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  1. fan

    A is 4

    Absolutely. Did you not notice SRM has won the last three years in a row? I joke... sort of. They are very very well prepared and sailed boat but still
  2. fan

    A is 4

    Lets remember that Hot Rum uses neither One Design Class rules nor PHRF ratings. They use those as base then Bruce Nelson modifies those ratings as he sees fit to create your Hot Rum rating.
  3. fan

    a4 aok ?

    There is no rating hit for any boat with a Code Zero so long as it smaller then your kite. You do take a hit for Mast Head Jibs. While I didn't see it on Scott's boat I do see a lot of bigger boats with Code Zeros that sure look like Mast Head kites looking at how flat the exit is. Oh and no I don't think he is worried about either of those things at all...
  4. fan

    Transpac 2019

    Looks like a great J125 fleet coming together for both Cabo and Transpac. Can't wait it is going to be a lot of work and a lot of fun!
  5. fan

    West Coast Sleds?

    Yeah I have a long history with Swiftsure/Bleu Ruby. I was Jr. at SDYC when it was bought new and run by Gargle. Then it was bought and raced by Doug Mongeon and run by Jimmy. Then when It sold I drove all the gear up to the new owners who renamed it Blue Ruby. Then saw it after Transpac as tourist boat. Great boat won a lot of races on it. My Dad almost won a T-Pac navigating it back in the day.
  6. fan

    Beau Geste 52

    Pretty sure it is going to England to dominate the fast 40 fleet :-/
  7. fan

    West Coast Sleds?

    Same as Swiftsure back in the day up to Seattle and turned into a cruising yacht. Was renamed Blue Ruby then I saw it in a Hawaii as a tourist boat.
  8. fan

    SoCal Clubs to check out?

    I highly recommend visiting Dana Point Yacht Club. It is a cool area with a lot of history and there is a great bar, view and food upstairs. Also San Diego Yacht Club as it has a lot of history and nice deck and bar. Since you are in San Diego I would not leave without having a famous Bali Hai Mai Tai.
  9. fan

    Tell me about your boat!

    I sail the best kind of boat.. someone else's. It sails are magically replaced when they get old. I show up and boat is stocked with food and drinks. Sometimes the boat even gives me clothes to wear. Why would I own a boat? I mean what if the boat I bought didn't do all this for me??? That could be expensive.
  10. fan

    Vodka and Ambien use by a crew member

    Yeah I’m aware but he never asked me.
  11. fan

    Vodka and Ambien use by a crew member

    Had one on a So Cal distance race. He put the patch on behind his ear. So about 2nd day someone went to go into the head and he was sitting in there in the dark. Did a little who's on first for a bit until the person gave up and notified the captain. They got him out then he went and tried to climb into someone's bunk with them insisting it was his. This show went on for a while until they go him into a bunk. Not violent but certainly a danger to himself. Someone was smart enough to figure it out and took and scopolamine patch off him. BY the next morning he was back to normal. Then explained that yeah the last time he took one he had wanted to jump off the boat and swim with the dolphins. This time he had been smart and cut it in half.....
  12. fan

    No Rosa Thread?

    Cabo seems pretty safe San Felipe and Northern Baja could get interesting. Curious to see over the next few days if it works even further North. I remember some discussion about how warm the water has been and how far North one of these could go looks like we might find out.
  13. fan

    Jib up with assym on sportboat?

    Was that an A4 that you had up on that reach?
  14. fan

    what is it?

    Twin screw sweet
  15. Wish I had a picture but A Henderson 30 from Dana Point was named Reach Around. On their A5 they had an arm that reached around the luff from one side of the kite to the other with a hand at the end.