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  1. PV Race

    I was also there. He said it in jest but he said it out loud and at the trophy presentation. Not saying he was doing anything that anybody else wasn't. Again just my recollection. This isn't even what this thread is supposed to be about. I can tell you though that the Cat1 -3 situation is a lot more sorted now then it was back then.
  2. PV Race

    It is never going to stop. This all came about way back when the Farr 40 fleet was in full swing. Some of the owners were pretty open about it in fact I believe that "The best amatuers money can buy" was first uttered by Kilroy at the trophy presentation at the first Farr 40 Worlds in San Fran.
  3. Island’s Race Weather, discuss.

    Yeah looks a little lighter in the middle then I would expect. I actually think you will see more then that 10 knots not much. When I see that finish time and wind all I see is a giant park up in the morning as it is always lighter than forecast coming into Point Loma. Hope there is a little more pressure in the afternoon then forecast for you guys.
  4. Island’s Race Weather, discuss.

    Anyone? Unfortunately not doing this one as my ride fell through a few weeks ago. Wondering what I am going to be missing. We have been talking about it for 2 weeks but now the week of and everybody is quiet?
  5. PV Race

    On an unrelated note Invisible Hand broke theo headstay today. Saw them at the dock at SDYC
  6. PV Race

    It means they still have a shot at first place haha
  7. PV Race

    At least we are all in different fleets now!
  8. PV Race

    haha or Maritime those two places seem to be where all the bug boats out west end up
  9. PV Race

    Same guy that owns the Azhou RP63
  10. PV Race

    Looking at the numbers they are not evenly split between. RP 50 1.08 / 601 1.15 / SC70 1.17 that is a LOT closer to a 70 then a 50
  11. PV Race

    As an SDYC boat I would be curious how this split really helps us but maybe they are referring to the other SDYC boat. Yeah we had some discussions. Splitting mixed fleets like this is never easy and not everybody will be happy ever. Our disappointment is really with the 601 being in our fleet when they fit closer to the 70's and 52's then us. I get they want all the 70's and all the TP52's in a fleet. So then it is how do you split the remaining 13 boats. They want all the Santa Cruz 50 and 52's together so that is 4 boats. SO how to split the remaining boats? Most similar is us most closely rated would be the Rogers. If you take the SC50 out of the mix the split it seems pretty clear. We would be perfectly happy if you moved the J125s down and us up. Then you have all pole boats together. But is it fair to leave the 601 as it is by far the fastest. Just from looking at Islands race from last year. WHo knows we just look at it as who ever it is they all have conditions they are strong nd weak in against us so it is what it is. Again the 601 is the spoiler as it by far the quickest in those two fleets and would be closer up to the 70's then down to us. j125 1.01 SC50 1.01 R46 1.054 SC52 1.063 RP50 1.081 601 1.149 SC70 1.17 Andrews 70 1.61 TP52 1.266
  12. PV Race

    You are probably right about 1992 I thought it was older but yes both crew and boat are aging and I would say aging well but with a lot of hard miles under them haha
  13. PV and MEXORC Wx- The shift

    So gonna be a slow race around Coronados and Sugar Loaf Rock race this weekend. Matches what I am seeing.
  14. PV Race

    Pretty happy we are not in with the J125's and Horizon although they are known entity with us. I will be on Blue Blazes. We are used to looking at the J125's as our competition which come down to under 15 or over 23 we are really close or maybe winning 16--22 they are on the step and it hard for us. Horizon all around good boat. Haven't really done miles with any of the boats in our class 4 so will have to wait and see where we stack up. Should as always be fun. We are doing it with a group that has sailed together over the course of 20 - 30 years. SO while many are aging we do all know each others strengths and weaknesses and we all get along great so will be fun no matter what. There a lot of newer designs in our class well at least compared to us I think BB was built in 1986 maybe?
  15. VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    I would assume because they can't sail. I would also add that they must be at some risk of losing the rig or I would think they would just limp in slowly under sail.