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  1. Best Owner/Skipper

    DP currently owns Blue Blazes out of San Diego. Did my first over night race with him on White Lightening when I was 13. Have done more off shore races with him then I can count on both hands and won many of them. Will be doing the Puerta Vallarta race with him next year and that will make 36 years we have raced together. The boat is always race ready, we still do cocktails at 5 off shore, he always has a smile, involves family, welcomes friends of crew to come race, Christmas party every year for anyone and thier significant other who has raced at any time over the past year. Would do anything for this guy and most crew feel the same. One of last of the old school owners who was brought up to treat crew as family not employees.
  2. Yes because if you did not go inside Todos Santos Bay you could not finish and therefore would have lost DNF
  3. Sailing with running backstays

    I would argue that boat would be better with top mast runners. I can see the headstay sag from here would also help to sort out the main a bit. Jusy my $.02
  4. Sailing with running backstays

    As was stated I think it all depends on the rig inline or swept back. Usually if you have an extremely fat head main they would really be more of Top Mast Runners then running backstays. If you have an in-line rig I would fear the backstays. I can say in any breeze we have one of our best people in the new runner as that is what will keep the rig in the boat if things go south on a jibe.
  5. Farr 36OD looking to head West

    Yes I believe that is correct 006 I haven't kept track of it since it left so don't know what the name is. Another option if you come early are the Hot Rum Races in San Diego mid Nov and first weekend in Dec. 200+ boat reverse start just a lot of fun.
  6. Farr 36OD looking to head West

    Well the biggest even in that window would be the San Diego to Puerta Vallarta Race followed by MEXORC race week in PV. Also in the window is the Newport to Ensenada race. Yachting Cup is sort of the start of the spring bouy racing it is first weekend in May. I brought the last Farr 36 built Debauchery to So Cal years ago. They totally screwed us on rating I think it came back down and ended up at -6 / -12 / -18.
  7. SB/KH #45

    I'll be there with the Timer Shaver. This race always seems to under promise over deliver so hopefully that will be the case this year.
  8. Funniest Lines Heard While Racing

    Got a call to go do Tactics on an ILC 40 for a PHRF Championship in Cabrillo beach. Didn't know the owner or crew but was told the boat was well prepared. Show up and all looks good. Boat is well prepped owner is nice and crew seems knowledgible. We hadn't even pulled away from and dock and owner is yelling at crew. Oh boy its gonna be a long one. So we are coming into the leeward mark drop is gong ok not great but not a total disaster. Owner is yelling at the top of his lungs at the bow guy who just goes about his job until the kite is down and gets on the rail. Owner says WTF did you not hear me yelling at you???? Bow guy looks back and says "oh sorry about that you were yelling so loud I thought you must have been shouting at the other boat". A few others Ahh the Lee Stern that's a tough move to pull off PORT MAST A BEAM
  9. We did a sail doc query for the YB text updates during the race. Not sure of what the delay was we just followed the link posted in the SI's and applied. I think there were actually two since the 32 dropped out after us.
  10. Back at work today. Long long couple of days. We spent 12+ hours at one point with the drifter up with about 50 -100 foot visability. Saw some other sails but not enough. We didn't see the ky until a few hours after we retired. We just tried really hard to make distance South and not get sucked either side of rhumb too much. Our plan was to work back inside after Ensenada Bay. We had planned to go through to the afternoon then make the call but didn't make it that far. It was sort of a point of no return for us based on fuel if we continued another day there was no easy way back. We got past Ensenada looked at the routes and times and we were looking at another 4+ days possibly more with 2 already done. There was one boat left in our class and one boat in the class up from us so was not looking like a great race. So fun factor of "racing" down the coast was looking more like a sail to collect a trophy which didn't make sense. On top of all this we really only had water for another 3 maybe 4 days since we would bee into freeze dried. We were first in Class and Second over all in the morning report which made it a bit tougher to pull the plug. My second race navigating so really wanted to get to the end but I serve at the owners bequest. Great group we raced really hard keeping a J125 out front of SC50's even a ULDB 70 in those conditions is tough. So kudos to the team for staying focused.
  11. I think it was really great that NHYC is showing some flexiblity by extending the cut off by 24 hours and moving the trophy presentation by a day if needed. Honestly not sure it will be enough but I think it shows they are a class act and realize this is a race and it should do all it can to make sure all racers are treated fairly. I wish other clubs had this type of vision this is how you grow sailing by making it possible for all to compete. But next year bring back the Friday start for the smaller fleets!!!
  12. Lets all hope the trend starts to reverse itself. I mean all these routes are based on GRIBs extended out 7 days so things can and will change but what direction I cannot say. When the big boat in fleet is looking at over 4 days it is time for the small boats to worry hahaha
  13. It will be interesting to see if all the boats in ORR4 actually finish before the cut off. Not sure what the thinking was in not having a Friday start for ORR3 and 4. This seems to be how things have been done in the past and seemed to work fine. To do this and move trophies up a day seems like a bit of an FU to the little boats. Sort of like SDYC not even having a finish boat out on the Islands race and if you beat the cut off you still would probably not make the trophies by the time you motored in.
  14. No no surf there none at all....just keep on moving. PB is where the surf is and all the reefs are in La Jolla
  15. Not looking quite as much of an around the outside race as things progress. Have not looked yet today but thought I would bump this up.