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  1. Yep HarryGee, same thing here. Really worth trying RudeDog - but I think that if this had significant appeal to the US sailors, we would see more SH sailors in the existing races already - because, really, what prevents skippers to enter a race SH today ? nothing AFAIK, as long as the skipper can keep a continuous watch.
  2. Nov 14th, Roucayol’s trimaran capsises in Route du rhum, 1000 miles from Guadeloupe. He his picked up by a competitor, once arrived in Guadeloupe charters a tugboat and heads back (guided by Epirb) to pick her, arrives today and finds her upright. Probably a one-off event ? Still - nice to know that it can happen. Roucayol had mentionned that the capsize might have been caused by water in one of the amas. So, conversely, it might have induced the righgening as well ? More here (in French)
  3. Ganzi

    Route du Rhum 2018

    the RdR website says the start will be streamed live on Facebook w. French commentary.
  4. Ganzi

    VR Route du Rhum

    I will race in multi 50.
  5. Ganzi

    Need help figuring out target speeds

    . If I understand your. question correctly - I too found that my VMG curve is very flat. In doubt I choose to point higher. I think it works.
  6. Ganzi

    Corsair Trimaran

    Your kids will like the F24- even if they are not into sailing, just doing circles around the other boats is fun by istself and will give them the feeling that dad’s boat really kicks ass. Your wife (her first, but the rest of the family later, possibly) will find the F24 exposed (spray, wind) and a bit over the top when wind reaches above 13 or so ( but the solution is indicated in post above, about the virtues of sailing slightly under-powered).
  7. Ganzi

    Cassette Rudder Sticking

    on mine (different make though), I just have to swing the lower part of the blade forward - nothing to do with lubrication: it is caused by the trailing edge wedging itself in the cassette. in your case the transom makes it a bit hard to grab the blade, but try with the boat hook. just a light knock should be enough.
  8. Ganzi

    Inflatable vest test

    as Abrams, I tested (or rather had my kids test) 2 West marine auto-inflatable - the entry level model: they only partially delpoyed, because the velcro did not released. Once they yanked it free, it fully deployed.
  9. Ganzi

    Peak Sails

    I bought my asym from them, no issues at all, I got confirmation mails at each step of the process, the US rep answered my questions etc... It seemed to me as a well organized buisness. That was 3 years ago, though.
  10. Ganzi

    Dragonfly 25 MKI

    Since the case is close, I would like to highjack the topic to discuss this rigging patern. Trisail says « The running backstays are pretty important on the Dragonfly to get some forestay tension with the rotating mast. » As the capshrouds pull directly against the forestay (they are linked together), I thought that they would be the ones for tensionning it. Why are the backstays better at tensioning the forestay ? And what is the influence of the rotation in this ? (if I imagine the rig from above, the rotation seems hardly discernable part of the geometry). Thks,
  11. Ganzi

    Dragonfly 25 MKI

    I beleive that PC (in PC mould) stands for Paul Contouris. I did not know about a 24, but he produced trimarans Countour 30, Countour 34, and 2 Countour 50. I have a 34 and the quality of build was very good, they made about 35 of them and they are actively sailed. Countour yachts closed ca. 2003 and indeed a guy tried to continue under the name Elan. By the way, I had never heard of a 24, but i had heard that there had ben contention between Corning (aka Dragonfly) and Contouris, and indeed the Dragonfly and Countours have the same concept of horizontal folding. The 30, 34, 50 were designed by Countour yachts (not Corning).
  12. I have been struggling with this ... it proves much more tedious than I thought ...specially as for every new setup you have to splice a new continuous line. I started with the Selden double cleat. Good gear, but does not work for mas as I single-hand - cause you need one hand for the line going in and another for the line going out, otherwise they engage into the cleat jaws automatically (and a third hand for controlling the sheet ). Now I am experimenting with a ratchet block, on a strong bungee. Much better. I might add a cleat for security.
  13. Ganzi

    Fast "safe" boat....

    Voyager, With a multi you will travel faster, but not so much faster that a 6 dasy trip will turn into a 3 or 4 days trip; for instance, with a Countour 34 you should plan for an average of 120 miles/day; I guess that would be about same figure for, say, a Beneteau 36.7. Look at the results of the Vineyard race for instance (and if you want to have an idea about the Countour 34: i finished solo 50' after the DF 32), or at the Transat Jacques Vabre: the multis 50 were not that much ahead of the Open 60s. To max out the miles that you can travel solo, a good pilot, sleep patterns&preserving your energy, light air sails, will do a lot. Multis are much more fun. For the trips you describe, you will have good forecast coverage, that puts the risk of capsize to negligible. Of course, trying to stick to deadlines negates that and can get you in bad corners.
  14. Ganzi

    Deep vs. shallow keel

    regarding the supposed course stability of long keels....designer Michel Joubert used to explain that they dont have more course stability... it's just that they are slower, hence take longer to deviate....
  15. Ganzi

    Jesus shackle

    Amati, my setup is like what you are showing here, but instead of lashing, I use a maillon rapide Wichard (the pear-shaped variety). They are extremely strong and don't get unlocked. The mast rotates well with this setup, and I find the metal/metal assembly more reassuring. Trimaran, 47ft mast-same boat as Razr.