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  1. Drip Drip Drip

    outside the room only
  2. Best Rock Song Intros

    lou reed sweet jane (intro)
  3. A Tax Cut is the same as a Raise?

    "Grasping" taxes is not the same thing as Fiscal Responsibility. I agree that neither party is concerned with our spending problem. this bill isn't even tax reform, as real reform would actually take longer than 'delivering it before thanksgiving' or 'the best christmas gift ever' it's a decent starting point, but it barely puts a dent into the tax codes it's lipstick on a pig i hope it fails, and congress has to actually do some serious work on a different one, if the rich states (ny, nj, ct, ca) aren't wailing like stuck pigs - reform hasn't happened
  4. A Tax Cut is the same as a Raise?

    You talking to me? I've yet to meet a righty here that grasps taxes. You certainly aren't one of them. you're at least correct on this - I'm not a righty
  5. Drip Drip Drip

    I wouldn’t think Mr. Mueller has overlooked this individual. And what’s become of Flynn and Flynn Jr.? They’ve been off the radar screen for a while. It’s possible they’ve already been flipped. The interesting times have only just begun. they were not allowed to testify before congress flynn is gonna be indicted what did the kid do?
  6. Drip Drip Drip

    testimony before congress another guy that won't be indicted
  7. A Tax Cut is the same as a Raise?

    i hope you let an accountant do your taxes based on the above post, you don't understand them
  8. Jim Crow in the White House?

    and spatial ed ties it all back to the thread heading. golf clap
  9. Jim Crow in the White House?

    after it became illegal to import slaves (1807) slave owners had a monopoly
  10. Jim Crow in the White House?

    don't try and paint a picture of the typical southerner being a slave owner. that is also demonstrably wrong
  11. Jim Crow in the White House?

    you're right, I phrased that wrong
  12. Jim Crow in the White House?

    away from the plantation coast, slave ownership was impossible - what they did was create kids to work the farms. while there was certainly knowledge of the institution, it wasn't part of their life like it was for the plantation owners. abolition to the plantation owners meant the loss of all their current and future wealth. for most poor southerners, it would not have affected them at all. so why would they have paid attention to what may or may not happen in the expansion west? and many were very isolated, by choice. they wanted their own way of life, and being ignorant of the doings of the rich came with that. lee was always out manned and out gunned. he preyed on the reluctant overconfidence (hows that for descriptors) of the early military leadership of the north. right up to his advance north of the mason dixon and gettysburg. his use of cavalry was impressive in many aspects of the war please don't lump me in with the lost cause. the war was about defending the institution of slavery in the south. the southern poor who fought in the war may not have known it at the start, but they surely became aware. and they could have then walked home
  13. Which is why they backed her and eviscerated sanders. they held back during the primary
  14. sec clinton's wall street backers would have eviscerated sanders