is stupid I'm the one asking for verification of those statements frenchie may post some articles, if he really cares to get further involved. the others are just spewing crap, not facts. and they know it
  3. hermetic

    Cuomo's Nursing Home Order

    People who were not residents of an LTC facility went to their home, just like the residents of an LTC facility. If you are unaware of the capacity problems in NY hospitals it can only be willful ignorance on your part. It was well documented. statements with no proof: - downstate hospitals were beyond capacity - ny hospitals sent covid patients with dnrs home you are defending the undefendable. talk about asinine
  4. hermetic

    Cuomo's Nursing Home Order

    you (and cuomo's people) keep saying this, but offer no proof that downstate capacity was the problem. where did hospital administrators send non-facility patients (ie. those not covered by cuomo's policy) but had dnrs? why were they treated differently? as to "asinine", when this policy was put into full force the administrators at the homes objected. ny then gave them immunity
  5. hermetic

    Cuomo's Nursing Home Order

    so, forcing them back into facilities filled with people most at risk and generally unable to cope with the virus is your choice? I've put forth better choices, you have either chosen not to consider them or spew the excuses that cuomo has spun
  6. hermetic

    Cuomo's Nursing Home Order

    from the nyt article "New York regularly releases facility-level information about deaths, but not about cases". I wonder why not? kinda makes the percentage thing a nyt guesstimate but none of this excuses ny from forcing it's homes to take infected patients and forbidding testing them prior to admittance. they fucked up big time with this policy and will have a hard time defending it in court
  7. hermetic

    1970s lake boat construction

    lake party boats are like mullets - business up front, party in the back. they're made to go slow and nudge up onto rocky lake shores - below the property line - in order to maximize annoyance of the property owner
  8. hermetic

    Here come the Florida deaths

    Not sure what you are babbling about. the numbers are very clear. Sending Coved positive cases back to facilities was a death sentence to many healthy staff and residents of those homes. and the homes were subsequently given legal immunity by ny I wonder if any of the hospital administrators who discharged these patients will open up as to why
  9. hermetic

    The USS Dumb Fuck

    too bad. you missed a classic and hilarious pui rant aimed at one of bj porter's greatest admirers
  10. hermetic

    Trump's wall finally built!

    I can sell you a set of British Columbia plates cheap. Are there any letter/number combinations you prefer? thanks, but the typical downstate cop would just ask me if I drove all the way up from south america they might, however, actually know where nh is (above the bronx)
  11. Why bother? Wait until after the election. With a potential changing of the guard, you might have a whole new atmosphere, with new prosecutors because it's an election year, and a hits a hit with a changing of the guard, the desire to prosecute flynn will fade away - probably trump as well. there's more important shit to tackle
  12. hermetic

    MLB 2020

    anybody think games are really going to get played, or will the virus infect each "training camp" until it's no longer intelligent to continue? I'm really hoping for the first, but expect the latter
  13. hermetic

    Trump's wall finally built!

    How in the fuck are they going to police that?? I'm in ny with nh plates and license. so I see that as a real good question
  14. Who is going to charge him? Not Barr or any of his elk. The rule of law in the USA is no longer. some usag that wants to go out in a blaze of glory?
  15. he should be charged with violating fara - he is no doubt guilty of that. the judge can then use this fibbing issue to tack jail time onto the typical fara fine. make trump pardon that.