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  1. fan

    SoCal Clubs to check out?

    I highly recommend visiting Dana Point Yacht Club. It is a cool area with a lot of history and there is a great bar, view and food upstairs. Also San Diego Yacht Club as it has a lot of history and nice deck and bar. Since you are in San Diego I would not leave without having a famous Bali Hai Mai Tai.
  2. fan

    Tell me about your boat!

    I sail the best kind of boat.. someone else's. It sails are magically replaced when they get old. I show up and boat is stocked with food and drinks. Sometimes the boat even gives me clothes to wear. Why would I own a boat? I mean what if the boat I bought didn't do all this for me??? That could be expensive.
  3. fan

    Vodka and Ambien use by a crew member

    Yeah I’m aware but he never asked me.
  4. fan

    Vodka and Ambien use by a crew member

    Had one on a So Cal distance race. He put the patch on behind his ear. So about 2nd day someone went to go into the head and he was sitting in there in the dark. Did a little who's on first for a bit until the person gave up and notified the captain. They got him out then he went and tried to climb into someone's bunk with them insisting it was his. This show went on for a while until they go him into a bunk. Not violent but certainly a danger to himself. Someone was smart enough to figure it out and took and scopolamine patch off him. BY the next morning he was back to normal. Then explained that yeah the last time he took one he had wanted to jump off the boat and swim with the dolphins. This time he had been smart and cut it in half.....
  5. fan

    No Rosa Thread?

    Cabo seems pretty safe San Felipe and Northern Baja could get interesting. Curious to see over the next few days if it works even further North. I remember some discussion about how warm the water has been and how far North one of these could go looks like we might find out.
  6. fan

    Jib up with assym on sportboat?

    Was that an A4 that you had up on that reach?
  7. fan

    what is it?

    Twin screw sweet
  8. Wish I had a picture but A Henderson 30 from Dana Point was named Reach Around. On their A5 they had an arm that reached around the luff from one side of the kite to the other with a hand at the end.
  9. fan

    Thanks KMag

    He's ok
  10. fan

    Santa Barbara to King Habor 2018

    Well the forecasts were clearly wrong. We went with what we saw instead of what we were supposed to see. It was the right call just ask Destroyer, Vespa or Mr. Bill. Got the shit fouled out of us at the start which put us a good 1/4 mile back right off the bat. We manager to catch back up to some but not all of our fleet by fighting low the entire crossing. Got ahead of Warrior (the other J125) and up to Horizon then the Farr 11 came up to us and we had to jibe away into the Island. This was a bit brutal made worse by some kelp on the sail drive. As someone above said backing down is slow but we did it anyway and were glad we did. However once this was over we were back behind Horizon and Warrior and some others again. Managed to make some decent gains to get back up to them by picking a good line along the Island. We were one of the first to put our bow up and cross through to the other side in towards shore. Sailed along pretty even even with the Andrews 40 until the breeze got up over 16 then we sailed down and away from them on the step. Actually saw 20 for a few minutes. Manage to close up on Warrior. We played back and forth jibing in and out with us trying to get close enough an din position to be on their breeze. Finally on the last jibe around dark we managed to be close enough to have some affect. We sailed along on what would prove to be our layline all the way from shore. They did a good job of staying low and clear ahead for an hour or so. Finally we were able to force them to come up to us to protect. So there we were about 8 feet apart tight reaching us trying to get on their breeze and them to get bow out. We got them eventually with all of us fully hiked and they came up behind us and played on our weather hip. We got about two boat lengths on them an did a change down from A2 to A1 they closed and almost got over us but not quite. We protected then slowly extended to about a 10-15 length lead when the south shift came and brought Horizon in from the outside. We changed to Code 0 Horizon to a Jib and we just kept pulling further ahead but didn't think we would get our time. Crew did a great job on Code 0 to A1 change right as we came up to the turning bouy with Code 0 furled and down in time for us to jibe into the finish. We thought we had it until we saw the boat finishing behind us was the Andrews 40 not the Horizon. So we ended up second in class and second over all finishing before midnight. I was an amazing night sky, great sail and great group of people to race with. We had ups and down and never gave up or got down just kept racing. Thanks to Viggo for bringing us all together looking forward to the rest of the schedule over the next few months.
  11. fan

    Santa Barbara to King Habor 2018

    I haven't used their GRIB's. Do you have to use their degrib program to download them? I am using GFS, ECM and the hi-res Predict WInd. Always interested in a new source. I look at the NOAA site but have never used them for GRIB or routing just text forecast and current conditions
  12. fan

    Santa Barbara to King Habor 2018

    Ran some routes. Not looking quote as bad as it seems but have little faith in anything currently. Will see how it develops over the next few days currently 3 different models have from 10-18 hours. It does seem pretty clear if you do not finish by midnight it gets ugly which is normal. The questions seems to be will we see a light NE or a decent 7 knot south breeze.
  13. fan

    Santa Barbara to King Habor 2018

    OWN3D wooohooooo I really need to get on the water
  14. fan

    Santa Barbara to King Habor 2018

    Buffalo girls go round the outside
  15. fan

    Santa Barbara to King Habor 2018

    Bring all your foulies, lunch and dinner. It will be light at the start and build while shifting right all morning out to the Island. Once around the big decision is when to cross the shadow this is really about watching and paying attention. As this is probably the most critical decision I will have to let you figure it out on your own. After that is usually breeze on running down the coast I like coming into the points for the compression. Eventually you will get down the coast into the bay and wind will die. If you don't finish by 10 or soo you will be out there for a while and maybe the night. Have not looked at weather or routing yet this is an example of how most of these races go.