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  1. Intensity MK II Laser Sail

    Are you trying to say that Price = Quality? Based on what experience? These are sails!! We use the identical fabric on our MkII replica from the same mill and other than the patented luff it is identical and at the minimum equal in quality. Lifetime guaranteed for workmanship and materials. Are theirs?
  2. Intensity MK II Laser Sail

    The Tyvek deck cover was advertised and described as a regatta temporary cover. It performed that function very well for only $49.99. We no longer sell them but not sure how you can criticize it for that function. Considering we also have a lifetime guaranty on our products I am not sure how you can call our products garbage. Unless of course you are one of our competitors or shilling for them. Then that makes perfect sense.
  3. The VX Evo

    I have been sailing the Proto Type for a few weeks now. It is the most comfortable and fun dinghy I have had the pleasure to sail. The boom is high enough and the hiking position is like the VX One. Very comfortable and not the pain cave that the Finn is. With the 3 size sail options it will have a broad range of sailors and a broad range of wind conditions for this sailors. Stay tuned to how the class develops or better yet. Get one and be a part of how the class develops!!
  4. The VX Evo

    Calling a removable weighted board a "keel" may lead to confusion. Oh wait, it already has… As the project has evolved Brian has gone to an unweighted daggerboard. A move I wholeheartedly agree with. The boat is so well balanced and such a pleasure to sail it does not need any weight down there.
  5. The VX Evo

    Things have evolved. 3 different main sail sizes can accommodate a larger weight range.
  6. The VX Evo

    Can't wait to sail this fast fun single or double hander. Well thought out with centerboard and kick up rudder. A great new one design.
  7. What's happened to the VX One ?

    Rod, It is even worse than that!!! I have 152 and 007 but after selling 007 I am replacing her with another new VX. Own 2 or go home!!!