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  1. DLG

    Corsair Trimaran

    I have a sprint and also sail where it is rather breezy, often solo. A tiller extension is a definate need, i use a 100” f18 stick. When sailing solo with the jib, i cross sheet from the cabintop winches to the cockpit winches, giving me a sheet close by i can reach while out on the tramp. There are a couple f22’s and atleast 1 sprint with a self tacking jib which ill probably do eventually. The roller boom for reefing the main has been great so far for me, but ive only used it up to about 25mph. My concern with the tiller mod is that its nice having your weight behind the traveler when flying the chute in breeze. -Jeff
  2. DLG

    Bottom job for dry sailed boat

    Thanks, Ill wetsand up to 1000, then compound. All the paint is off and boat is sanded to 220 now. Couple areas to touch up with gelcoat. Ill check out some more about gelcoat refinishing... -Jeff
  3. I have a Corsair Sprint 750 trimaran I dry sail via trailer launching/retrieve. Im in the process of removing some Interlux ACT paint that was rough as hell and coming off in areas around the bunks. I originally wanted to remove paint, sand gelcoat to 400 then compound, polish and wax to look like new, but im worried i may be thinning gelcoat in some areas (i have atleast one tiny wear spot through gel coat). So my options are stick to bare gel coat with maybe a touch up here and there, or Interlux 2000 or VC performance epoxy.
  4. DLG

    Crane launching a corsair

    I used a 4 point sling off a single hook, connected to traveler and front lifting eyes. Boat was folded. Agree about joining the Fboat forum, lots of advice there.
  5. DLG

    Crane launching a corsair

    I tried this with my corsair sprint, which is quite a bit smaller and it worked, but I didnt see any real benefit instead of ramp launching, except less wear on the trailer. The negatives were me having to trust the crane at our launch (I have trust issues) and the considerable windage when its blowing 18+. So i stuck with ramp launching, and I be sailing in under 15 minutes (boat is kept mast up next to ramp).
  6. DLG

    Cheap Multi 23

    I will be bringing the Sprint back to Corpus Christi Tx. Although I'm sure a roadtrip back to florida sometime is in the cards...
  7. DLG

    Cheap Multi 23

    Good deal. I wanted it, but lack of foldability/storage issues caused me to pause. I'm picking up a Corsair Sprint next week, although a bit more coin unfortunately. Let me know how it is if you snagged it, I've always wanted a ride on one. The pics of the Multi 23 flying on just the leeward ama looks awesome.
  8. DLG

    Cheap Multi 23

    Not my boat and I do not know the owner, however it seems like a really good deal on this. Please disregard if this post is verboten. http://sailingtexas.com/201701/smulti23103.html
  9. DLG

    New to foiling

    I have been kiteboarding for almost 17 years now (I'm 35). I picked up a foilboard about 14 months ago, and damn that thing is fun. I actually started dreading the days it blowing over 20 mph now as its too windy to ride the foil with my 8m kite. It felt like learning to kiteboard again for the first 3 sessions with it, but then like magic it clicks together. No experience with the windsurf foil, however I assume its a similar learning curve of having to figure out balancing with an additional axis (x,y, and z). Just watch where your kicking your legs during a water start. I almost pulled the trigger on a UFO, but honestly for single person setup the kitefoil or windsurf foil is so much cheaper/less gear intensive.